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2009-07-23 Feelings

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Eh, not entirely happy with this... mostly rushed. Even though I have nothing I could possibly do while I wait for the stuff I purchased off ebay to arrive (bought some sunglasses and an adapter for a laptop hard drive I recently got for my worthless HP notebook [least maybe now I'll have all my files on a drive that won't go unreadable on me for all the system files will be on the original hard drive and everything else will be on the new one]).

Short description on the image itself without talking about other crap; how I'm feeling right about now being stuck in the middle of the feud between my mother and father.

I also saved out a 3 stage image of this image just to show the progress from the sketch to the ink to the colored version. If you're interested, just say so, I'll up it into my scraps.
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*cuddles and squishes some cute toony kitsune*
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aww poor little guy! *pets and nurtures it*
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:aww: =3
Thank you for the :+fav: ^^
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np. Thank you for being such a great artist! :P I still got a long way to go before I'm half as good as you.
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Awww, he looks so cute and forlorn! :aww:
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I do happen to feel that sometimes, yes
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Yes, the colors may be too closely similar in shades to actually see. Adjusting brightness or contrast of the display whether it being a monitor or an attached television will assist in seeing the different tones of black.

If it's not a question to not being able to see the fact that there are two tails but the oddity of there being two tails; this is normal because the character is based upon a similar structure to that of Miles "Tails" Prower.
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Nicely made! You may not be happy with it but it's still pretty damn good.
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I just rushed it mostly, plus I was kind of hungry while I drew it. Because drawings are such a rarity for me to actually come up with I had wanted to finish it before I got off the drawing before I actually went to eat. Which shortly after, I did.

Thank you for your comment =3
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