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Chapter 1: a new me

Some teens spend summer hanging out with friends, look at colleges, and have fun. Mine was not like that; instead I got something entirely different. Something one would see in a movie and think that would never happen. Well, it did to me, and this is what happened.

"What's happening? RRRRRG! No-no-no-no NO! Stop! AAAAAGH!" I bolt up from bed, breathing heavily. "Oh, just one of those damn dreams." I looked at my hand to make sure. "But, why am I having these dreams?"

Oh, sorry about that, I nearly forgot. My name is Jonathan, and we're starting this story when I was 17 at the End of March. I was still in high school as a junior, my sister was at college, and parents were divorced. Arriving to first block history, I sat down to my friend Tyler.
"Hey Tyler!"
"Hey Jon! Ready for the test?"
"What test? She didn't say anything-"
"Kidding!" I knew Tyler since 6th grade. He was a bit on the tall side, brown hair,  he had an odd sense of humor, but a funny one. "Anyway, what's up?"
"Just tired. I had another dream."
"Jeez man, that's the third time this month."
"Yeah, and it's been going on for four. It's getting ridiculous."
"Hey, how about hanging out at my house for awhile, maybe a beer will get your mind off it."
"Tyler, I don't drink, and you shouldn't either."
"Again, kidding. But really, wanna hang out at my house this weekend? It 'ill be spring break anyway."
"I can't, I'm spending time with Rachel."
"She knows you're having weirdo dreams and you're a furry, and she's still dating you? Wow… if I didn't know her I say she was a furry too." Just to explain, I actually was kind of obsessed about anthropomorphic animals, but I never really told anybody in person. The names for people that are enjoy this are called furries, which to some people view as bad from the stereotype, which is the reason why I kept it a secret. Tyler was the only person that knew about it other than my family.
"She isn't, the only reason she puts up with it is because I don't go all out on it."
"Yeah right." He smiled.
"I could tell the school about your little incident at the bar as well." I was talking about the time he decided to drink with his cousins. He had a fake ID and downed three beers, first time drinking. He started throwing up in the alley and I had to take him to a motel. I didn't feel like explaining to his parents why their son was drunk.
"At least I'm not the drunk." Tyler punched me in the arm and I decided that I deserved that. Class started and of course I started taking notes. The school day continued as usual, and Tyler and me talked during lunch.

I again talked with Tyler, but he brought his laptop to school and showed me the picture. To be honest, it looked like Tyler as a werewolf. Then I saw a link to "were-creature virus".
"Hey take a look at that."
"What?" Tyler wondered what I was talking about.
"That." I pointed to the link. He clicked on it and then there were old medieval paintings of werewolves, of course, and even were cats and other animal human mixtures. The were-creature paintings had an article attached to them.
"What is this?"
"It looks like an article on that there used to be a virus that changed people into were creatures. 'This virus is hypothesized that is made humans into anthropomorphic animals. This created myths and legends throughout history. The werewolf, Anubis and…'" I kept reading for a couple minutes. "'It is debated that the change would be permanent, causing men and women react illogically. Most of Europeans feared the man-animals as they were named. Older civilizations revered them as gods, worshiping them. Both fear and worship caused people to exaggerate what they could do.'"
"That's just a hunk of baloney, made by some crazed fur that thinks he knows everything. I know that crap don't exist and never did."
"I know some pretty weird stories that are true, and people would call me crazy."
"Yup, I still think you were crazy."
"And you're a drunk."
"Three beers! That's all I had! Three freaking beers!"
"And it cost me $100 for a room, you still haven't paid me back."
"I told you I would get you the money!"
"Yeah right, and I'm Mary Poppins."
"Well, I never thought you like wearing dresses."
"Screw you." I glanced back at the screen. "Well, this person does present points that seem intelligent."
"What did I just say? Crazed FUR?"
"Yeah, your probably right. Well, see ya."  

After school, I went home. But when I got home from school, Yeager didn't move, he wasn't breathing, eyes closed. I listened for his heart beat…  I called my mom.
"M-Mom?" struggled to keep it together.
"Yes Jonathan? What is it?"
"Yeager's dead."

I hate thinking about when he died, I blocked that day out of my mind, but I do remember somewhat happened. We rushed him to the vet, but he was long gone already. We were given one last look at him before he was cremated. I ran to him and gave him a hug, but his mouth somehow twitched and bit my arm. It actually drew blood and the vet was able to patch me up. So Yeager was cremated, we went home to go to sleep, but my arm was still stinging like a crocodile was biting me.

