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not sure if this goes here but i was told it can go here or in animations... but i figured it would go here since its not much of an animation so i figured it goes here... if it doesn't, well, tell me so i can move it asap.
this is the image i now use for linking to my FSUN website. fits any webpage cause the image background is transparent so no matter what web page it is placed on, its bound to fit...
i'm addicted to those glowing bar thingys ^^;
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yes, the glowing bar thingys rule. cool icon thing.
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thank you for the comment ^-^
i actually had to draw this twice beacuase my Adobe Imageready 7.0 was being a jerk, and saved a corrupted file instead of an animation... so i had made this one in MSpaint (again --; ), and animated the glowy bar thingys in my Animation Shop 3 (like how i always animate my *.gif images)