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Line-Gift Art: TobyF

hmm... This is a line art version of a... I guess you could call it a gift (not sure though) for tobyf.
It took me two tries to get a worthwhile appearance as this was the first time I drew something asides foxes and anything that closely resembles that of a canine. This is also one of the only picture that took me longer than usual to clean up (I basically had to redraw it on the computer because the scanner didn't detect all the lines).
As to why I chose this kind of posture... your guess is as good as mine. Me lacking the ideas on what to draw --; ...the idea of this is probably the eating of raw fish can cause minor problems... sounds kinda cruel I know but that's how it usually is for animals IRL. Maybe that's what this is, a combination of two catagories (Anthro/Animal... or maybe I'm just out of my mind or something).
So Tobias gets a fish to eat and turns out that the fish doesn't approve and whacks him on the cheek (not the typical idea of gift art I know... but as I said, I was under a lack of ideas on what to draw), resulting in him saying that the next time he's hungry that he'll order take out rather than raw (at least the food won't hit back).
Colored version hopefully coming soon.
I originally found it funny... maybe it's not anymore... eh... well, hope you like Toby o.o;.

Tobias © +tobyf
Art © me --;
(Drawing time: 3 hours [times 2 for the two attemps]; Clean up time: 5 hours)
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© 2004 - 2021 ShadouKitsune
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awwww, soo cute! ^.^ ~giggles~
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hehe, I agree with her, Tobias is looking really adorable here ^^ don't worry, his anatomy is perfectly fine (especially since it was a new species for you to draw, that means quite a bit) with his paws and body being just the right size, and you made him look all fuzzy too, with the hair and such like - very nice. I guess he'd probably eat such a little fish really fast, so I doubt he'd get whacked in his face by their tails too often .. he'd probably try eating them as soon as he catches one .. but when he has to surface with one .. who knows? I never really thought of that, so it's creative, no doubt :giggle:
anyhow, line-art wise I can't really find any flaws, maybe the line at the fish's tail you could remove, but other than that, everything look fine, with the character having volume (his back in particular, the pose looks all seal like :giggle: ) as good as one can do with lineart. :aww: Especially the varying thickness of the lines adds to this feeling - and the overall presentation of the drawing is a nice one just as well.
By the way, if you're fond of lineart drawing, try hatching and crosshatching to shade the characters, this is usually easy to do and as such very calming, giving you time to think of additions and changes, and maybe getting a whole new idea even .. I tried it a couple of time with pencil drawings, when I got tired of computer colouring, and it worked just fine :nod:
Anyhow, it's an adorable drawing, and I thank you for that :aww: Oh .. and yes, I had to laugh when I saw it, I guess it's just that you put to much time into it, that the joke appeared to be old to you .. but rest assured, it's a hilarious idea, mixed with a cute drawing - add to this that your drawing style is generally a cute one, it makes this a wonderful drawing to treasure - thank you heaps :hug::heart:

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heh, Krit's a he ^^. The thing about the lines varying in sizes was only because of me having to practically to redraw the entire picture myself, with a very figgity mouse. The idea I had was that he was just surfacing after swimming around for some things to eat, planning on gulping the fish down once he was out of the water but gat whacked in the process.
I'm trying to get it colored now, but it'll be a while till I manage to finish it to get it looking just right. The thing about my drawings is that I don't actually sketch what I plan to draw (I basically think up of what I want to draw and just draw. It's a very hard technique, but it works for me.
Thank you much Toby and I'm glad you liked it. I also thank you much for the faving of this ^^! And you most certainly welcome Toby :hug: I may try more but only if I get the time (I'm usually doing something around the house preoccupying me from drawing). This image was done at night and I was actually running tired while doing this drawing.
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hehe, sometimes I just go by what the avatar looks like, but more often than not I'm wrong with my guesses .. eek, foiled again ^^; The lines look good though, not having a random thinkness, but actually very smooth. Hehe, I thought he was just surfacing, the pose suggests that a lot, with him leaning on the paws, and his tail not visible - one just knows he's just looking out of a hole in the ice or such :aww:
Oh, and of course I would add it to my favourites, as said, not only it is a really cute drawing of Tobias, you did a very nice job art-wise, with the lineart and .. well, it simply made me smile, so it's definitely a favourite, no doubt :hug:
meep, drawing usually makes me more tired than I already am .. so if I draw late in the evening, chances are that I'll actually fall asleep on the drawing ^^;
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Looking at ones avatar doesn't always work (some people won't even have a character on their avatar).
Sometimes when I draw with lines that randomize in thickness to show depth, this it doesn't apply to because I had to redraw the entire thing.
Many thanks Toby ^^ Now all I need to do is figure out how I am to get it colored.
I stay up to draw almost all the time because its basically the only bit of time I have to myself. If I don't get that time, it takes me forever to draw a picture (personal and art trades/gifts).
Speaking of falling asleep on drawings, my first submission here on dA (my kitsune-ish side) I actually fell asleep twice lol =P
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Hehehe it's got a silly cute lil style to it ^_^ I think he'll like it :)
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heh, ya really think so? Thanks Krit ^^
I showed it to him the day before submission and he asked me if I would upload it, so I uploaded it and sent him a note saying that I uploaded it so he can make his comment when he gets to the message (he told me that he's has lots of messages in his message centre, so for a message to be returned to a particular user may take a while as he start from bottom to the top).
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Ahhhh lol I see ^_^ :giggle: Well yeah I tend to start from the bottom too but then again it's hard to say XD :giggle: But yeah you're welcome! :)
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