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[MYO] Aquarius



Name: Aquarius / tbn
Pronouns: She/Her
Word: Aquarius (Zodiac) 
Level: 6
Language: Latin
Meaning: A large constellation (the Water Carrier or Water Bearer), said to represent a man pouring water from a jar. It contains no bright stars but has several planetary nebulae. The Eleventh sign of the Zodiac. 

Level 1 Magic: Can control the water in her urn
Personality: Independent, Creative, Eccentric, Spontaneous, Original. A bit rebellious, thinks outside the box. Logical, Innovative, Loyal and Stoic. 

Design notes:
Takes their urn everywhere 
Golden "Aquarius" sign on their hip
"Aquarius" constellation on their shoulder
> Fins on tail, legs and arms
> Cloud-like fin reminiscent of the "Air Sign" attribute. (Idk why Aquarius is an Air sign when water is a thing lmao)
> The blue on their body gently glitters

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WOW she's so pretty and gentle-looking! the golds are Such a nice compliment to everything overall
(vvvvvv tempting to do my starsign NGL)