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NSA Files: Stratogale

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Published: June 19, 2011
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Name: Sarah Amelia Squall
Super Name: Stratogale
Age: 16
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 pounds
Eyes: Egyptian blue
Hair: Jet black/Pony tail
Powers: Flight, superstrength and the ability to communicate with birds
Voice Actor: America Ferrera
Relationships: David Squall/Splashdown - Father
Kate Squall/Apogee - Mother
Adam Squall/Terrordactyl - Brother
Parr family/The Incredibles - Friends
Edward Surge/Thunderhead- non biological uncle
Personality: Stubborn, fun, hard working, loyal and cheery
History: Sarah Squall, aka Stratogale, is the daughter of Supers Apogee & Splashdown, aka David & Kate Squall. Like her parents, she also has the special "S-factor" responsible for her superpowers. This attracted the attention of the NSA government department early on, who gave her the opportunity to use them to fight crime. So at the age of 7, Sarah accepted the role of a child Super.

From there to her high school years, Sarah (under the name Stratogale) fought crime with her powers of flight, superstrength and ability to communicate with birds. When she was in high school, she had a part time job as a helper at the avian house at the Municiberg Zoo. During her days in battle, she met Wendell Zuckerburg aka Macroburst, then the sidekick of Everseer. The two of them fell in love, but their relationship didn't last long due to Everseer's intervention and the fact that Macroburst had somehow caught on some of Everseer's OCD. Nevertheless, the two of them became good friends, even after they broke up due to the stress of Super life.

In 1957, after saving a commercial jet from a steep dive, Stratogale was sucked into its #2 turbine by her cape and killed. But 23 years later, she woke up in a glass canister in Metroville's Aperture science lab as part of a Super cloning world domination plan by the company. She broke free, however, and was soon rescued by siblings Violet and Dash Parr of The Incredibles' fame. She now fights to save other cloned Supers and bring an end to Aperture.


A series of characters expanded upon by me and ~georgemiser, pertaining to our RP-based Incredibles fanfic, "Rise of the Galeforces."

Stratogale was fun to do, and the first character I worked with. In lieu of that infamous cape, I decided to use some retractable wing vanes, not only to make her look awesome but also to provide balance and stability in flight.
Note the Galeforces logo. I based it loosely off the hurricane symbol, with the letters G and F thrown in.
More NSA files coming soon! :D

The Incredibles (c) Pixar, Brad Bird
Stratogale's design (c) me
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artist-19845Student Digital Artist
Is it a clone or is her after 23 years?
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Shadow-AspectHobbyist Digital Artist
The former, actually! The whole deal with cloning was literally the (initial) crux of the fic she featured in!
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artist-19845Student Digital Artist
which is the name of the fic she is featured in?
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Shadow-AspectHobbyist Digital Artist
"Rise of the Galeforces". It's in the folder of the same name in my dA gallery. It's super-old and cringey but my co-author and I did have fun writing it at the time, but there were still a few good concepts in it and I guess it could've been great if I hadn't been more selfish about it. ^^; I'm glad you appreciate Sarah as a character regardless, though! I know I do. :)
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artist-19845Student Digital Artist
It looks cool and cute.
also funny as 
“no capes”
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antivenom907Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love it. i'm glad you gave her a happier ending
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TripleA9000Student Writer
She had such a brutal death
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For a minute here, I thought this was her daughter. After her mother's death, her father took her in and discovered she had powers like her mother. Over the years she trained herself to become the ultimate hero, much to the disopproval of her overprotective father in fear he might lose her like he did with her mother. But he does support her with any choice she makes in her life.
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I like that you revived her

she's very cute
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This would be great to see them officially do with the Supers.
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CameronwinkHobbyist Traditional Artist
If only she hadn't died, she would have at least had a cameo.
The-Great-Stash's avatar
Edna's awesome, haha! NO CAPES!!
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DaColdOne's avatar
Heh...good to see I'm not the only one who wan in an Incredibles RPG and figured "Hey, this could make a cool fic."
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She looks so cute. ^^ i love it.
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Wait, Aperture science? She's lucky she didn't get combustible lemon powers... Awesome heroine!
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