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2009-06-24 Style Clash

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Before my dearest mother ticked me off even more than she normally does, I drew this. Oddly enough I've come to find its really hard for me to adapt to various art styles from cartoon to cartoon. Here I try drawing Skippy Squirrel (Animaniacs, Steven Spielberg/Warner Bros. Studios) and Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life, Joe Murray/Nickelodeon).. yes, without his trademark shirt.

Some reason I think my drawing style (which oddly enough is a base off of that which Sonic the Hedgehog is typically drawn in) more suits Warner Bros.

[Side note: To eventually be moved to scraps when I decide to color it]

EDIT IN: Weird, thought I put in the whole title... must've forgotten about it. Sorry ><;
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Hmm, I never thought to compare their sizes before. Or any other aspects between them. But thanks for reminding me of two of my past favorite shows.
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hmm... actually the size relation probably isn't supposed to be somewhat related (and my strategy of drawing probably made Rocko seem taller than normal). I'm not all that good at showing size differences between characters. I'm pretty sure Skippy is shorter than Rocko. I've actually been watching the two shows for a while now lol so I worked myself up to attempting to draw them XP