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[Custom] Aries Paralogos

By Shadonut
This is a custom design for mewhaku :) She wanted a Paralogos designed based on the Zodiac sign, Aries. This in turn, turned into a custom trade. 
When designing them I tried to keep the core ideas of the Zodiac sign in mind while taking visual inspiration from real-life goats. "Galactic Goat" was a sort of motivational phrase that stayed in my mind. 

This Paralogos has magic!
Tier 1: Has an inspiring aura, helps those around themselves feel confident. (Perhaps a bit too much at times.)"

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© 2019 - 2021 Shadonut
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This is such a pretty child!
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Thank you very much ^ ^ 
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Thank you again so much!! I love how they turned out ;_; 
This was an awesome custom trade to do with you~
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; v ; )/ I'm so glad you like them, I had a really fun time designing along side with you