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Thraurrence. by Shadoru-Flames Thraurrence. by Shadoru-Flames
Another Original character for Monster High.

I like to find things from Chile and apply them to the fandoms that I like. No idea if I'm wrong, but I've never seen someone considers creating characters from Chile in some series. I think people think that South America ends in Argentina, or maybe Chile is a country too much thin and no one sees it, haha. :XD: ^^;

I wanted to bring the design of this character a little like to the design of MH male versions.

Brief Profile:

- Name:Thraurrence. (Pronunced Traurenz.)
- Age: Not sure, but looks like a teen.
- Parents: His father is The Thrauco, a legendary monster from an island of Chile. (La Isla Grande de Chiloé) and his mother is a "normi" (human woman.)
- Style: Part of his clothes, as his sweatshirt has a special hood that is making with parts of quilineja, it's a plant of Chilean origin, from Southern regions of the country. Hates the shoes.
- Monstrous Imperfection: Physical monster traits inherited from his father, though are not a problem, was born without feet, which has are implants from a wild animal. Has the power of illusion, he can live among normal people, can make that humans think he is completely normal. But the illusion has a time limit. Also has the power to seduce human women with a device that was inherited by his father, a magic rod called Pahueldún. But does not use it.
- Pet: No pet.
- Favorite Activity: Physical activities, spending time in the woods.
- Annoyance: Public speaking, when he speaks in public, has to have the eyes in only one of those presents, his gaze is also lovely but a little uncomfortable.
- Favorite color: Green.
- Favorite Food: Dried fruits and berries.
- Little Details: Has many brothers and sisters around the country, because his father has spirit of incubus, does not know who are his siblings. His feet are made from wildcats skin and claws. In Chile, say the phrase "child of the Thrauco" is such a funny phrase as offensive, the phrase is used to mean children who never knew a father and just have a mother. (I do not want to offend anyone explain this, but applies to the legend of the Thrauco, especially older people use much this phrase (Child of the Thrauco) in Chile.)

Thanks for watching. :)


-Thraurrence belongs to me. (c) Shadoru-Flames
-Monster High belongs to. (c) Mattel.
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FoxBluereaver Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Student Artist
OK, que me perdonen, pero al monstruo original sí no lo conozco ni de pasada XD Pero suena a que es un personaje interesante, excelente trabajo.
Shadoru-Flames Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No hay problema, no te culpo, apuesta a que tampoco conozco mitos y leyendas de tu país, creo que la mayoría sólo conocemos las típicas que nos entregan desde la escuela o que escuchamos en la tv que nos traen las películas, de los países Europeos, Asiáticos, Estados Unidos y algunas de México como La Llorona. Pero sería interesante conocer más. :)

Gracias. :D
FoxBluereaver Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Student Artist
Jeje, en otro tiempo me habría aterrado ante esa idea, pero sí, sería interesante. Aquí hay dos en particular que a mí me petrificaban cuando chico, el Silbón y la Sayona (mi profesor de quinto grado dijo una vez que esta última se le apareció XD).

De nada ^_^
Shadoru-Flames Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Voy a ver si encuentro sobre ellos para leer. :)

El profesor tal vez quería asustarlos. :XD:
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