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Walking in Paws
Chapter 9: The Lycan's path

(This is written from Tyler's point of view for easier writing, so this is from Tyler)

It was raining hard, basically your classic scary movie rain at night. The TV was on the News, more specifically on Jon's disappearing act, along with Rachel and his family. "The police have not found Jonathan, aka the anthropomorphic dog neither his family nor his girlfriend Rachel. Since the attempted murder preformed on him a few days ago, it is suspected to be dead."
"Yeah, right. You might be a little on the skinny side Jon, but you would not go down so easily." I walked around to the kitchen grabbing some soda, and chugging it down. "Heh, you might have become a freak of nature, but in a way that plays to your advantage, I know you would not go down in a fight without leaving some dent." My parents were out, and my annoying little sister was at her friend's house so I was left in the house alone, and I just flipped it to the news out of sheer boredom.
"In other news-" I turned the TV off.
"You have none, man it's been boring with out Jon around. Well, at least I have the house to myself, guess it's to the computer." I started heading to my room when I heard a window break. "What the Hell?" I looked around and found a can in the living room. Then the can exploded into smoke that filled the house. It was a smoke grenade and I fell for it. Soon the house was full of smoke I could hardly breathe. Then I heard shouting and yelling through the smoke and I was quickly knocked out.

I soon woke up in a metal room; it looked like a solitary confinement in prisons. Only one door and it had no handle, a single overhead light, one prison bed and a prison toilet. I realized my clothes were replaced with a single pair of black shorts. At this time I was trying to kick the door open, but it refused to move. Then something hit my arm, I looked to see a dart. I soon felt woozy and fell over, out cold once again.

I awoke on something hard, I tried to look around but I realized I was blindfolded. I also couldn't move my head or any part of me for that matter. Then I felt a sharp pain in my arm, and then felt cold, like I was put in the arctic ocean and I started to shake. Another sharp pain in my arm and I was out cold again. I woke up in the same situation I was before, but felt weird, like I was really warm and bones felt like they were moving. Again I was out, I was getting really tired of being knocked by then.

I awoke again, but not blindfolded this time. I tired to look around at first but all I saw was green and brown blobs, everything was blurry. Soon I re-focused my eyes to see that I was in some wooded area, but not out doors. I saw painted walls around me, and the air smelled stale. Though when I realized I was able to tell the air smelled stale I was confused, and then it felt like all of my senses multiplied in sensitivity, except my touch. I was able to hear people talking, but it sounded muffled like I had my ear to a wall. I decided to get up when I saw my hand.

Only one problem… it wasn't just a hand, it looked more like a werewolf's paw, and it was mine. I looked up my now furried arm to the rest of me, also covered in gray fur. What surprised the most, well everything was eye popping but what were even more odd were my legs. They weren't human shaped, they were animal shaped. They were digitgrade legs, and they replaced my old ones. I then felt like something was moving behind me, like I was moving something behind me. I looked at my back to see a big fluffy furry tail moving behind me, and it was attached to me. I put my 'paws' up to my face and felt a muzzle, my ears moved to on the top of my head, and the only thing that I felt like I didn't lose was my hair, which I didn't. I couldn't believe it, at first I thought I was a werewolf, but I tried to change back like in multiple stories but nothing worked. Then I remembered Jon's 'condition'. "Am I now-?" My question to myself was quickly answered.
"Yes, you are an anthro, a very successful one at that." I turned around to see a guy in a white lab coat. He stood on a cliff above me with a railing. "You one of the first to have our digitgrade legs, interesting no?"
"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME!?" I roared, giving him a hardcore death glare.
"Well, you could say we improved you, or given you a little tweak." I jumped up to try and scale the cliff. I started climbing like mad, which I was surprisingly succeeding at. Just as I reached the top I felt like I was getting tazered. I fell backwards onto the ground, landing near a large cave opening. "I'm sorry that happened, but we put in a little boundaries chip that will give you a little shock if you try to leave or get to close to our observation platform here. So be a good little anthropomorphic wolf and try not to hurt yourself. Be a good boy and we might give you a friend to play with." He smiled like the devil.

The guy disappeared behind the cliff and I heard a door close. I was alone in the enclosure, stuck in some freak of nature body, and a prisoner of some crazed people. I decided to look around to see my new home, which I was hoping would be temporary. I tried to get up and walk normally when I immediately fell down on my ass. "Oh right, my feet are deformed." I got up again and tried walking on the balls of my feet, like all the freaking stories Jon showed me said how the walked. I started walking and it felt natural too me, then I walked around the place. I decided to look into the cave, my eyes scanned the place and I found something that I didn't think would be there. A light switch. I flipped the switch lighting up a cave that actually looked like a home. There was a bed with a mattress with simple covers, a kitchen that looked pretty nice complete with a fridge and microwave oven, there was even a nice living area. "Damn, this would be a nice place to live if it weren't for the fact I couldn't leave." I laid down on the mattress, which was surprisingly comfortable. I started to nod off and soon I was asleep.

