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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 13.
Chapter 13: The Night Started.
 Meanwhile, that night, in the house of the Carrera-McQueen family, they lived a more or less similar story.
 Sitting in front of the dressing table in her matrimonial room, Sally dressed very elegant for going to dinner with Francesco, a sky blue short skirt dress fitted in the body, without straps, showing enough skin, but without being vulgar. With matching heels, long loose hair, light makeup and a few accessories, a very thin chain choker, a pair of drop-earrings, a silver bracelet on her right wrist and of course, her wedding ring. Well, she did not need much, she was a very attractive woman.
 Lightning watched her standing under the doorway, while gently rocking the baby in his arms, although he saw her before with that ensemble for a night a few weeks ago, in which they had a free time going out to their own amusement and this Dinner was only between friends. He could not help feeling that jealousy burned his insides and more.
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 12.
Chapter 12: Emotional short circuit.
 A yell of surprise bounced around Flo’s Cafe...
-WHAAAAAT??!!! -
-Cruz, calm down, calm down... - Tim got up from his seat when he heard the girl scream. His gesture of confusion, mixed with worry, was evident.
 She began to breathe hard, her face was red and her eyes were so wide that they almost slipped away, totally shocked. From the distance, it looked funny.
 Obviously everyone in the V8 looked at her, some dismayed, others annoyed because they wanted to continue their lunch in peace. Not for being a racing star 100% of the people were going to hold certain attitudes.
 To Cruz's bad luck, at that time, Flo had the place full.
 Right now Miss Ramirez’s mobile phone was on the floor, unarmed, next to the table. The battery one meter away from the yellow carcass that had the Dinoco logo drawn in blue, which was similar to the paint on her racing car.
 The device was dispersed in three parts when its owner
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 11.
 Chapter 11: Unexpected Invitation.
 Hours later, while they were having lunch at Flo's, Tim and Cruz sat down to eat together.
 Lightning and Sally were in the same place, with their son in the baby stroller, but at one of the outdoor tables.
 Cruz could see the older couple from one of the windows, she stung the peas that came with the plate of mashed potatoes and a steak. She did not eat, she only itched at the same time that she was absorbed and kept looking out, trying to guess, yet, why was this feeling suddenly born? But...  Also thought about...
- It was Jackson, right? -
Suddenly Tim's voice brought her back to earth.
-Eh? - She shook her head a little and looked at him. -What are you talking about? –
-Jackson Storm, I saw you both when talked near the driving school, and you did not seem very happy. Did he do something to you? – Tim said curious, it was something that the dark-skinned boy wanted to ask from hours ago.
  Cruz denied. W
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 10.
    Chapter 10: Knowing my Enemy.  
      Meanwhile the Italian racer had reached Cruz, both were going to the same place anyway, so he walked with her, but she was not paying much attention to the presence of the man. She was a little flushed, I had no way to cover that blush.
            Just, looking away.
            And now... What would he want?
           She felt uncomfortable, knowing that he was a professional flirt.
            "Sure, he thinks that because I look weak, he can easily take me to his bed, but not... It will not work, just dare to ask me and I will do a brilliant rejection, you'll see. "
               She smiled between thoughts, not listening to the words of Francesco, who spoke at the same time he’s walking beside her.
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Human Cars Fathers Day: Sabrina and DJ. by Shadoru-Flames Human Cars Fathers Day: Sabrina and DJ. :iconshadoru-flames:Shadoru-Flames 10 23 Happy Birthday, Sis. by Shadoru-Flames Happy Birthday, Sis. :iconshadoru-flames:Shadoru-Flames 8 8
Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 9.
 Chapter 9:  Tangled Clarifications.
  Hours later, that night when returning home, Lightning and Sally met again, he had been coming into the house, she had arrived quite some time ago.
 -Stickers? - She asked, upon hearing the noise of the main entrance, then she put their little son in the crib to sleep and had also changed into her sleepwear.
  The sounds of McQueen's footsteps, who came to the bedroom yawning with weariness, made her hesitate to tell him about the Italian man's invitation to dine. Although something else had her curious.
