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 Author's note: Here is the first part of. "Look, do not touch" The truth is I do not want to be repetitive writing a love story that perhaps is already a similar plot to some that you read before, but I'll see if at least I can entertain you a little bit with this. In addition, I think these stories are the best genre I can write. ^^;

  My first SalQueen, so I’ll see what I can do here. Obviously I will focus primarily on the relationship of these two. If anyone has constructive criticism regarding this, please let me know.

  I must confess that Lightning is not my favorite character and although he’s the protagonist of Cars and I should know him pretty well, about his expressions and so, I swear I would not know exactly how to interpret him to perfection, but at least I hope to meet certain expectations in the story. It’s dedicated mostly to those who are his true fans. :)

 My Human Version: Maybe you don’t like my humanized versions of them, but I've been so long in a particular design that for me, they are like my "sons".


   Thanks for stopping by....


   Fic 2013 Reuploaded 2017.


 Look, do not touch.

   ”The forbidden things, calls you to tempt against common sense, as a sweetest piece of chocolate called you when you're on a strict diet. You avoid it, but more you want it and if someone else can have it, you are going to adore it.... That stupid desire of human.... You know it's wrong, but still feel that you need it....

   Although.... You don’t really need it.

  Is the thrill of danger worth it? They say that many teach us for life... Because that memory of that stone on the road is inevitably enduring."

   Radiator Springs, the town somewhere in the middle of Route 66 in Carlifornia in Carburetor County, had expanded a bit since the release of Lightning McQueen, a lot of people of that state had moved to find new and healthy lifestyle, open a business or simply vacationing, listening to one of the crazy stories of Mater, one of the most prominent residents, or happen to strike up a conversation with the NASCAR idol, some of which were happy just greeting Lightning or getting a shaking of his hand, taking his picture from far away or ask him to take out one with them, the racer accessed without problems when he had time.

   Other people more obsessed wanted a piece of him, maybe a lock of his blond hair or cutting up some of his nails or piece cloth from his clothes, maybe burned parts of the tires of his car. Among others things…

   The truth was that Lightning over the years had many things to keep under wraps, even his trash, was unpleasant to see strange people hanging around and taking the packaging of empty mineral water bottles consumed for him after training.

  Yes, fame had its good side, but also its bad side and.... especially the maniacal side of the fans.

           Right now, in this moment in which he and Sally had become parents, both feared that the disposable diapers of their baby, with all the content, they were caught it and framed as a memento of a “wonderful summer" in Radiator Springs.

          He was a bit paranoid anyway.

         One Thursday morning, in that room of married couple, pale-colored walls and a double bed Queen model, backless, but invaded by a batch of ten pillows beige and white color, most them on the floor. The couple was sleeping peacefully.

         The baby crib located on the side of the young mother of long dark brown hair, who had her hand gripped on one of the edges of the object of the infant who now is in there, as being alert to any movement.

        6:35 am, a hit on the floor woke abruptly to Sally, her long hair fell on the frightened eyes, pale face for thinking that that noise could have been…..

     - Lance! - She sat on the bed as possessed, her heart beat faster and her breathing quickened. -Stickers.... - She looked at her across the bed, putting her hair away her face. - Stickers? - Stood by the side of the baby crib and then looked where it should have been McQueen at her side. He was not there.

       Suddenly a groan and the sudden appearance of a hand from the floor to the side of the bed, out of her mouth made a small squeak.

           - Eek! –

           -Ouch.... Ouch, ouch, ouch.... - The hand now pressed the sheets to propel the body upward and those aching groans belonged to Lightning.

           He had fallen out the bed.

           -Oh.... - More relaxed with a palm on her chest, breathing normally moving her head slightly. - God, not again. - She whispered watching her husband climbing up again loomed. - It's the third time you fall out of bed this week… Dreaming again? –

           - Yeah.... I dreamed that my car was on fire in the action of the last lap of the race and to save myself from the dreaded fuel tank explosion, I had to throw away my body from it. - Lightning sitting on his side of the bed and takes the view to the front, top a chest of drawers hung on a wooden hanger with the first jacket that he used to drive sponsoring Rust- Eze. - See how my machine was burning in the middle of the track, it was so painful. Although, it was a dream.

         Seconds after and a couple of deep breaths, eyes turned to Sally.

         - He did not wake up right? - Asks about their child.

         - No, fortunately not, it became very difficult to get him to sleep last night. – Looked at the crib and smiled, then turned to talk to McQueen. - Hey.... Is the same dream, no? Three times the same. –

          -Yes, I did not worry me the second time, but now.... - He shook his head slightly. - You know what Mater told me when I told him about this? - Anguished expression.

          - No. What did he say? - Sally was curious, sitting beside him. –

          - "It will be strange, maybe you miss too much the tracks or there is an evil spirit behind you. Must be the Ghost Light or the Screamin’ Banshee"-. McQueen said about he and Mater conversation.

           -Hahaha. Do not tell me you believed that story? You know that Mater liked making up stories. - She laughed at that, often also knew that Lightning was hesitant with everything happening around his best friend when he was an amazing story. –

           - No, I.... Well, maybe.... - He scratched his head and looked down, suddenly changed the subject to don’t give the reason to Sally question, yes, she knew him quite well. - Hey, what time is it? - He turned his gaze to the clock on the night table beside her.

