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I know I'm rambling a bit, but something I genuinely want to fight for is to save North Koreans. Like North Korea is such a bad place. Kim is actually easily worse than even Hitler and that's saying something. They have no medicine or clean medical equipment so people are dying like flies. No fertilizer so they can grow crops. They aren't even allowed to have dvd players or internet access because Kim wants everyone to be convinced of the propaganda he's created. People literally can't even go from town to town in North Korea without permissions and those permissions cost a lot of money, so only the higher ups can really travel. Just it's such a bad place. If people are caught with media of any kind from outside the country they're tortured and killed for it. It's just crazy. More people need awareness of what's happening in this country. These poor people need to be saved. All these people are suffering all the while Kim is sitting comfortably with all the food he could ever want and all the modern luxuries. He has a mac computer and wifi and just anything he wants essentially and people are dying. I just wonder, what will it take to save these poor people. Something needs to be done. I can not sit here knowing there's so many people suffering and dying like this under such an extreme dictatorship. I say we spread awareness. Make our voices heard, try to get an end put to this cruelty. They need freedom. Most can't even afford an education either. And can't read or write and those that do even manage to get an education even there aren't even on the same level with South Koreans as far as education goes. They're behind. I want an end to this I want these poor people to get the justice they deserve. Who's with me? Comment if you'd like to support this cause help brainstorm ideas. 
So now that 2019 is underway, I know we're suppose to be getting a new My Little Pony series here. How do you all think it will go, especially since it will be made to not only fit a teenage demographic, but also having the main ponies be different types of ponies than they were in Friendship is Magic? Personally I want to see how it goes. 
Since dAhub is no more I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe my account could become a replacement for it. Like how it was set up as a donate points get points sort of system. Only every now and then if enough points are accumulated a lucky deviant can get a core membership. I'd just in general love to have a way I can give people core who aren't able to get it themselves. Let me know what you think. 
So I have a Monoprice HD graphics tablet. My issue is that no matter what art program I use it in the stabilization does not work with it. Yet if I try to draw in the same software with my computer mouse to test it, it will work just fine. So I'm wondering, does anyone else have the same issue? Is there a way to fix this or am I just out of luck here and may have to try my tablet on a different computer? Would be nice to know if there's a way to fix the issue so I can actually do digital art with it. Cause having the stabilization not work regardless of the art program I use is a real drag. 
I wanna get my boyfriend and friends core memberships so I'm going to be taking points commissions. Both traditional and digital. 

Digital headshots: 10 points. 

Digital headbusts: 15 points. 

Traditional headshots: 10 points.

Traditional headbusts: 20 points. 

Traditional full body: 30 points. 

All forms of commissions will be fully colored. I will only do one character on a page though. I can't do additional characters sorry. 
What I can do: Furries, humans, aliens, pastel gore/ candy gore, slight body horror. 
What I wont do: Fetish art, landscapes, complex backgrounds, nsfw. 
Okay look you're an adult. And what you're doing is rather sad and pathetic. Stalking a teenage girl's friends just to get information to use against them. That's really sick and messed up. I think it's honestly time to reevaluate your life, because at one point does it seems right for an adult to be trying to slander a teenager's name. It's honestly very immature and very wrong. But you know, even if you do end up reading this, I know you probably wont change to be the bigger person and do the right thing. Like just stop and take some time to realize how ridiculous this all is. 
I decided I'm going to take traditional art commissions along with digital art commissions. I really need the money now. I only have $300 left in my account. Not much. It's got to the point I've been job hunting also for simple work I can do besides this so I can at least have funds. So I kind of need these commissions so I can save to get the rest of my stuff out to where I live. So I can afford to get an eye exam and get new glasses. And be able to afford to go to the chiropractor cause my back and neck are really messed up currently, to the point I get extreme headaches because my neck is that horribly out. Bottom line I need money for a lot of important things. So these commissions are more or so emergency commissions. I just kind of don't want to alarm people by literally putting emergency in the title of the journal. Cause why I really do need money for these things all of which are important, I don't see them as something urgent I need to get everyone stressed out about. If you can help that would really be appreciated.  


Headshots are: $5 

Headbusts are: $10 

Traditional art: 

Headshots are:$5 

Headbusts are: $15 

Note: I will only do 2 characters on a page and this applies to traditional art commissions only I can't do this digitally it's too difficult for me. Additional characters are $5. I take payment first before starting on the commission. You can pay me through this link   Cause honestly I don't know how to send invoices through Paypal. 

