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Woah...Its been -ages-....I should be shot ;_; But it has been ages with good cause....Mainly because I havent been creating much....That and i've been distracted by my goilfriend and RO (which is, yet again, CONSUMING ME). Im hoping sometime in the next week to get some of my sketches scanned, and perhaps up some of the design-type-stuff I've done. But, in the mean time, Im gonna play more RO and hope my head feels better after a weekend of partying....And seeing KMFDM live!!! =o!

C:mp3snewKMFDM - WWIII.mp3
"Hunter" by E. Jean Carroll and "The Secret Lore Of Runes and other Ancient Alphabets" by Nigel Pennick
Damnit, Im sick again =( stupid strep throat or tonsilitius or whatever the hell is making my throat hurt and giving me weird headaches...And i was suppose to go out with my girl and some friends today >_< But nicole still came to visit, which made me rather happy.

I am such a procrastinator...And my art really suffers for it. I've made only one thing in the past i dont know how long, and its only a banner for rantradio. Hopefully i'll get to working on something or other, perhaps continuing a story I started writing. Who knows.

Blarh. In the mean time Max Payne 2 is distracting me. Really really sweet game. The storyline and art is awesome, and I simply adore the film noir aspect.

Well, untill later, adieu my friends. Have fun and feed the monkeys.

Reading= Dante's Divine Comedy (still -_-...)
Televishion= Futurama
Summer is here and in full force. The weather has actually gotten nice (as opposed to the massive amounts of rain we had before) and I am out of school. For the most part. I actually failed my pathology class, which is weird, cause I liked path. None the less, I have to go in and do a remediation test. If I pass it, I pass the class. And I better pass it O_O!

Ahhhhh, things change so much...New season, new oppertunities, and even a new girlfriend! Little Nicole kitten =^_^= Such a cutie.

*Sigh* I dont wanna have to go to the job search center...I was really hoping I'd get something in retail. Then again, I think thats an idle fantasy, cause getting jobs in retail around here is hard as hell. I might have to end up working in fast food ;_; Oh well, we'll see what they say at the job place.

G:mp3snewEnglish Beat - Mirror In The Bathroom.mp3
Dante - The Devine Comedy
Getting down to the end of school. Exams are startin to come in. Oi, this is gonna be fun -_- But I'm confident that I'll do well. I've kept my marks up, so that should be good :nod:

Aside from that, I have a radio show <.<! It plays saturday nights at 9:00 est (5:00 pst) on RantRadio ( If anyone wants to hear me make an ass of myself, listen. Hell, listen if you dont want to hear me make an ass of my self. Listen even if you dont want to listen. ^__^ kekekekeke!

Finished Matrix and Philosophy, and cut through Fear And Loathing In Lav Vegas (sooooooo goooooooooood) and am currently working on Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk. Its crazy. I should actually read Fight Club. As well as the other books on my list <.< All in good time.

G:mp3sMindless Self IndulgenceMindless Self Indulgence - I hate Jimmy Page.mp3
Happy god-on-a-stick day! Perhaps a tad belated (depending on time zone <.< but whatever works, nay?

My days have been fairly full. Playing -far- too much CS, considering that i have an RO character that damn close to lvl 99 ;O; I really need to get to work on that, but leveling is painfully slow and really really boring. But it must be done!

Apart from my gamingness, I also got some work done! Its amazing. I finally got around to working on my tattoo design after procrastinating on it for literally months. As you can see, I also made a new pic with :iconpironic:, so thats awesome. And im a member of the :iconrantradio: deviant art group!

School is going pretty well. Keepin up in my courses, and its a lot easier this time through. Classmates actually ask -me- questions, and i usually have an answer for them! Go me.

Now its time to head off an read more from The Matrix And Philosophy. Get my reading list worn down a little. Peace mates, catcha in a while.

