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character design A by shadewolf63 character design A :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 6 0 Doodle butt by shadewolf63 Doodle butt :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 0 1 Updated Hair meme by shadewolf63 Updated Hair meme :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 2 3 Ezra Pleasant by shadewolf63 Ezra Pleasant :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 2 0 Emotions~ by shadewolf63 Emotions~ :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 0 0 Derp by shadewolf63 Derp :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 0 0 full body wip by shadewolf63 full body wip :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 2 1 full body wip by shadewolf63 full body wip :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 1 1 Aurelio Ezra by shadewolf63 Aurelio Ezra :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 2 0 Isaias Soliz by shadewolf63 Isaias Soliz :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 2 3 fluffy love by shadewolf63 fluffy love :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 3 3 A literal Shizaya by shadewolf63 A literal Shizaya :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 1 3 Ivory Jack by shadewolf63 Ivory Jack :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 2 5 Elisha WIP by shadewolf63 Elisha WIP :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 1 0 I don't actually know what to title this... by shadewolf63 I don't actually know what to title this... :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 2 0 RIP Nuki Bear by shadewolf63 RIP Nuki Bear :iconshadewolf63:shadewolf63 1 2


The metal detector by kawacy The metal detector :iconkawacy:kawacy 7,566 470 OC Kiss Week 02 ~ Faurin Thehryon x Rythash Coesh by EmpressofIce12 OC Kiss Week 02 ~ Faurin Thehryon x Rythash Coesh :iconempressofice12:EmpressofIce12 4 5 OC Kiss Week 01 ~ Taeriel Surana x Lightning by EmpressofIce12 OC Kiss Week 01 ~ Taeriel Surana x Lightning :iconempressofice12:EmpressofIce12 3 10 Day 1414. Octoberpus by Cryptid-Creations Day 1414. Octoberpus :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,898 156
OC Kiss Week?
This is gonna be brief (hopefully).
So, there's apparently a thing called OC Kiss Week in which people draw their OCs kissing other people's OCs. ...That was probably obvious but okay. And I apparently MISSED IT?? So, this is what I'm doing:
*shows up to OC Kiss Week nearly a month late with Starbucks*
I'm going to do it. I will willingly draw my OCs kissing other peoples' characters just because it sounds fun. Because why not. SO, here on this journal, I will LIST my eligible characters for this (more like the ones I actively use still), tell their genders, their orientation/preference, and what fandom they're from (if applicable). Tomorrow night or somewhere close to that, I will post a drawing of a line up of the same characters since I've only really posted art of a few of them... 
So yeah. That's what I'm doing with the spare time in my life now.
Keep in mind, I'm not asking for anything in return! However, if you'd like to do an art trade and join i
:iconempressofice12:EmpressofIce12 1 2
Day 1413. Vulpie by Cryptid-Creations Day 1413. Vulpie :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,034 94 Eimil Portrait by EmpressofIce12 Eimil Portrait :iconempressofice12:EmpressofIce12 3 2 Izaya and Shizou by devil-licious Izaya and Shizou :icondevil-licious:devil-licious 6 129 Edward Elric ~ Colored Lighting Practice by EmpressofIce12 Edward Elric ~ Colored Lighting Practice :iconempressofice12:EmpressofIce12 3 5 JackSepticEye Plays: Undertale by RottingRoot JackSepticEye Plays: Undertale :iconrottingroot:RottingRoot 221 17 Khepri in the tub by rtsbts Khepri in the tub :iconrtsbts:rtsbts 3 0
[OC]: Tsumi Yokubou.
Full Name: Tsumi Yokubou.
Nickname/Alias: Sasaki Arata.
Age: 2,623
Birthday: 3rd of November.
Species/Race: Demon.
Human Form: Arata has medium-length, rust-coloured hair that is normally slicked back neatly. His eyes are a light brown with a few golden specks and his eyebrows look like regular human ones that are shaped nicely. In public, he wears general business attire in darker colours and has polished shoes. At home or at a bar, he wears the same outfits but without a blazer, and his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. Underneath all his clothing, his torso and is littered with yakuza-like tattoos that come down his upper arm. The tattoos don’t cover his front like it does his back, but rather scoop down to his chest and goes no further. Arata has a single, gold, hoop earring on his right ear.
Demon Form: Tanned skin from head to toe. Has long, rust-coloured hair that is tied up with me
:iconbunni-o:Bunni-o 5 0
Saphira's Pleasure by masterlevan1: Eragon vore
Give full credit to masterlevan1 he made this for me give him all the credit
WARNING: Contains soft vore and suspenseful situations!
All characters, settings, and locations belong to Christopher Paolini
Three weeks ago I was just a farm boy, and now I'm apparently a dragon rider. Brom keeps telling me that my destiny is far greater than that of any farmer or simple folk. Sometimes I just want to slap him, ha-ha but I guess I probably couldn't if I tried.
We have been tracking the monsters that killed my uncle, the Ra'zac, for nearly a week and have finally found out where they are headed. We picked up their tracks yesterday when we found Teirm, a small city that was nearly abandoned by its people. We are about five days away from Dras-Leona, the town where the Ra'zac seem to be heading.
My dragon, Saphira, has helped me cope with the loss of my uncle and has assured me that she will be by my side until the end of whatever life or journey we're on. Sometimes I think for such a
:icondragondude97:Dragondude97 233 113
Charizard Soft Vore
"Right Charizard lets finish this with blast burn" You yell as you watch your Charizard KO Blue's final Pokemon. The Alakasam falls to the ground and is returned to its ball. "Ugh not again!" Sighs Gary Oak "Even when I ambush you, you still win, what's your secret?" You smirk and say nothing. "Ugh whatever I'm going to work on my Pokedex" Gary says as he mounts his bike and cycles of through the long grass.
"Well done Boy" You say as you turn to Charizard and hug his large stomach, Your Pokemon just smiles and returns the hug by wrapping his wings around you. You always liked it when he did that, it was all warm and snugly. Suddenly you hear a very long soft growl from the Charizard's stomach that almost vibrates your whole body. "You must be hungry Charizard" You say optimistically Charizard goes red and nods.
"Well come on then lets get you something to eat" You hop on your bike as Charizard takes into the air behind you then you both cycle down the path towards Fuchsia City. After
:iconpopgoesthebuizel:PopGoesTheBuizel 330 590
Sephiroth-release me-cencored by Destinyfall Sephiroth-release me-cencored :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 251 102



