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sk-fanart-Tails and a Flicky

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There really has to be an easier way to digitize a pencil drawing... its taken too long to get this thing relined and colored. And it seems my coloring of the flicky seems to be off some (too red)... oh well. Better than none I suppose.

Characters © Hajime Kamegaki and Sonic Team
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To the people saying that's Sally or Ricky - the original game manuals called all the little animals "Flickies". I should know, I am one! XD
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Aww... BTW that isn't a Flicky, its Sally.
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Cute! :aww:

Too bad you seem to have gotten confused between "Flicky" and "Ricky", and even after being told this you haven't fixed the name. I'm pretty sure there's an "Edit Deviation" button somewhere - it lets you change the name, among other things.
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Lovely and bright and adorable. :aww:
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Don't mean to be a bit of slight wet blanket. But, that's not Flicky. That is actually Ricky. The Squirrel from the old school Sonic games. Flickies in that genre of Sonic games are birds.
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bleh, mistakes happen. And I actually got the idea of drawing that little guy after watching the first two seasons (episodes 1-52) of Sonic X. I haven't really played any early versions of the Sonic games asides Sonic the Hedgehog (1) on the Genesis (which oddly enough was the last game I ever got of the line-up for that console). I actually understood that flickies are the birds from Sonic 3 (& Knuckles) with Super Tails (which I actually didn't find out until about the late 90s); just never got under the realization that the animals had names to tag with them.

Any case, Thanks for the clarification and the :+fav:.
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You're welcome.
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aaww looks adorable ^^ gotta love Tails
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heh Thanks, and thanks again for the fav ^-^
Sonic originally attracted me to the series however Tails attracted me to the style. How could I resist someone who looks that cute? X3
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Awww, so cute! I love Tails face in this, especially the eyes... and the colouring and shading looks good too! :aww:
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I should've blended the colors in the eyes cause they really shouldn't be visible like it is, ah well. Thanks much ^^!
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