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Chapter 10: Unexpected Allies

My parachute tangled in the branches and held me in the trees. I unbuckled the parachute. I fell onto the ground bruised and cut, but nothing felt broken. My duffel bag somehow by a stroke of luck was still on me with all my stuff, a rip here, a hole there, but it still was useable for the most part. I looked around seeing trees and… more trees… and hey a surprise, more trees. I had no idea where I was, so I just headed in what seemed like the right direction.

After an hour of walking through the woods or whatever I was in was called, I reached a single two-lane road. It was pretty empty, and to me it meant trying to find somebody. I decided to put on the jacket and sunglasses. I don't know why I got the other one really, except that it looked cool. I walked down the road to where ever I was.

Another hour of walking and occasionally ducking in the trees for a passing car, I rather not take chances of going back to that hellhole. Then one car passed yet when I was watching through the trees, the car stopped and walked to where I was.
"I knew I saw something."
"Come on Dan, we gotta drop him before the boss whacks us."
"Fine, let's-" I stepped on some mud and slipped out into the grass and into their line of sight. "You believe I saw something now George?" They brought out handguns. "I'm pretty sure that a freak-of-nature wolf fetches a good price." I was about to get up but I was hit on the head and knocked out cold.

"-We found him in the bushes hiding and so we thought it would bring some more cash." I heard whom I think was Dan talking in a weak voice.
"IT'S A FUCKING WEREWOLF! DID YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT IT KILLING US WHEN IT WAKES UP!? WE HAVE TO GET IT OUT NOW!" I heard the voice rattle my ears. I groaned and found myself in a cage and tied up in so many knots that it looked like the boy scouts caught me. I felt the cage rattle a bit and then a guy that was wearing a black blazer. "You awake? Well, at least now I can kill you, you filthy mutt!"
"Well, I have had quite a day and haven't showered so sorry for not taking a shower." The guy nearly fell onto the floor.
"Y-y-you can talk? And understand me?"
"Well, I would better understand you if you untie me."
"Ha, and let you eat me? Fat chance."
"Just to let you know, I don't eat people. So again, untie me."
"I just-"
"BOSS! The cops found us!" One of the lackeys came holding a handgun.
"Shit, we can't stay here, get the cash and load it into the van, I'll kill the mutt here." He aimed the gun at me.
"If I may interrupt, can we make a deal that helps both of us?"
"What kind of deal?"
"You untie me and I help you escape the police."
"And then you'll run back to cops and get us arrested somehow."
"You think the cops would even talk to me?" He lowered his gun.
"Good point. Ok, you help us get out of here, and then we can talk terms of what to with you later."
"Deal." He un-hitched the cage and dragged me out. He then cut the bands around my wrists, arms, then left the knife in my hands. He ran off and I started cutting the rest of the bands.

After cutting the bands, I ran in the direction of the boss. I found him tossing duffel bags. "You can help right now by tossing these bags in the car." I grabbed just what I could and threw them in the trunk. Another armful and then I heard "We need to get out now. There getting ready to bust down the door." I was tossed a shotgun along with everyone else. "You get in the other car and shoot anything with a siren. We get caught, you can bet that I'll get you back."
"To be honest, I rather be dead than get caught. Let's get going."

We all piled into two cars. Three people in each, not including me, and the boss was driving the one I was in. The guy in the back seat with me told me to open the window and aim at anything we need. The boss hit the gas and we bolted out of the building. Police cars started blocking the road but we still kept going for it. I thought we were going to crash but we made it through the block as well as the other car behind us.

The guy next to me shouted "Hey Fuzz ball! Start shooting!" I pulled the shotgun up to aim at a police car that was getting close. I aimed and fired, with the kickback nearly knocking itself out of my hands, and the round missing the police car completely. I readjusted myself to be able to take the kickback and fired at the police car again. I hit the tire and the police car pulled back. I pulled myself out of the window to aim behind us and fired another round to scare the police. They started pulling back, but then the boss took a hard turn and into some traffic, which pulled me back into the car. He swerved and avoided traffic till he turned into a side street. There were still two police cars behind us, but I couldn't see our other car. I we got back onto the street and then the boss turned hard left, nearly throwing me out the window. I decided to aim again and shoot at the police cars and was able to hit the windshield, but missed the driver. That car pulled back and just left one cop. The boss then again turned hard but it was left and I was nearly thrown out. I held onto the door and was able to pull myself back in. I looked back to see the cop, but he was gone.