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ok so me and Aela aka :iconempressofice12: are SOO late to this party, but well we're joining together and both are doing this. Feel free to pair my characters up with whatever one of your characters you want to see me draw them kissing. And just so you know all of my characters are male and 99% of them are gay. But will be willing to pair them with a few girls. Just know, they won't really enjoy it. I'd enjoy it if more people saw and commented on this. I KNOW I'VE BEEN GONE FOR SOOOO LONG FORGIVE ME ALREADY!!

SOO, if you get the concept here are the characters, because it's 1:30 in the morning and if I don't do this all at once I'll forget.
But to redefine, you pick one of my ocs and one of your oc's and I'll do my best to draw them kissing!! Aela you can pick as many as you want just don't go too crazy please. And I'll do the same when you post your characters, also will probably use these ones as well ^-^

Sotinata: Sotinata Metrichi (description up) by shadewolf63 SO: Gay
Elisha: Elisha WIP by shadewolf63 SO: Gay (shhh I still haven't finished this)
Ivory Jack: Ivory Jack by shadewolf63 SO: Bi
Lightning: Lightning by shadewolf63 SO: 1000% gay
Sajito (brown hair): Sajito and Itsuki by shadewolf63 SO: Gay
Kusa (fav ref of his tho): Kusa by shadewolf63 SO: Gay
Leishna:  SO: Gay

Soo uhm, yea one bisexual. Oh well these are my fav characters. Pick who you like and pair 'um with your fav oc of yours and I'll try my best to draw them kissing. And if your oc is a girl you can talk to me about it. I'm nice and would be willing to pair them with a female just don't pair them with too many please~


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United States
Just call me Shadey
i love watching anime, Pewdiepie, Cry, Toby, Markiplier, Oliz, and all my awesome youtubers i love.........i practically live on DA and Youtube
my hobby is art, and i love reading books (any that catch my attention and keep my attention)
and i love watching people play scary games to watch their reaction even though i scream the loudest and i am working on not being such a scardy cat
i exel at drawing anime, and i enjoy drawing it as well
i love watching movies, and i HATE scary movies along with snobs and haters

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