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Seeing I finally decided to stop being lazy and actually make this a series, why not start uploading stuff about it?

For those not knowing what this is, "Mario & Sonic: Super-Rival Saga" (SRS for short) is an on-going animated sprite series of mine that mixes action and comedy (mainly comedy) into a fun little story staring everyone's favorite plumber and hedgehog.

"After the latest experiment from Professor E. Gadd goes awry, Sonic and Tails are pulled into a different dimension, where they encounter strange new beings. Teaming up with the Mario Bros. they set out for an epic adventure to stop Bowser and Dr. Eggman from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom!"

Am I great at writing synopses or what?

The first episode of the series can be found here:…

This is the 6th and most current version of the series logo. Knowing me, I'll probably make 10 more before the series ends because I am that kind of person (and I get bored a lot). I ask that you don't use this logo for anything without asking me first. I don't bite (usually) and I'll more than likely say yes, so don't be afraid to ask.

As the series moves along, I'll probably upload some behind the scenes pictures, custom made sprites and other nick-nacks for the people that care about those sorts of thing.

Until then, see ya.
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i have a guestion how do you make the curve for the logo?