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Man, talk about last minute rush! Costumes this year got started so late, we had to delay two of the planned sets. We're gonna try to do them for PMX instead. Tentative plans:

Peacemaker Kurogane
Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Anyone going to AX? :)
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....ohman, it's been a while since I updated.

We started on a collab piece for NANA and somehow we got distracted. I didn't like the way my part of the picture came out. I think my drawing's falling behind, which is saying a lot since it wasn't very good to begin with.

In progress (indefinitely? lol):

Drawing: NANA collabs, Harry Potter collabs, possibly some RP fanart? I want to do some drawing practice but I'm always tired and distracted :(

Cosplay: Oh man. Ten and I have been talking about all the costumes we want to do for the new year- and nothing has come of it. We're so lazy, haha. I still am much more comfortable doing males and I'm a sucker for hot guys. We do want to finish our xxxholic costumes tho. Yuuko, Clow Reed and Doumeki. Pretty~ We're considering Kuroshitsuji as well as a video game called Eternal Sonata? Suggestions for pretty series? I need to watch/read some new stuff.

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So busy lately, haven't had a chance to do much. Work burns me out and by the time I get home, I don't have much energy to RP, write or do anything creative like draw or cosplay. [sigh]

Hopefully we'll be able to set art dates soon, so there'll be some new collabs and pieces coming out again soon. o/

Oh, today we played mario kart wi-fi with the world. Our characters were Sev and Lily. XD
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. . .AX is in 2 days. WHAT THE HECK?

Lots of scurrying around finishing last minute cosplays and stuff. I hope I have enough time to get everything done. I really don't think I'm gonna be able to finish my art pieces, which makes me sad. :(

Air Gear: Kaito
Get Backers: Kazuki
xxxholic: Yuuko
Odin Sphere: Velvet
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Squalo
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[In Progress]
Yuuko (shadoewhunter)
Clow (kisuke)
Watanuki (counttosheep)
Himawari (tsururu)
Mokona (caffeinic)

SUPERSEKRITCOSPLAY (shadoewhunter, counttosheep, caffeinic, tsururu)

Air Gear:
Kaito (shadoewhunter)
Akira (counttosheep)
Ikki/Kazu (caffeinic)
Agito/Akito (tsururu)
Akito/Agito (anatari)

Tales of the Abyss:
Jade (shadoewhunter)
Peony (counttosheep)
Guy (caffeinic)

Squalo (shadoewhunter)
Xanxus (counttosheep)
TYL!Marmon (caffeinic)

Odin Sphere:
Velvet (shadoewhunter)
Ingway (counttosheep)

LOVELESS: Soubi & Ritsuka
GET BACKERS: Kazuki, Juubei. (possibly Ban, Sakura, Ginji)
BLEACH: Yoruichi, Kisuke

[On My Mind]
DEMON DIARY- Eclipse, Raenef IV
REBORN!- TYL Reborn, TYL Colonello, Ryohei
PEACEMAKER- Hijikata, Okita, Susumu
PERSONA 3- Akihiko, Aragaki
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goals for this year?

-draw more sketches
-draw more digital stuff
-learn to use my tablet
-learn to color
-learn to do good lines
-fanart for people i owe fanart to
-get photos of cosplay...

ho ho ho....major hiatus. haven't done something decent in a long while. should learn to draw on computer. janna taught me...but iforgot. **sad** me.......>_<"

got some cosplay stuff on-line. hmmm...miss ken-kun. will cosplay with ken-kun again this year, yea! *joy*

okay. lub you bye, bye~ =^.^=


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So I figure college is gonna be a good deal. I mean, just me, my computer, paper, pen, and no parental supervision. How bad could it be?

::starts stocking up on Pocky and Instant Noodle::


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Hi everyone! Yea, been a while since I've been here...hmmm. - -"
Yea, so I finally got photoshop 7.0 and man i'm having such a headache trying to learn how to use it. I can't seem to figure out half of what the buttons are or how to do certain functions. My layers have all gone to hell.....
but yea, i hope to finish with my first CG attempt within a week or or's not very good but ......**sigh** you can all laugh when I finally get it up.
My lil' chibi-manga is coming along nicely, if messily. I've started adding filler pages just so i can put the characters in clothes and poses that I'd otherwise not be able to do. I wonder if I should post up a couple of pages just for the hell of it....((it's all in pencil tho...**sniff sniff**))

Laters all!
Hi! My name is T-chan, more commonly known as Yohji or Hey-you!-Get-away-from-my-girlfriend! **sweatdrop** yea...Well, I'm a poor student who has very little money and just about the same amount of artistic talent. I like a lot of stuff and I hope whoever manages to wander upon my page likes what they see and even if they don't will leave me a comment! ^ ^ This page is probably made possible only because Antenkou kept nagging me about the "pretty pictures on Deviant!" so, yea this intro is going really nowhere. **sigh** have fun laughing at what you see here! -@'s the icon thingys....i don't really have any competence with the computer so gomen nasai...

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