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Future Star of Gymnastics. by Shadoru-Flames Future Star of Gymnastics. by Shadoru-Flames
Request-Gift to my sis. BunnymundLover4ever1 :)

Her Oc, Emmie. 

I hope you like it, sis. 


Thanks for watching! 

Emmie's Brief Profile:

Name: Emmie Celie Schnell.
Nickname: None. But her older brother does call her by "Little Monster" sometimes. Emmie does not mind being called this, though, and actually loves the name. She enjoys much hearing it whenever he speaks it to her because he is the only person that calls her by that name. For her, it is very special and her nickname only, it also being an affectionate name for her, from her older brother. Emmie thinks and believes he calls her this because she can be annoying at times. It is true and she agrees that she is a little. But she is a younger sister, after all. And are not all young siblings that way?
Gender: Female.
Car Model (car form): German Audi A5.
Car Color (car form): Pink and light blue, with white and silver details. On the rear (right side), there is a big, silver diamond-studded heart (outline).
Age: 8.
Height (human): (3'9").
Weight (human): 57.2 lbs.
Eyes: Light Blue.
Hair (human): Dirty Blonde.
Likes: Gymnastics (Artistic), reading, crime/mystery novels and television (shows and movies), car racing, helping others, adventure and exploring, solving problems, being outside (when it is not storming), and being a detective.
Dislikes: Bullies and bullying (especially to her family, friends, and the innocent), being inside for too long and stuck there (depending on her mood or in certain situations), and thunder and lightning rainstorms.
Treasure: Her first Sleuthing Kit (given to her from her grandfather) and silver medal award (given to her from the judges of her first gymnastics contest. [Emmie: "My first competition."]).
Her greatest ambition: To be a professional and champion in Artistic Gymnastics (for girls/women) when she is older, and wants the sport to be her life career. She loves it very much and has been in classes ever since she was 3-years-old. Dedicated and hard-working, Emmie's dream is to be in the Olympics for gymnastics. Right now, the young girl is an intermediate level gymnast. And this summer, she will be attending an international gymnastics camp in the United States (a REAL camp dedicated to only gymnastics, which is the top professional institute in the world. Here, she will learn, practice, and advance in gymnastic and dance routines to excel in her skills that she all ready knows, and the ones that she will know in the future, along with having much fun in just like any other summer camp. This will be Emmie's second year visiting the place. And she plans to keep going until she is a teenager of 17-years-old.).
Hobby: Gymnastics (Artistic) and being a detective.
Occupation: Student.
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics (Artistic) and car racing.
Favorite Food: Brezel ("Pretzel" in German; one of her favorite flavors are cinnamon sugar with vanilla icing for dipping sauce) and Strüdel (a pastry with sweet filling; her favorite flavor [filling] is apple. In German, it is called "Apfelstrüdel" ["Apple Strüdel"]).
Personality: Emmie is a sweet and quiet girl most of the time. But when she does speak, is not afraid to say what is on her mind to others. She is a child that knows a lot of things at her age, for she has the gift of remembering everything she has heard, seen, or read, never forgetting it, and is very good at arguing with her family, friends and other people (especially with her big brother). With that, she often never loses to her opponent.

Even though she is a girl who loves to help people, can be a little mischievous at times, along with acting mature and like an adult. But she is still a child, and therefore will behave like one. The mischievous side of Emmie mostly shows when she is inside of her home. Not liking to be in there all day, she will get bored. And that will lead to actions that will may get her into trouble. But she can't help it. Her thirst for adventure is big, and she loves to explore the world around her. The girl is also a good problem solver and likes to challenge her mind, being good at puzzles like Sudoku and other mind games. The one thing she just can't understand is why math in school is so difficult for her. Honestly, it is the only required subject that she is weak in (because in all the other classes she takes, has good grades). Despite that, she is determined to understand and succeed.

Finally, the child is her older brother's shadow. And speaking of him... he is Ahren, the sexy redheaded teenager of 17-years-old. Emmie is his shadow because, she never leaves his side and clings to him, and a person will always see Emmie with him and holding his hand. She feels safe and protected around him, and being her older brother, Ahren is overprotective of her, as she is his younger sister (especially about boys and romance with one). Emmie loves her older brother to death. She and him share that adorable, really close brother-sister bond with each other. She is very happy, and does not want any other, to be her brother. (Emmie: *smiles sweetly* "Meine Ahren ist wunderbar. Und Ich liebe ihn so sehr.") Translation- (Emmie: *smiles sweetly* "My Ahren is wonderful. And I love him so much.")


-Emmie Celie Schnell Oc and Profile description belong to (c) BunnymundLover4ever1
-Emmie Art belongs (c) Shadoru-Flames
For disclaimer:
-About International Gymnastics Camp:…
-Possible Emmie's voice --> (Native German EU Female voice Over Demo-reel)- Min: 0:51 Anja G, voice.
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Muchas gracias por el comentario. :D
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