  -I waited for you as usual at Cozy Cone, but you delayed, I stayed about fifteen extra minutes, although I left because it was too late for Lance. You know what my schedule is - Inside those words felt a rebuke to him, but when they came from the mouth to the outside, they were docile. - You did not even call to say you were going to arrive later. Did something happen? - Those last ones came with a little more deman
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 8.
 Chapter 8: A Storm for Cruz.
 Almost at the same time that day, Cruz was getting out of her car. Parked in a lot between the Hudson Hornet Museum and the driving school. It was time to take a small snack.
  She had her lunch box inside the room, already prepared since the night before, she liked to go to the V8 with friends, but at other times (like this one) preferred the food she made herself, so, saved herself a little more of time, and it was also nice to eat alone from time to time.
  Lightning, Mater and the other students had gone to other places for lunch, so Cruz could have her moment of relaxation before returning to training.
  Usually accompanied McQueen and Mater for meals, today they invited her, but she apologized to them because she wanted to be alone. More because it was very difficult to look into the eyes of her boss during that morning, wanted to avoid comments when they saw her rosy cheeks. Thought that strange previous sensation was going
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 7.
  Chapter 7: LunchTime With Friends.
  A couple of hours later, before lunch, Flo entered the Cozy Cone to invite Sally to eat something with her and Holley.
    -Good day, Sally. It's lunch time and my kitchen assistants on the V8 made a steak with salad and it's amazing. - She went around the desk to see the baby. - Aww, you're awake, sweetie, come with your aunt Flo, I'll take you to lunch with me. - Without waiting for her friend's response, took the child in her arms carefully.
      -Yes, give me a couple of minutes, I'll finish signing some documents. - Sally had a pen in her hand with which she was signing. Tilted her head slightly to look at the box of chocolates. - Hey Flo... Do you like chocolates, right? -
      -Of course! What woman does not like? - Laughed, massaging Lance's back, the baby looked calm.
    -Take, I want to give you these, I bought them but, after two bites, I did not like them anymore, they are
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 6.
 Chapter 6: Strange Feelings.  
 The next morning, everyone returned to their routine as usual, before going to open the school, Lightning went to the Cozy Cone to leave a folder containing papers that Sally left forgotten on the table at home before leaving for work.
  Within seconds of being able to enter the place, he met Cruz who was leaving after Sally asked her a small favor, since her assistant on the night turn had left before Sally could say anything to Camille.
 Right now Cruz was going to check the cabin number #1 of the motel, she did not have a very comfortable expression.
  As she was a bit distracted and hurried, hit Lightning without mediation.
  -Ouch! - She fell on the ground, sitting.
  McQueen barely lost the balance, but did not fell or drop what was in his hand.
 -Oh! Cruz, I'm very sorry, let me help you. - He offered, bending down to help her.
  -No, it's fine Mr. McQueen... It was my fault, I went almost running
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 5.
Chapter 5:  Doubs  
  Finally at WW Motel, Francesco and Sally arrived at the luxury suite, he stopped in front of the window that overlooked the viewpoint and from there to the Interstate next to the road that gave way to the town of Radiator Springs.
  -It's beautiful right? - She asked approaching step by step, beside the Italian guy. Always excited by the sight of that landscape which Sally fell in love many years ago, feeling that until now had not changed.
 Francesco shook his head affirmatively, but to kill the moment when Sally was daydreaming, he added a typical phrase of him.
 -I have seen better things, especially when Francesco looks at himself in the mirror. –
-Oh... - It was the only she added to his words, raising an eyebrow, it was very unromantic. At least the first time she admired the landscape with Lightning, he had been kind enough to ask more about what motivated her to become so attached to the place.
  Although McQueen ch
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 4.
Chapter 4: McQueen up in Arms.
  Only the strong braking from outside was heard and several onlookers left their places of residence, among them was Cruz's guest.
  Both occupants got out of the car and walked to the entrance of Cozy Cone.
