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Welcome to my gallery!! Please enjoy your visit!!

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Midnight Over Gotham Chapter13
Time passed slowly, but there was a hell of a lot of it, Rook noticed. Drifting in and out of awareness, with nothing but his own thoughts and the occasional visitor, he was scared, bored and worried all at the same time.
It was like being in a bubble he simply couldn't burst. No matter what he tried, or how hard, he could not connect his mind with his body. It wasn't happening.
Ink visited the most, but he usually ended up feeling worse and guilty for not being able to sit up and hug her. She sounded so fragile.
"Rook. We need you. We miss you. I... I hate life without you."
Worse than Ink's visit was the one from Robbie, shortly after the night he had rescued him. He knew, although the boy did not speak, that it was him, even without the heightened senses he would have known. All he felt was a small hand on his, tucking the soft, furry mound of a small teddy bear under his fingers. Then he was gone.
He wanted to cry.
"You selfish bastard." Lance snapped one day. "Do you see what you'
:iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 5 70
Ink and Bishop by rainbowflyinglizard Ink and Bishop :iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 4 31
DC: Freaky Love ch. 21
Chapter 21: The Invitation
It had hit her sometime last night, hard enough to wake her from her fitful sleep.  Ever since the night she had followed Logann Pendragon, May hadn't been able to go to bed without waking up sometime in the middle of the night, and it was during these intervals she found herself trying to recall what happened that she couldn't remember.  The first time she'd remembered some kind of building, outside the city limits, that she and Magpie had followed Logann to.  The second time, she remembered a room, and there was something significant about the walls, but she couldn't remember what.  The third time she remembered a syringe and someone calling Pendragon "Lance."  Every time afterwards, she simply went over those same three facts in her mind, unable to recall anything else about that night.
Now though, she'd woken from a dream, a dream in which she remembered a cruel, sadistic face, and as she sat wondering, th
:iconyoru-the-rogue:Yoru-the-Rogue 15 59
WWII Nightcrawler by kchuu WWII Nightcrawler :iconkchuu:kchuu 303 74
Midnight Over Gotham Chapter12
Seven explosions rocked the building at once. The windows were all blasted to smithereens, making way for seven huge fireballs. Everyone gasped in horror. There was a plaintive cry of "ROOK!"...
Suddenly, there was a shimmering sound. The seven explosions halted metres from the building, the fire and smoke curving as if trapped in an invisible glass bowl. Hex had run forward and thrown out her arms. Her face was strained, her skinny frame quivering with exertion. She gritted her teeth and looked to the side at Lance.
"GO!" She cried. The large black wolf needed no further coaxing. He leapt forward towards the building, and disappeared into the flames and smoke.
"Lance!" Guen yelled, trying to run forward, but Fantasia caught her arm.
"The wolf ken what he's doin', lass." He said soothingly, before looking back at The Raven. "Righ', Irishman... Let's see what ye can do. Make ye'self useful and let's help the gixie..."
I'm walking through a wood.
It's been snowing. The tall, thin blac
:iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 6 32
.:Katy:.P.Comm by NoiseBunhood .:Katy:.P.Comm :iconnoisebunhood:NoiseBunhood 11 19 'EY MISTER GRUMPY GILLS by elixirXsczjX13 'EY MISTER GRUMPY GILLS :iconelixirxsczjx13:elixirXsczjX13 4,217 490 STUPID COMIC DEWD by fajitashoe STUPID COMIC DEWD :iconfajitashoe:fajitashoe 9 6
Midnight Over Gotham Chapter11
I've never felt so much rage in my life.
I want to hurt. I want to kill. My vision is tunnelled and covered with a strange film of red that only seems to anger me more. Something closes around my wrist and snaps me back.
"ROOK, NO!" Ink shouts. She tugs me back roughly with a long whip of ink. The woman, Becca, smiles wickedly and holds a long, thin knife to Robbie's neck.
"I don't want to hurt the boy, but I will. And I'll do it before you can even pull the trigger." She promises. I grit my teeth, my head aflame and my throat burning with thirst. There's blood everywhere... on the floor, dripping out of tubes, off sick-looking medical equipment... "Give it a second and my human guards will be right with us."
"Nah." A voice from the door snickers. Banshee walks through with the rest of the back-up fighters., dragging the lifeless body of an armed guard, one of her Uzi's in the other hand. "I think I can safely say they ain't coming, bitch."
"Whatever." Becca sighs, seemingly bored. "I
:iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 6 25
Tiny Pixel Villains by millenium-night Tiny Pixel Villains :iconmillenium-night:millenium-night 61 11
Midnight Over Gotham Chapter10
Hardly anybody said a word as the raggedy group of misfits and villains were split expertly into groups. Magpie and Ragdoll would disable the security system, closely followed and protected by Raven. Rook, Lance, Neil, Croc, Fantasia, Ink and Wraith would go in guns blazing, as the best fighters, while the rest would take out any groups of vampires of armed guards that came from the sides or behind. Rook looked strange in a black turtle-neck sweater as everyone crept towards the abandoned office block that stood like a chess piece against the night sky.
"Neil." Rook murmured. Neil raised an eyebrow to show he had heard. "Some of my friends have... peculiar abilities. I want you to know, that doesn't make them evil, or demons. Ok?"
"I will judge THAT for myself, Mr Greene. But I will give your oddities the benefit of the doubt... for tonight." Neil replied.
A few guards were milling about amongst the rubble and barbed wire, but quickly had their necks broken by Ragdoll. Rook didn't winc
:iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 6 30
Just some of the stuff I've faved.
It all rocks, so I had to keep it close by.
So I finally linked my Switch to my Twitter account, and I’m gonna be having some fun with it. Look what I captured while playing Breath of the Wild the other day...…



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I'm so glad! You've got a follow and a hope that you've been doing well.
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Yup, she's definitely going to make more apperances in my gallery once I get the chance. Man, I have so many, MANY things I want to draw.
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