I awoke back in the cave, and the first thing I did was see if yesterday was a dream. I looked at my hand which was still a paw. "Well, can't blame myself for trying." I slinked out of bed and soon the smell of meat enveloped my nose. I looked to see a plate of raw meat on the table. I saw a note next to it that read 'enjoy your meal.' "Oh yeah, that's nice. Give me f***ing raw meat! HA HA HA!" That just was a huge insult to me. I was about to toss the meat out when I remembered the kitchen. I threw the meat into the microwave and waited for it to cook. I decided to walk around the rest of my 'enclosure' while I was waiting for the meat finish cooking. I left the cave and found the wooded area just how it was. I walked through it finding no one else in the place, but I couldn't help the feeling I was being watched. I looked around me and I saw glimmer of something, the artificial lights were bouncing off I thing it was glass. I headed towards the glimmer and found a camera. I brought up my hand and waved at it. "Hey I see you assh***s!" I decided to head back to my kitchen and found the meat cooked. I took it out of the microwave oven and started to look for silverware. I found none so I decided to just try and just eat it using my teeth. I was surprised how easily I ate the meat. Soon I decided to journey through my enclosure more.

Skipping a couple days, I found my breakfast was not meat that day but… doughnuts. There was a note with them that said, "a little present for good behavior. Though some of them are a little stale, so take small bites." I took a doughnut and did a small bite, but it didn't taste fully right. I looked at the doughnut and saw a tiny little metal cylinder. I looked at it and found a button on it, I pressed it and it turned on a red light I looked at it but when I saw what the light was projecting. It was a message that read "when the lights start blinking, climb the cliff and run out. I will be at the door to get you out." I read the message several times over. I waited the rest of the day for the lights start blinking.

It was hours till my indoor lights started blinking on and off. I headed out of my cave where the outdoor lights were nearly off but there was just enough light to see. I scaled the cliff again, but instead of getting shocked, nothing happened. I made it to the top and found a guy in a white lab coat holding a duffel bag. "Yes, I'm the one who sent you the note. You need to get out of here now Take this." He took out AK-47 and handed it to me. "If any guards see you, use it. When you get to the parking garage, there will be a black truck with a green tarp on the truck bed, get under the tarp and it will get you out of here." He rushed saying everything.
"Um, what?" I was beyond confused on what was going on but he was getting me out.
"There are arrows pointing to the parking garage, just look at the signs and follow the blue dotted arrows. I just hope I can get Rachel."
"Wait… are we talking about-"
"Yes, we are. She's in High Security lock down, I had to get you two out because they want your furry friend to come here and-. Look, we can't talk now get out of here!" I left him and started running with the gun in hand. Darting down hallways till I found a sign. I looked at it and found one with blue dot that seemed just to be painted like two minutes ago. I followed them to a hallway but I saw some not so friendly people. I hid in another hallway and remembered I had a gun in my hands. I lifted it and pointed it forward, and then slipped out into the hallway and fired at the guards. I hit one in the leg and the other in the arm. Fortunately they weren't wearing any body armor for some reason. They grabbed their injured limbs and then darted around to try to find me, but I was already ran past them.

I ran hallway after hallway when I heard an alarm that I though would make my ears burst. I thought I was screwed, that I would be dead in a matter of minutes, but I got a sudden kick in energy, and I started running through hallways madly. I reached a door that read parking garage. "I made it." I said to myself. I bolted through the doors and saw the truck. I dove right in and covered myself with the tarp.