G:mp3snewBjork - Hyperballad.mp3

Just got finished writting an email to my exgf. It says...A lot of stuff. *Sigh* I dunno where it'll go or what it all really means. Will just have to wait and see. Sometimes I just think I'm a horrible emotional masochist. May very well be the truth. Untill I figure that out, I'll just have to keep going.

Aside from this horridly emotional BS, I just got through march break. It was pretty damn good! Got to spend a whole lot of time doing nothing. Did however get a few new things. A new metallic blue OTR marker (much to be done with that!) and an extra-groovy-cool ORIGINAL nintento promo shirt! Also got to see Dawn Of The Dead today. What a riot. There was a zombie baby! XD

March break being over also means that I gotta get up in the morning. Bleh =P

G:mp3snewWintersleep - Orca.MP3
OK its been too bloody long since i've updated <.<

Well, things are going...Interestingly enough. Classes are good. I feel I remember a lot of this stuff from the last time I did second semester. May be a source of false confidence though.

Been playing online games alot. Actually got an upgrade for my comp recently. New 40x burner and a 40gig hard drive. When with a fresh install of XP as opposed to 98. Its....Different, I must say that. I kinda miss the old setup, because everything worked properly (well, worked like i wanted it to). Unless my dad decided to wipe the old drive im really considering ghosting over the old drive <.<

Apart from school and games, my life has been random. Sometimes I'll just sit around and game, and other times i'll go out and have a -crazy- time with friends. Dunno. Things have taken a radical shift in the past few months. Suppose I still gotta figure some things out...

G:mp3snewThe Smiths - Unhappy Birthday.mp3
Back to school, back in class. I admit its quite a shock. Well, no wonder...Going from being awake at night (ie:4pm-6am) to being awake during the day (7am-2pm) is -really- different. I should get to sleep earlier, cause sleepin in class = BAD. Massages = GOOD.

Aside from that, life (if you call it that) has been boring. Playing various computer games and such. Wish my internet connection worked better with CS. Really wanna connect to a local server, ELA, to play. Low ping makes me dance....And crave chocolate...>.>

Well, I suppose thats about it. I want goggles...Hopefully ~Miss-Monster can help me with that...Also wouldnt mind meeting breezy, seeing upon how she's movin to the city. Fun stuff!

14, SpikeTV, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge
How I wish I was elsewheres in the world...I really need to travel more. So many places i want to go. Californa would be so awesome to go to right now.

BAH! Stupid money. Wish i would win the lottery something, or somehow manage to get a lot of cash fast -_- That will come in time however.

17, MuchMusic, Avril Lavigne - "Im with you"
Hey all those silly people who actually read this...Ummm...Random crap thrown at DA, I just wanna wish everyone a happy whatever-the-fuck-your-celebrating and hope everyone gets a nice box of something or other.

Take care, have fun and dont get caught in the process.

Old skool Looney Toons
Where is my life?

Oh yeah...RO...Heh...

This month proves to be interesting, aside from the normal christmasy stuff. My friend matt is comin back from ontario, and we're plannin on havin a lot of fun. New years eve is lookin the most interesting, if everything turns out.

Havent had much luck with things turning out the way i want, but thats...I would say ok, but its not...

But I'm Only A Cheerleader
Yeah...And stuff...

So my hopes were dashed. Im all alone. I have been for awhile (read: almost a month), just havent gotten around to posting here. Been spending that last few weeks just getting by.

I need a job.

Bah. This all sucks...Im gonna play RO...

D:mp3snewPortishead - Scorn.mp3
Ya know, hindsight is 20/20. When something inside me says "oh man, if you do that your gonna fuckin regret it." why the hell dont i listen? I mean, i usually do, but every so often I go ahead an, yes, I regret it. Damn do i ever regret it. I suppose to err is human.

I just hope the other person will be devine.

D:mp3snewA Perfect Circle -  Weak and Powerless.mp3
Well, I need a bloody job. School is expensive. I just hope I can find something to do that I like. It would really suck to spend the next few months just sitting around. Mainly for the fact that I would get seriously bitched out by my parents. Thats never plesant.

