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Era pulled over

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XP... this i kinda based off an event that happened in real life... me and a friend was caught doing 65 in a 45 mph zone... and well.... i decided to do a pic of my character in the same situation...
rocket car + high speed + police barrakade = on huge fine on one huge ticket
*shrugs* doesn't add up well but who cares...
again... i hate transfer saving from *.gif to *.jpeg
drawn with: pencil
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*giggles* poor kanga
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hehe, yea. as i said to Dark, i took quite a while to conjuer this pic up... and took a longer while to draw it. it expresses both my abilities to draw both anthro characters and cars ^^
thnx for the comment Kimi ^^
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thnx ^^ this actually took a while to draw if i remember right... normally takes me about 30 minutes to draw something like this... this took the fourth longest to draw (about 110 minutes) of any of my pics
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