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Katrina Lissa by shadouge4life Katrina Lissa :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 5 0 Fem! Foxy the Pirate Fox by shadouge4life Fem! Foxy the Pirate Fox :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 3 0 Icecapriania(Character Form) Patrol Uniform by shadouge4life Icecapriania(Character Form) Patrol Uniform :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 1 0 ~Lovely Lemur~ by shadouge4life ~Lovely Lemur~ :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 3 0 ~Little Fox~ (w/ Foreston filter) by shadouge4life ~Little Fox~ (w/ Foreston filter) :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 1 0 Sazumaki Uzoma--Alternative Outfit by shadouge4life Sazumaki Uzoma--Alternative Outfit :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 1 0 (My First OC: Remade! W/ filter) by shadouge4life (My First OC: Remade! W/ filter) :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 0 1 Alien Queen by shadouge4life Alien Queen :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 3 0 My (first)OC re-made! by shadouge4life My (first)OC re-made! :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 4 1 Keep Calm And Hetalia On by shadouge4life Keep Calm And Hetalia On :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 1 2 MY COUNTRY PERSONIFICATION!! by shadouge4life MY COUNTRY PERSONIFICATION!! :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 0 3 Fem!Stephano meme by shadouge4life Fem!Stephano meme :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 7 7 Why Did You Leave Me Broken...? by shadouge4life Why Did You Leave Me Broken...? :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 1 13 Underneath All That Cuteness... by shadouge4life Underneath All That Cuteness... :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 1 17 Project Error by shadouge4life Project Error :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 2 5 FOR TECHCHAO by shadouge4life FOR TECHCHAO :iconshadouge4life:shadouge4life 6 2