On the other side of the coin, it turns out that I've probably had mono for awhile now. Strange, only one or two days (nonconsecutive!) I felt really crappy. Theres always a bright side to things, I suppose ^_^ just gotta find it.

D:mp3snewRoyksopp - Poor Leno.mp3
Man, i need to start getting more sleep. Recently i've really been feeling the effects on my body and mind. Monday nigth some of the muscles in my left arm spasmed then cramped, my stomach has been a little off, and im generally no in the best of moods. So this means i should make a real effort to cut back on my waking hours. What makes it hard is that im a night person, like many people on here im sure =) None the less, if it is for the benifit of my health and sanity, sacrafices will be made.

Another thing i've been feeling slide is my attention span. Its kinda weird, usually i have rather good focus. I suppose i should meditate more, on top of getting more sleep.

On an REALLY REALLY AWESOME note, Nixter of has made 2 shirts with my designs on them! The toxic culture shirt features my design on the front, and the wog mecha shirt has a small design of mine on the back. Im going to ask nixter about posting the designs on here, hopefully drumming up a little more business for him ^_^

Well, thats enough out of me. Peace mi amigos. Take care.

D:mp3sBuddhist ChantsBuddhist Monks - Sacred Healing Chant .mp3
Ahhh, its been a pretty good day. I wasted pretty much all of it. I got a chance to watch Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. Thought i didnt spend any money to see it, i want a refund. Ok, it wasnt that bad, but all the same, i could have found something better to do with my time. Well, probably not, but thats my story and im sticking to it =)

I also started playing Max Payne yet again. I wanted to get a copy of Enter The Matrix, but since the shop was all rented out, i figured i might as well save the money and play an earlier version. Still as fun, but im finding myself tempted to just cheat and go on a bloody swathing rampage with the jackhammer, but that can wait till i get really bored.

In the mean time, i have yet another episode of .hack//sign to watch, and the rest of the first season of Michael Moore's The Awful Truth. Good stuff all in all =) Peace all, Im off.

D:mp3snewYasahi Yoake - Gentle Twilight.mp3
Jesus, over a month by a bit. Arrrg, stupid school keeping me busy. And on top of that, helping out with rantradio stuff and Ragnarok Online being open beta again, my life has formally ended. Im just an internet shadow of my physical self. And so be it. Excuse me while i watch .HACK//Sign ^_^

Keep cool kiddies, i'll try and be around more.

None, but an anime!
Jesus, its been awhile since i've posted on here sadly. School has been keeping me away from the internet and art. I've been doing the normal stuff for Rantradio, but i dont think i'll be posting much of that suff on here, mainly cause no one would really get the inside stuff other that RR fans (of which there are a few here on DA).

Easter was pretty damn good. I got chocolate, a few shirts, and got to spend time with a friend i havent seen in awhile, not to mention having an amazing time with my darling. ahhhhhhhh i love her so ^_^ *swoon*

Well, im off to work on something. Or ear. Either way, peace.

D:mp3snewAFI - Days of the Phoenix.mp3
Quite awhile since I updated my journal. Mainly because i've been pretty sick. Im on the mend now, which is a -really- good thing. I should sleep more though.

Im gonna be going back to school full time next monday. I cant complain that much, it'll give me something to do, plus i actually like my classes. however, it means less time on the comp, less time talking to people, and less time here on deviantart. A shame, but school is just something i gotta do.

Well, im gonna go lay down or something. Have fun peoples, and stay healthy, cause not being healthy sucks ass.

D:mp3snewMindless Self Indulgence - Kill the Rock.mp3
It's amazing what can be done/said when your pushed. Interesting effects. Defense is a powerful thing.

None the less, I have an exam tomorrow. Must study. Not to mention its daylight savings time, so I've already lost an hour. Damnit. And away I go.

D:mp3sThe Armageddon Project - Venomous.mp3