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TobyF -fanart-

Not sure if this classes as fanart or anthro art... just cause it is `tobyf's character, which is (in a technical sense) a character that is already existing... unless that only applys to characters that havge tv shows, memorabilia, etc...
Anyways, this is now officially my largest drawing I have done to date... being a full size sheet of paper (8.5" by 11"). I'm trying to add in backgrounds, but it still seems a little bland -.- it's my bad attempt at an arctic environment =\ with a sunset that spans the entite page (kind of hard to see but I lightly shaded the background to try to show it).
Original size can be found here. Just a word of advisory... it's huge!! 2200 by 1700 pixels to be exact.

Toby F is property of and © `tobyf
drawing © me (~ShadouKitsune) 2005
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© 2005 - 2021 ShadouKitsune
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Very cute as always! The anatomy is looking good once again, you drew his character well ^^
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Thank you much Lenore ^^ I tried to get as close to his style a possible without crossing over to the point where it can be assumed that I had copied his work and I think I was quite successful =3 I may try to get a colored version of this, but I'm not sure I have the colors that are relativly identical to the colors that Toby had used for his drawings.
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You're welcome Shadou, as always n_n I agree, you did a nice job getting it to look like him without copying, which always makes fanart more interesting. Browsing though fanart of some characters(cartoon ones for example), half of what you can find are copied from official images. So it's always nice to be able to draw other characters in original poses ;3
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looks excelent:D
a good way to give the effects of artic enviromet is when/or if u use color use blues they give the propper mood
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Thanks ^^
and I suppose the use of blues on a colored version of this does sound fitting. It's just I'm not sure if I'd color it since I don't really have the colors that Toby is ^^;
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your welcome:D
well u can always mix to make the color. reds and oranges with some blues works but i recomend experimenting with this before u try it on ur pic
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