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Enigma, Gun, and Sasha

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well this was suggeted by a friend of mine
Enigma: well she is my only rabbit character... *coughs*@p@r@o@s@t@i@t@u@t@e@*coughs*
Gun: a little mouse like rabbit (you can call him Pikachu if you want... he was not supposed to look like that but he ended up that way anyways). he's just a baby.
Sasha: uhh... yea... she kinda came out awkward looking in this pic... umm... say she's like Nurse Joy taking care of little injured Pikach... i mean Gun... some how the thought keep running thru my mind that she looks like a slut >.<...
drawn with: pencil
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ebil pika o.o mamminals cute ^-^
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thnx for comment ^^
told ya not supposed to be pikachu... just ended up that way ^^;
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ebil pika o.o mamminals cute ^-^