It felt like hours before we started moving, but I think it was only a couple minutes. I went over what happened, realizing that Rachel was here, and most likely being experimented on. After hours of staying under a tarp we stopped and the tarp was removed. I saw an guy in army clothing holding the tarp. "Hello Mr. Nell, I am the first to say welcome to freedom."
"Thank you. But can you tell me what just happened exactly?"
"Well, the scientists that took you made you a-"
"I know that! I mean what happened today or yesterday or whenever I got that message!"
"I know I'm just kidding. Well, you were extracted out of what is the closet thing to Area 51, and-"
"Area 51? What the hell are you talking about!?"
"Just let me explain and then I'll be out of your fur. You were kidnapped because of you are a friend of Jon's, and his family has gone into complete hiding and nobody knows where, for the better. They find hostages might as well be test subjects, and they made you what you are now. They need Jon for the virus, the natural form for some reason. When they got the virus from Jon, they didn't get enough, so now they have to go get him to get more, otherwise their virus will eventually cause the virus to decompose and would die before it would be any use. We broke you out because you were going to be a reprogram experiment. They are making super soldiers, the animal instincts would dominate the battlefield, but they have been trying many techniques of trying to get obedient soldiers. The reprogram would alter your mind into following orders from your superiors completely."
"Um… okay, one more question. Do you have any clothes I can wear?" I realized I was only in tight black shorts and I needed some more… clothing.
"Oh, uh. Well, let's see." He went to the bed of the truck and started digging through stuff. "Herm… sorry bud, everything I have is either too small or just too damn ugly. We'll head to a shop up ahead, has some clothes and we might be able to grab some other stuff as well." We got back in the truck and headed out. It was just turning dark at the time and we were in the middle of nowhere.

It was an odd store and on the outskirts of some town. The soldier gave a wad of cash to the cashier, who pocketed it and headed to the back. It sold really weird clothes, but oddly enough one item caught my eye; A large black leather overcoat with a hood and zippered front. I picked it up and saw a smaller overcoat with a few designs on it. I looked at it and so I grabbed them both, I also took a pair of black cargo shorts, and a pair of black sunglasses. The soldier walked up to me "That's enough, let's get out of here."

After some driving and no conversation whatsoever for a few hours, I decided to ask where I was. "Kansas."
"Okay… where in Kansas?" I asked kind of sarcastically.
"The less you know, the better."
"Well, can you explain why am I part wolf?"
"I would answer that, but I even don't know."
"So, everything you know you can't tell me, but everything you could don't you could? Well isn't that messed up logic."

After an hour or two we reached what looked like a private airstrip in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing else for miles and I was curious of why was I getting into? "Where am I going?"
"Your going out of the country for a year."
"So… in other words I your taking me on a forced vacation for a year where I will be kept hidden. What is the difference between there and where ever I was?" I folded my arms, but ready to rip the guy to shreds if need be.
"For one, you won't be experimented on like a lab rat, two, you will be given a bit more human living conditions, and three, you won't be killed. Those good enough ya twit?" He emphasized the last sentence, and raised his voice for the first time.
"Aright, just as long as it isn't some shack." I grabbed my stuff and headed into the plane. Before I got on though, the soldier grabbed the gun.
"You don't need this anymore, you will be safe and sound and alive where you'll be." I got into the plane where there was a pretty old pilot. I saw an empty duffel bag in part of the plane, and I decided to toss my stuff in.
"Well, fuzzy, you want to buckle up or do you want me to let you fly around everywhere?" The pilot asked me with some odd accent I couldn't place.

"So…" I asked after a few minutes of the flight, "Where am I going exactly?"
"Well, you're going to the beautiful island of Cuba where you will be in hiding in a small mansion for the next year."
"Wait, mansion?"
"Not very large, but quite beautiful, we got it from 'borrowing' cash from the people that kidnapped you. You will be quite comfortable and out of reach."
"That sounds nice… what kind of food will I get?" The pilot didn't answer. "Hello? Food?" He still didn't answer. "Is anybody in-"
"Grab your stuff and strap it to yourself tightly. Get the parachute and when I say so, jump out the plane."
"SHUT UP AND JUET DO IT!" I left my seat and grabbed my duffle. I slipped the strap over and tightened the strap with the duffel on my chest. I grabbed what I thought was the parachute, and fortunately I was correct. Then I felt the plane get hit by something, and we started to go downwards. "GET OUT NOW!!!"

I jumped into the sky. I felt the wind rush past me; my eyes watered and it was near impossible to see. . I had no idea how high I was, or where I was. I kept falling but through my blurry eyes I was able to see a black blurry line that started to glow red. I saw two other blobs that zoomed past the line into the distance. I didn't know when I should pull the cord… or which cord. I pulled one and it was the right luckily and I was able to see, that… I was pretty close to the ground. I wasn't able to slow down fast enough… until the trees down below started to break my fall. By the time I was fully in the trees, my parachute was still out of reach of the trees and expanded to slow me down at last… but falling into a tree… on my nuts.

To be continued...
Chapter 10: Unexpected Allies
Here is Chapter 9, chapter 10 is half done. I know I didn't add much, but it's more. I've been busy with school too, and my interests with story has been tough to make me write. If anybody feels like helping me, like sending ideas or even events to happen in the story go ahead and email me. Email is in my profile... I seriously need help with inspiration with this.

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woah, nice chapter as always. I did wonder what happened to Tyler prior to Jon finding him again