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Celebrating rolling into 50 manips of The Ruby with five callbacks! I hope you remember these fine ladies and places...

Ms. Phung
Funding Shortfall by shado-mind

Congresswoman Pittman
The Candidate Pt1 by shado-mind

Château Rubis

Welcome Senator by shado-mind

Ms. Khatri
Bent to Serve by shado-mind

Ms. Connick
Investigation by shado-mind

And of course, the newly minted Ms. Gomez in her Milestone Moment makes manip #50...
Milestone Moment (Animated) by shado-mind

…additionally Ms. Phung, the chief of staff for the congressional offices of Congresswoman Pittman, elaborated on the effectiveness of the operation noting that, quote, The Château Rubis facility had been indispensable in recruitment or compromise of over two dozen members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. We salute Ms. Khatri and her team for executing the operation flawlessly. Rest assured your help has ensured Congresswoman Pittman’s role as chairwoman on several key committees while also shoring up the voting block needed to introduce and pass key trojan horse legislation to benefit The Ruby, end quote.

That brings today’s Americas edition of Ruby Reports to a close, but before we wish you a good evening, a major milestone for The Ruby.

Moments before going on air today, one of our ace investigative reporters, Ms. Connick, was able to communicate with the office of Mr. Montoya and confirm that The Ruby has officially begun the recruitment of its 50,000th member. The process began just moments before this broadcast started, ensuring that as I speak, one Daya Gomez is just now fully compliant and seeing The Ruby’s light for the first time as a milestone member for our organization.

Mr. Montoya’s office released a statement noting, quote, We are pleased to welcome Ms. Gomez as our 50,000th member. She, along with our other new recruits will become the obedient engine needed to expand The Ruby’s influence in multiple nations and allow us to make the journey to 500,000 strong in even less time, end quote. What a great high note to end the day on.

On behalf of Ruby Reports, thank you for watching. This is Ms. Velasco saying “May the light guide you, and Glory to The Ruby”

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Congrats on the nice big round number! Love that suit, and so much intrigue in the story, too.