I awoke to feeling sick as hell, if that's possible, and nearly throwing up. I was forced to stay home from school for the day, throwing up. I couldn't even get out of bed; fortunately the worst part was only five freaking hours since I woke up. The next day I felt better, and knew I had to head to school, it was bad too miss one day and killed grades. But when I looked in the mirror my ears were slightly pointed, like it was being pinched. I thought I was still dreaming, but when I pulled one it hurt like real life. I shrugged it off as nothing, but they felt like they were growing, quickly.

When I got to school, Tyler came over and slapped my back. "Hello!"
"Ow! Jeez, don't try to kill my back."
"Sorry man. So what's going on?"
"Yeager died."
"Oh, uh… I- um- sorry man."
"Yeah, he's been my dog since I've been here." I brushed my hair out of my eyes and behind my ear. Tyler saw it and it certainly caught his eye. "Um, Jon?"
"What's wrong with your ears? They look a little… weird." I touched my ears and they did feel a little "more" deformed.
"That's strange, they were strange this morning, but not like this." I started to think to when Yeager bit me, but I didn't think about it. "Tyler, is it possible to not stare?"
"Oh- sorry. Yeah, see ya at lunch."
"See ya."

The day went on, nobody else saw my ears, which was good. Tyler and me talked more at lunch, but he seemed more interested in my ears than the conversation. When I got home, my ears looked even more like an elf's and they were little higher on my head by like a centimeter. I touched my ear and I felt some fuzz in the back. I decided to do a full body inspection to see if anything else was going on, I found a small patch of soft, golden fur was growing on my chest. "Great…just great." I muttered to myself sarcastically. I knew this was going to get worse if I kept this secret, I've read enough stories that told me tell my mom, which I did.
"Mom, I kind of need to show you something."
"What is it?" She said absent-mindedly.
I showed her my ears and the fur and did what most parents might have done. She said, "Um… what is that?"

I couldn't tell what happened next, I fainted and woke up at the hospital in the quarantine room. Looking at the date, I realized I was out half a day! Wondering if it was a dream I snagged a mirror and looked at my face, golden fur was forming at my forehead and fully coated the back of my ears which were becoming more like triangles and moving even farther up my head. I also realized my face was slightly pushed out around my mouth and nose. Not long after I awoke my Mom ran in with my Dad in has-mat suits quickly hugging me. Sort of awkward with them hugging me at the same time since they were divorced, but it did make me happy. They went through a "we really happy you're alive" speech; I'll spare you from the long reading. After what felt like ten minutes, probably more like one minute, I was able to say, or gasp "Can't-breath!"
"Oh sorry." My Dad replied, and my parents let go.
"We're just happy you're alright." My Mom told me
"Okay… what about Sarah?"
"We called her and she said she would be here tomorrow to see you."

After a couple minutes of talking a doctor came in, also wearing a has-mat suit, and jams a syringe into my arm taking out blood and checking the monitors I was plugged into. Just after he removed the needle though, I jumped up and slammed the doctor to the wall. "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!" I demanded the doctor. My parents jumped while the doctor just smiled as if I was nothing, "Look at your arm," he replied calmly.
"The arm your dog bit might seem a bit… different." pointing to the bandage on my arm. When I took the bandage off, I saw no trace of the bite mark, no scar, no scab, nothing! "You can see, or can't see, the bite you're dog left disappeared, and we also think that you have a small genetic defect from how much this is effecting you."

"SMALL DEFECT!" I roared right in his face "that's the understatement of the year!"
"Pardon me but… can you let me go?"
"Wha? Well… fine." I released the doctor finding out why he was so clam. He had another syringe full of sedatives for me behind his back, but didn't use it for some reason. He put it away when I went back to the bed.
"We need to keep you in the quarantine room until we know if this-whatever it is-is highly contagious." the doctor said with a monotone voice, "though we still need to keep you in the hospital for a couple days for testing and observation if you aren't contagious."
"Well, at least I get to start spring break early I guess" I joked realizing it came in only two days. 'Sorry Rachel' I said in my mind.