         -6:45, Good time to start the day. - She got off the bed by her side, walked to her dresser on the other side of the room, grabbed her hairbrush and untangled her hair like every morning before going to bathe. -

        - Do not delay too in the bathroom.... - He asked, still sitting there, watching her in every move. -

        - I never take too much time; you're the one who makes eternal showers. Even I've been wondering: how much do you have to fix on yourself? - Spoke without leaving brush.

         - Haha. Are you kidding, right?  I'm Lightning McQueen; I have to maintain a good image, neat and radiant. - Made a very smug smile.

        -Yes.... Surely yes... When you return from your training in the dirt, literally you back home with the entire track dust over you. - Once settled with her hair, she returned to her steps by the bed and bent down to hug her husband and kissing him in good morning.

         Both close their eyes in coordination to blend into a passionate morning kiss.

         After long seconds, Sally slowly separates the lips of his, slowly opening her eyes again.

         -Good morning.... - She smiled, even hugging Lightning.

         -Good morning, Sal... Will you forgive me for having woken you up so suddenly? And because, I’ll back at home from the dirty track, out of my neatness? - He asked with puppy eyes, caressing the chin of his wife.

         - Just if you give me another kiss.... - Sally suggested.

         - Deal. –

           When they were about to do so, the whining and crying from their baby son interrupted them.

         - Oh, Lance, you’re very timely.... – McQueen sighed.

          - Hehe... Well, maybe later. - Releases the hug, she got out of bed, went to the crib and took her baby. - Here I am, my love.... Do not cry. - She smiled at him and spoke slowly, tenderly. The boy is calmed with the voice and loving arms of Sally, he sees he was not alone. - Morning my sweet baby boy.... - She kissed him on the forehead.

          Lance looked at his mother with big watery teal-green eyes, now relaxed, taking a couple of fingers into his mouth, making typical baby noises.

         - Aww, my beautiful baby. - She cannot help cuddling him, almost forgetting what she was doing before.

          - Haha, Sal, I love see you as maternal, but I must interrupt to say that you take advantage of taking a bath, I'll look at Lance. I’ll prepare his bottle, bathe him in his baby tub, and I’ll have him ready for you once you leave the bathroom. - Lightning suggested.

          - Oh! True, I have to go see the Cozy Cone and W.W Motel this morning, I must hurry... - Gives gently the child in McQueen arms. -Stickers... please remember, do not give him his milk before his bath. The powders, perfumes and others are in the furniture in the other room, choose a suit that combines, last time you put a mixture of colors that my baby looked like a Van Gogh painting. –

            While Lightning nodded his head about every instruction, at the same time he received Lance in his arms.

        - Hey, Van Gogh’s paintings are great, I know all that well, how many times I've prepared our son before leaving? Huh? – He interrogated, rocking slightly the baby, who was still calm.

         Sally sighed.

        - For this reason, Stickers.... Every time it's your turn, I see a disaster in the next room: Baby powder spilled on you and lotions fall on furniture, misplaced clothing in the drawers.... –

        - Relax, Sal.... We're just having a little fun. - Is not Lance? - He looked at the baby, who was more interested in his own hands and takes one of his father finger to put one in his baby mouth. - See? - McQueen smiled, now back at Sally with a smile.

        - Okay.... You win; just do not leave a mess please. - She asked and finally locked herself in the bathroom.

         When he heard the "click" of the door, sighed, then spoke to the child.

         - We are free men, son, we can do our will.... Yes.... - He stood still a moment feeling in the lower back of the baby something was lukewarm. - Oh no.... Wet diaper, I think you take what freedom very literal. It’s time to clean you, urgently. –

          Passing a couple of hours, the three were ready to go about their business, Lightning had to attend something in the Hudson Hornet Racing Museum and think about whether or not to reopen the school for future NASCAR promises since his star pupil, Paul Viper had has gone to visit his sister to Detroit, decided to close a while. Also he could not get help from anyone else, not even Mater who was quite busy on his own issues and now that Holley was pregnant, she was his priority. Everyone in town had work to do; Lightning had no one to help him with that. Then he spent the afternoon training.

         Sally, meanwhile, went immediately to the Cozy Cone, a girl that helped her with the work in the nights and early mornings for now she had to go to sleep while the brown haired woman took her place.

        In the lobby she had a crib for Lance, installed behind the counter, next to her, also a couple of toys, a bottle, diapers and more. So she let the baby there, he taking a nap while his mother does her things.

        Before Camille, the young girl leaving, left a message for Sally.

        - Mrs. Carrera, I forgot, I have noted an important person who demanded the best room overlooking Route 66 in Wheel Well Motel. He says he will come tomorrow. - She commented.

        - Someone important? How's that significant? This person did not specify anything? Who is him? He’s the King of any country? - Sally asked many questions in less than 10 seconds, took one of the cookies that were left over after breakfast, from her bag, eating a piece.

        -No, no.... He says he’s a friend of you and your husband also said his name: - The girl read her confusing handwriting in a book of passengers reserving by phone. Camille was so tired at that time, she barely wrote that message consistently at the last minute.

        - It is.... Francesco Bernoulli. -

To be continued .....


-Lance and Camille are characters that originally belong to me like this story. (c) Shadoru.
-Other characters belong to (c) Disney.PIXAR.
-Sorry my bad English.
Part 1 Spanish Version:…
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