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Winona Vs. Barking Pony

By Shadestars
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What will her name be? @__@
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azurathewolfcatHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't remember it was something like ScrewBall e-e
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I nearly pisswashed myself, when I heard barking and then saw her twitchy, growling face xD

But this scene is even more hilarious! Great job :D
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StarryOakHobbyist Digital Artist
CloudCoverdMoon's avatar
CloudCoverdMoonHobbyist Artist
I thought she was loose skrew or skrew loose?
MightyQuinn2021's avatar
Trixie's gone off the deep end
naruhinalovr's avatar
hows about we name her idris? (you earn an internet if you get that reference)
lady-warrior's avatar
I just call her Screwy.
KrissJfig's avatar
Hahahaha lmao :D
illusion115's avatar
Maybe something with Screw would be her name. xD
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JAG2MLPStudent Artist
Actually, she was named Screw Loose
Pyrobug0's avatar
Escaped mental patient pony is third best dog (Big Mac is second).
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rainbownukeStudent Digital Artist
maybe her name will be "Barking Mad"?
Lonerli's avatar
Loose Screw would be more appropriate for the show, if ever they have this character as a reoccurring one.
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SaritaWolffHobbyist General Artist
Her name's Mona Lupa.
MoonglowSky's avatar
I prefer Loose Screw over Screw Loose, personally. Feels like it flows more naturally, plus it portmanteaus into Screwball better.

But no, I really don't like the name Barking Mad for her.
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ThagyrStudent Digital Artist
Barking Mad.
DarthFenris's avatar
Screw Loose
K9blaze's avatar
Screwella The Mad!!
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rylog9Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do we have a name for her yet?
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Debatable between Screw Loose and Barking Mad at the moment from what I can see. I think Screw Loose is winning though~
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Pumpkin-Head100Hobbyist General Artist
Screw Loose
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SilverlegendsHobbyist General Artist
Loose Screw?
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peaser92897Hobbyist Artist
Wow that was fast!
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