What I will draw: Furries, fanart, original characters, Slight NSFW like nudity for example, humans. 
What I wont draw: Fetish art, buildings/architecture, complex backgrounds 

Some examples of both:  Whis by Shadow--Force   Beerus by Shadow--Force
I might have to actually take emergency commissions because of how things are financially. I gotta be able to support me and my boyfriend. As before commissions are $5 set price. Yes these will be fully colored and shaded. I prefer doing headbusts. Truthfully not all that confident doing full body. I can also do traditional art commissions, but I no longer have my scanner so I will have to take pictures of them so it wont be as good of quality as before. Those I'll do lineart for $5, $10 if it's colored since traditional takes way more time to color for me. Also probably expect to see me making a lot of adopts. Cause yeah things aren't very good financially right now so I really could use help.  I guess to make things easy if you wanna commissions me you can pay me through this. It's like paypal's donation thing, but I figure it's the easiest way to pay through. 

I have a problem

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 27, 2018, 10:23 AM
So I can't really afford an animation program I have to pay for monthly. Nor can I really afford to buy it outright as I'm on a pretty tight budget. So I got macromedia flash 8 since you can get it quite easily for free. Problem is, I can't draw in it with my pen display tablet. Basically what happens is it will either let me select a single tool or just do a single dot on the canvas and then freeze altogether after that where the program will be unresponsive to the tablet. I'm not really sure if it's like some sort of compatibility issue where the tablet I have is just too new for the software I'm using or if it could be something else causing this entirely. If anyone has encountered a similar issue and knows of a way to fix it that would be a really big help. As a secondary if anyone knows of a good animation program that works similarly to either Flash or Toon boom animate that would also be helpful as like a backup in case this can't be fixed. 


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Any advice?

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 14, 2018, 1:44 PM
Any advice for how I can get my art more recognized and ultimately be able to sell my adopts and commissions? I'm asking since this is really my only source of income and it's starting to become stressful that I can sell anything, or get people to commission me. Also was trying to make money via let's play streams, but that hasn't worked out so far either. So I just don't know what to really do anymore. It also makes me wonder weather or not my art is even appealing. 


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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 2, 2018, 6:04 PM
Hopefully I can come up with some good adopt designs for the future. I've been wanting to make some lately, but find myself struggling since I've been in kind of a bout of art block. Also kind of somewhat having motivation issues to want to do art in general. But I need to try. I need to be able to save away money for important things. So yeah. I need to find a way to draw again and regain some inspiration. 


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 2, 2018, 5:39 PM
I'm lucky enough to be able to have a core membership again. Once it's gone I probably wont be able to have a new one for a while but oh well. 


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Can any of y'all spare a few points so I can save to get my boyfriend a core membership. Enough to get him a 1 month would be good enough. I have 235 right now currently. So I need 165 more points to make the 400 point goal to get him a 1 month. I'd get him a longer one but I kind of doubt I'd get enough points to do anything longer than that. 
My boyfriend has a deviantart now go give him a watch and some love you wankers.
Truth is I really need a way to establish an income. I can not work an actual job. Like where I'm working for someone. So I kind of have to make my own way. I have several things now I have to worry about paying. House rent which is $200. Storage for my travel trailer which is $40. A monthly fee since my Hughesnet made a 2 year contract I'm tried to that will be $10 a month or so until that contract is gone. And my grandparents need to to give them $22 a month to pay for storage that they had to put belongings of mine in. I need money to help cover all these things. Thing is I really can't except charity. I refuse without giving something back in return. Can anyone possibly buy my adopts I have. I'll literally take anything at all for them at this point. And commissions possibly but nothing too crazy I mostly feel comfortable doing furries but not too complex of designs since I have to use my computer mouse to draw right now and I do not have my pen display with me at this time. I also make music so support on that as well would be very nice. I just need a steady income. Please help them. Buy their adopt commission donate whatever it takes. They need to be able to move in order to get away from their parents. Their parents are really bad. Please help them they need it badly!!
Femboy Adopt (open) by Shadow--Force Fox Concept Adopt (Closed) by Shadow--Force Wolf (Adopt) Ugly Christmas Sweater Addition 2 by Shadow--Force Fox (Adopt) Ugly Christmas Sweater Addition by Shadow--Force 

If you can't afford to buy them yourself maybe you could like signal boost this journal for me like put a link to it in a journal of yours. You don't have to but if you did I would appreciate that a lot. <3 
For today only I will make all my adopts pay what you want. This just means you can pay however much money you want for them. Hope you all have a good Black Friday. 
after thinking about it I decided I'm actually going to take digital art commissions. Not sure if I want to do limited slots or not though. Anyway only going to do headshots and headbusts since I'm not confident enough to do full bodies. 

Headshot linart: $5 
Headshot flatcolor price: $8 
Headshot color with shading: $10 

headbust linart: $8 
headbust flat color: $15 
headbust color with shading: $20  

(Don't have enough money I'll try to work with you to adjust the price.) 
I will not start the commission until after pay. I usually draw these pretty fast. 
I have the right to refuse service if I feel I can not draw what you're asking me to. 

I will draw pretty much anything. Just not fetish art. That I have to refuse. i just can't anything else pretty much goes.