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2009-01-22 SK

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A couple days ago my computer crashed thanks to the Windows Live installer package thing from Microsoft. I lost everything but managed to reattain this one picture. Don't know what else to add, just a little peeved right now.

Titled for the date of the coloration completion.
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He's a survivor alright. Impressive :)
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Yay! Love your character. Angel and Pearl love you too and would like to give you a big, squishy, fluffy hug and a kiss "tweet" ^_^
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lol, well they'd be welcome to do so if they still like it XP sorry for the rather late response was actually trying to do more drawings (only to put out one).
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Cute little fellow! :aww: I love his relaxed pose there!
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I like the relaxed pose as well, it was one of those poses I wasn't certain if I could pull it off or not. Thanks
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I love yer fursona, It's the cuttest kitsune evah
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I don't know, I think there is other cuter kitsunes out there than my fursona. Thanks mcnus
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no no... a black-gray with two tails kitsune is always cuter than colorfull kitsunes, plus, the way you make them look cute, I've choosed the right words... Cutest!
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Well at least this one piece of hope survived it ^_^ Well done :3
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Yea, but if only my other image I colored was still attainable. I spent much more time on it that this one (mostly because I had done the two color variations that the character was depicted as through the TV show he appeared in).
Thank you Kritter =3
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I like how you did some shades on your character. I need more practice along with 3D model that bird abstract sculpture.

Talk about computers, I gotten bad luck with my laptop right now ever since something acted up (it could be my CPU) and couldn't shut down properly when it's plugged in and it shuts down when it goes into sleep mode. It also missing a F11 key.
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I've been trying to do 3D rendering but I don't think I'm that suited for doing such right at the moment... maybe I need to take a course on it or something.
As far as my computer is concerned, I think something internal is wrong with it as I'm restricted to a 54kbps internet connection whereas I should have a connection that says 108kbps (yes I know that that's not the actual connection speed, but I still feel like I'm getting ripped off for not having the full connection as I should).
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This pic's really cute Shadou, tho yeah, the computer crash sucks.

Best of uck to you in the future.
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Yeah, I really dislike having to deal with all the programs I have to reinstall and fetch to recover from the crash. Usually takes me 10 hours to completely have everything set back up to the way it was before the crash. Some reason though, Windows Live Messenger still is giving me problems... like previously.
Thank you =3
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fantastic color job man nice to see somethin gfrom you again
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I had another one to submit but I never managed to get it backed or put somewhere else for safe-keeping. Least I have the one to show for my efforts.
Thanks Lupus
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