  Lightning went immediately into the lobby, while Cruz stayed outside observing him out of the corner of her eye. She was next to Tim, her track partner.
  -Cruz, what happened? - Tim whispered a little confused, he thought about greeting McQueen and was excited about it, but the blond-haired man looked upset and did not look at anyone.
  -He does not seem very happy. - The guy added.
 -I do not know, I’m as confused as you. - She spoke only for them both, because between the crowd there, was also a small group of press people (and maybe paparazzi), like vultures always around and Cruz did not want to feel like it was because of her. Paparazzi would write a story with a lot of distortion. – When I went to lo
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 3.
 Chapter 3: Surprise Visitors.
  That night, back at home, Sally was sitting on the double bed, with a finger in her mouth, biting the nail of her index finger and with one leg crossed over the other, which was shaking with nerves.
 Lightning walked around to another room of the house, with Lance in the arms, patted the back of the baby, because had finished giving him a bottle of milk, the child was about to fall asleep, it was also late.
  He and Sally did not speak each other just to greet, on the way to home, he noticed that she was very quiet, it was rare for him. She usually was busy of her paperwork, which checked in bed or on the sofa of the living room with the TV on, just to make noise.
  But now....
 None of that happened.
 McQueen returned to the room to put the baby in the crib, after doing so, covered the child with his red blanket, and finally left him a goodnight kiss on the cheek.
 He removed a cloth from his shoulder used for ba
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 2.
 Chapter 2: Somethiing Pending.
 Sally was a bit shocked, swallowing the piece of food and suddenly started coughing when heard that name.
  -Oh! Mrs. Carrera, are you okay? – Camille, her assistant, worried, runs and takes a bottle of mineral water that was in a corner of the lobby, offers it to her boss, before, opening the cap for her.
   Sally nodded, when she was calm, spoke again. Taking the bottle.
  -I'm fine, thank you very much. - Drank some water, swallowed and continued. - Francesco Bernoulli you said? – Interrogated, to be sure she heard well.
 -Yes ma'am, I said that. – The girl answered.
 -Wow, but, what could he come to do around here? Sure that Stickers will be "very happy" when I tell him the news.... - Sally smiled, obviously said it sarcastically.
  The young girl did not understand too much, she was completely ignorant of many things happening around town and outside it, plus had no idea about racing st
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueenAV - Part 1.
  Author's long note: Here the first part of "Look, do not touch." The truth is that I do not want to be repetitive writing a boring love story that perhaps is already with a similar plot of others,, but I will see if at least I am able to get a little of your attention with this, besides, I believe that these stories are the only ones that I can create better.
  My first SalQueen, I'll see how it goes. Obviously I will focus mainly on the relationship of these two. If someone has a constructive criticism about this, please let me know.
  Also I’m going to take advantage of this modification to fix some errors of my first try writing it.
  I must confess that Lightning and Cruz are not my favorite characters and although, Lightning is the protagonist of Cars and I should know their expressions well, I swear I would not know exactly how to interpret him perfectly, but at least I hope to fulfill certain expectations in the story. Dedicated more for those who are
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Cars: Look, don't touch. SalQueen, New Summary.
 Rated: M (Mature: It contains some chapters with adult content, if you are an underage and you read it in its very M parts, please be it with good judgment and under your responsibility.)
Romance / Drama /Family.
Characters Canon Starring: Lightning McQueen (Lightning McQueen), Sally Carrera, Francesco Bernoulli, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm.
Original Characters: Lance Carrera-McQueen, Camille.
 Summary: (Note: I wrote this years before the events of Cars3 (my original the 2013), but I modified it so that it goes in a certain way with the line after Cars 3 story)
 After a long time with the proposition in his pocket, Lightning and Sally are finally husband and wife. A new invitation for a friendly race for the old times around the world, in which McQueen did a rejection because he prefered to be with Sally in the last months of their first pregnancy. It had been a couple of months and the couple have already become parents of a baby boy named Lance.
 The life of McQ
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