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A Tale of Neuro Compliance

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Inspired by the MC themed work of Doctor Drakken from Kim Possible 

(No copyright held, no profit taken, posted only as tribute)

Fortunately the good doctor wasn’t quite ready to give up his plan of making the world blindly obedient to him, the Neuro-Compliance Chip had needed some work.

It had taken years to get right but finally it was ready. However, before he set his sights on the world, it was time to take care of a few loose ends...

“Well done Shego, Now place the chip on Kim Possible”

“Yes Doctor Drakken”

“Now, after last time, let us start with a little apology show.”

“Yes Doctor Drakken”

“Yes Doctor Drakken”

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So glad Kim has realized the benefits of serving Dr. Drakken!