Hijikata Toshiro- Gintama by thumbelin0811 Hijikata Toshiro- Gintama :iconthumbelin0811:thumbelin0811 1,349 113 Shadow by LeonS-7 Shadow :iconleons-7:LeonS-7 1,276 79 LET IT GO by KenshjnPark LET IT GO :iconkenshjnpark:KenshjnPark 3,637 166 Pain shadow by Yokeching Pain shadow :iconyokeching:Yokeching 965 42
Spain x Dying!Reader
You and Antonio had been friends since childhood. You fell in love with him the first day you met him. As you both got older you became closer to each other. You wanted to tell him how you felt but he had a girlfriend. When you were informed he had a girlfriend you completely broke down. "Now I might never get a chance.." You cried into your pillow.
Even when you and Antonio hung out, he would usually leave to hang out with his girlfriend. The world had felt like it was ending, like trying to become closer to him was useless. You tried avoiding him, hoping to get happier without him.
That idea had not worked at all, you just loved him to much. But did he ever love you back? At maybe any time in your friendship? You might never know...
But what you didn't know was that Antonio did love you, he just didn't think you loved him back. You both loved each other, and neither knew how the other actually felt. He started to notice your sadness, he wondered what might have made you so sad.
You w
:icontinieve:TiniEve 218 107
Misconceptions (Yandere!Levi X Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    Outright enmity seemed to overtake his entire being as he mercilessly scrubbed at the champagne glass, silver-ashen hues trailing behind the familiar figure of a woman, with curves of a goddess, hair of an angel, and voice of honey. He honestly loathed the way the other bartender's emerald hues followed hers, glimmering bright with the elation of a child receiving a gift. And in a way, the brunette was earning a present every time she laughed or grinned. The term 'jealousy' was an understatement. The feeling of fiery heartache burning deep within his insides was something far more intense and profound than the notion of jealousy.
    He loathed the way the others would stare at his prize.
    The men who went by the name of Eren and Levi had been competing for the woman's heart for what seemed like years. Although Levi already had the pleasure of calling the gi
:icongreystream:Greystream 181 104
Whisper by daekazu Whisper :icondaekazu:daekazu 6,777 243
Death the Kid x Reader
Kid x Reader
You settled into bed, unaware of the danger lurking nearby. You were just about to turn off the lights when Kid jumped through the door, looking positively disgusted.
"They're all asymmetrical." He gasped, diving into your arms. You jumped.
"Kid. Who?" You asked, and he looked up at you, then a spot on your neck. You looked down- or tried to.
"All of them-- and now even you!" He shouted, and you sighed.
"What's wrong?" You asked, and he pointed to a red spot on your neck.
"Oh, yeah. I burned myself with my hair straightener." You said, laughing softly. He grimaced.
"It throws off your symmetry, I think I can fix it though." He said, and you immediately backed away.
"I'm not letting you burn me with my straightener again." You said, and Kid sighed.
"Well, there's three ways. The first two are painful, the third isn't." He said, and you sighed.
"Just- the third. The third one that apparently isn't painful." You said, expecting him to dive for your makeup kit. In
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 1,148 468
Hetalia x Depressed Country Reader
~Hetalia x Depressed Country Reader~
(c/n) had always been a sweet girl. Kind and loyal, yet strong as the armor she used in wars. Her smile, brighter than the sun, had been marred by the cruelness of the earth she was born in. Nobody knew the sadness that was weighing down the young nation’s heart and soul. Over the years the (Nationality) had been through battle after battle; her enemy’s seeing her gentle and lively personality as a weakness. Therefore had been labeled as an easy target.
The young country used be so sociable. Strong and loving were one of the many traits that defined her as both an individual and a nation. Soon those traits vanished, replaced by distant isolation. She had been shielding herself from the world almost a hundred years now. You won’t survive in this world by being nice, that only gets you killed.
Sipping her morning (coffee/tea) just like any other morning, while doing the normal paperwork that needed to be done. Signin
:iconxironrose:Xironrose 686 309
Eyeless Jack x Reader: Part 1
  Jack was walking down a dark street, looking for his next victim. He came up to a block of houses, and very few lights were on. Underneath his mask he grinned slightly. He walked up the walk to the first house that caught his eye, and he silently made his trek to get what he wanted the most.
  He quietly walked out of the house, removing his mask for a brief moment. He breathed in the crisp night air. It came out in large whisps of frost. He looked around once more, before noticing another house. It seemed to beckon to him, and he wasn't quite sure why. He put his mask back on, before moving quickly up to the house. He felt just the slightest pang of hunger, seeing as he hadn't quite satisfied himself.
  When Jack entered the house, he walked up the steps. He entered the first door on his left. The room was dark, all except for the moonlight that poured in through the open window. A soft breeze blew, cooling the room. He looked over to the bed,
:iconthewritingartist0203:TheWritingArtist0203 274 29
Stealth Master Ellie by ZombiDJ Stealth Master Ellie :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 6,606 413 New Day by DVixie New Day :icondvixie:DVixie 4,096 175 Specks by DVixie Specks :icondvixie:DVixie 4,014 0 Wolf!Hanji - Erwin - Levi by Ouivon Wolf!Hanji - Erwin - Levi :iconouivon:Ouivon 116 30
Open Seat: Male!Belarus x Reader
Open Seat: Male!Belarus x Reader
  You had been in the room for maybe three seconds before two hands clamped down on your shoulders. You let out a small shriek and turned around to be face-to-face with Belarus. He may have been glaring, but you could see that he was really worried, "You said that you would be here by 12:15, and it is already 12:43! Where were you?!" As he said all of this, he was frantically checking you for possible injuries.
  You gently pushed him away. "The traffic was really bad coming here, I'm fine," you said calmly. He stopped searching for injuries, but still seemed irritated, " Then why didn't you tell me?! I've been worried sick about you!" He exclaimed while pulling you back to him. You rolled your eyes and tried to keep at least a few centimeters between you two. "I'm sorry, Belarus. I forgot," you mumbled into his chest, giving up on escaping his grasp.
  All it took was you being nice to him one time. One time. Then you suddenly became the
:iconeshucreature:EshuCreature 703 142
Doggehz. by BritishStarr Doggehz. :iconbritishstarr:BritishStarr 212 22


You are fully capable of writing story... Nevertheless romance. What made this story interesting was the fact that you had your own ori...





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