After hours of speaking with the doctors and my parents telling them about where I was feeling pain, if I was queasy, and all that. Before long a doctor without a has-mat suit walked in which sent the others into a panic pushing him out of the room. When he was out of the room, the doctor showed a form to the others, which made the other doctors sigh in relief and remove their suits. The not-has-mat suit doctor walked in. "Jonathan, I have good news and bad news, the good news is that you do not need to be quarantined. The virus you unfortunately caught is neither airborne nor waterborne; it's transmitted through saliva and genetics, so as long as you keep your teeth to yourself you should be good, but if you-"
"You can skip that part." I interrupted, knowing what he meant by genetics.
"Very well, we also did discover you do have a very rare genetic defect in your DNA that is combing with the virus creating this symptom to muta- alter your appearance. In short, you are not contagious."
The news was more than news to me, it was happiness that said I don't need to live in a bubble for the rest of my life, but out of curiosity, I asked "Do you have better news like you can cure this or prevent it from getting worse?" knowing what the answer was going to be anyway.
"That's the bad news, all we know how this disease is making you look like that and it will keep it up until a certain point. You still will need to stay at the hospital for observation. We don't know if it has other side effects."
"Lucky me… outta curiosity, do you know what I'm becoming?"
"We have never experienced anything like this, or seen this. You might live through this, or you might not… I'm sorry but we can't say what will happen." My ears sort of drooped in some fashion, which at first felt natural, but then freaked me out.

The next few days were filled with hellish pain even with Vatican. A chemical-induced coma wasn't an option because they were afraid it might prove fatal or damage my brain with the virus. My face was growing a dog nose, my ears going up farther up my head and reshaping to be like folded triangles at the 2 and 10 o-clock positions, and the worst was I was growing a tail that felt like a black hole was trying to rip out my spine. I also was growing soft, slightly brighter than my hair golden fur creeping all around my body, as well as finger and footpads, and black nails.

Four days through my alteration, the Vatican finally started to numb the pain, even though the only thing growing was the tail, a foot and a half long at that time. That day Tyler showed up to bug me. "Hey man, or should I say dog?"
"Very funny, why are you here?"
"Just wanted to say hey, plus I wanted to see what a real furry looks like." He started laughing.
"Be careful, I might bite."
"You want to risk being put down for a being a bad dog?"
"Are you here for a reason or anything else you're here for other than being annoying?"
"I brought a present for you." He walked to the sliding door and called "Rachel!"
Rachel was my girlfriend, the guy brought my girlfriend
. I felt happy yet afraid, thoughts raced through my head 'will she be afraid of me? Is she going to dump me?' My head rambled through thoughts when I realized Rachel was already in the room.

"Jon? Is that truly you?" I sighed; I saw Tyler standing next the door closed.
"Yes, it's me Rachel." I can't even begin to explain how awkward, quiet, and tense it felt to be in the room. Rachel was staring at me with intense focus and disbelief. I had no idea on what would happen.

Rachel jumped onto the bed crushing me with a bear hug, saying all sorts of stuff I couldn't hear since I was too focused on getting oxygen. Tyler started laughing and left the room. When she finally let go she said all these apologies of sorry this happened to all that stuff and me, I decided to tune out after a minute when she wouldn't listen to me. After the five minute pity speech I finally said, "Alright, thanks for the apologies'" slightly laughing, "you are really something, so what's with the surprise visit? I thought you were going on that trip," I asked while getting up.
"I decided not to go for you."
"But you came because?"
"I just want to see you silly?" she answered weakly.
"Thanks for coming." I said behind her back holding her. I was really glad the doctors let me take a bath that day. She seemed nervous and tense though. "What's wrong?"
"W-well, it is just that you are-"
"Part dog?"
"NO! Oh, sorry, I mean no. Its just… there are a lot people that would like to see you." She lead me to the window and slightly moved blinds, just enough to see an infinite number of reporters and cameras and paparazzi. How did Tyler get past those people?
"I just want to live in peace, yet they can't get a life and find something else."
"You don't want to be world famous?" resting her head on my shoulder.
"Famous for having a fluffy dog tail? No thank you." I said brushing her hair while she laughed. We then sat down on the bed and talked. I was relived that she still saw me as me and not a monster, or she thought I just looked cuter than I was. I really didn't care one way or the other.

The next day I was released from the hospital and went home with my mom. I had spent a week of pain to turn into a half dog freak. Now I have full body coat of golden fur a little bit brighter than my blond hair, a black nose attached to a three-inch dog muzzle, dog teeth that were on the plus side picture perfect, slightly sagged triangle dog ears on my head with the same fur coat, padded hands and feet both with black nails, and a two and a quarter feet long tail. It sucked that half of Spring Break is gone and I have the rest of it to focus on getting used to the fur, tail, and everything. But this was not the end of the trouble, not at all.

To be continued…
Chapter 2: Dog Days of School
I got really bored one day. I also had a weird dream that basically was the first part of this story. It has been going around my head for days and I'm finally putting it out there. As a final note, all of the wierd stuff I mentioned about my sibilings are all true events that have happened. Please Comment and suggest ideas for future chapters.

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