The boss drove to a house in a small neighborhood, and drove into the garage. The boss got out walked to my car door and then tore me out of the car. He pushed me into a wall and said "We're away from the police, but we still have to deal with you." He pulled up a switchblade and said, "Why do you think we would help you?" I was thinking of trying to fight my way out, but I thought that talking might be better.
"I have no way to get you arrested without getting killed myself, and I thought that a guys like you are a bit more reasonable than the police." The boss then lowered his blade.
"You're right about that." He shoved me into the wall further, then backed off then said, "I'll give you one hour to get out of here, another hour to get out of Miami. You stay and you'll be mounted on the wall. Capiche?"
Pulling myself up and it was either being part wolf, or just getting knocked on the head, but I said "Actually, I was thinking that I could work for you and in return given a place to live, and a place to live I mean a house." The boss then glared at me.
"Are you asking for a job mutt?"
"I think, and my name is Tyler, not mutt." The Boss thought for a bit.
"What can you do exactly?"
"Well, I think scaring people beyond recognition would fall into my skill set. I think heightened smell, hearing, and I'm not sure with the rest."
"That all? Heh, your saying you can't do shit… how about fighting? You seem to be a pretty good guy at knocking guys down."
"Well, I did get into a gang fight once, and won. So you think me being like a bodyguard or something?"
"Not exactly, you go with Phil or Dan here and collect cash from people that are being difficult with paying our protection tax. You come in if those people start to feel heroic and try to get out of paying. Show up, knock them around a bit, and demand the money. They don't give the money up; give him a little scar or something. Do this and then we might consider you an… associate, with housing."
"Um, you mean we have a deal?" The boss rubbed his head in annoyance.
"Yes, in a way. We'll get started tomorrow, but first," he threw me a towel, "your filthy, go around to the back and wash yourself with the hose. You can use the shed if you need privacy." The boss walked into the house with the other guys following him.
Here it is, chapter 10. No description except I don't know what I'll call the next chapter. I'm glad this is up now. Comments and such are welcome.

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Sadly we have another dead story line with so much potential

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Damn dude you could make a Novel from this stuff if you put it together right... I'd definitely buy it!
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Welp this to show your story is still catching attention and still has potential as many other works.

Anyway if you ever think about starting this up again I got a few ideas that might help finish the story off. Nice work.
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Hmm, I'm not saying anything,no comments, at all.

when will you continue this story
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Please don't discontinue this story it's too good to be discontinued!!!!
Hey what happen to Joe? Is he still alive or was that him?
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Just noticed that there is no next chapter button, can we get some more or have u stopped making it
Sorry for the spam...didn't mean to
When will the next one be out?
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Oh and thank you for the favorites.
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Well.... admittedly THIS version of the story as I continued to write it I realized it wasn't a very good story and the story that made it interesting was completely lost . I 've been trying to rewrite it but life has been getting in the way. I have the first 2 chapter rewritten and redone version is much more mature as it's less random gun story and more psychological what happens to a guy like this.
Interesting...ill keep my eyes open 😳
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All of the Walking in Paws stories you have written are really great. If its not to much to ask do you have any idea when you you can put the next chapter out?
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Well, I think by the end the week... if I actually work on it. I don't have a schedule on it so it could be some time. And thank you for the faves!
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Hey its no problem, and thank you for replying. oh and if you do have some spare time could you please look at the peoms I wrote and give me some feedback on them.You don't have to if you don't want to.
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I will, but I need to go to bed soon so expect a comment in the morning.
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Nice chapter. I'm really liking this story
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Thanks, though I want to get out of the flashback of Tyler's cause it's really holding me from getting along with the story.
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Make a chapter longer so u can end it
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Next chapter will
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cool, still need a name
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Yeah... I would name bit but all I can think of is The end of this freaking flashback
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