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Game Character Portraits 1-4

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I scribbled these out and fixed them up on the computer to practice inking with. But then I had to go and colour them. And then I thought of more that I might like to do. Sigh.

So here you have broody-Valen, not-so-broody-Valen, Haer'Dalis, and antisocial-surly-Kivan.

Valen is from Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, Haer'Dalis is from Baldur's Gate 2, and Kivan is from Baldur's Gate.
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how much would it cost for a commission if it were six characters?
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Kivan "I hate people." 

Haer "I love people! Mostly you... Tell me about you.... :)"
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It's a very nice shading you have there, and I really enjoy the rich colours you used.
The last portrait turned out the best IMO, although I have no idea who are the elves (if they are the elves, of course).
And... am I mistaken or Valen on the first portrait has green eyes instead of blue? And I was wondering, how do you pronounce his name?
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Thank you :D I find cel shading is a lot quicker than more painterly methods, though I still need to improve a lot on figuring out a good way to do the clothing and armour shading.

Oh yes, the last one is Kivan, grumpy Kivan XD He is indeed an elf, though the guy to his left is a tiefling (no doubt with elven heritage). They're both from Baldur's Gate, a series of games Bioware put out a number of years ago now.

Nope~! He has blue eyes (you can see, here: [link] )I've stared at Valen's official portrait enough to know by now XD I pronounce his name the same way I would say Valentine (as in Valentine's Day), just without the 'tine'.
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'Tiefling elves' are called fey'ri :nod:

And, oh, I don't mean the official colour of Valen's eyes, I mean that the left portrait of him looks like he has green eyes, but the second one clearly has blue. I wondered if it's an illusion or you had something tricky in mind if that was on purpose ;)
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Yup, they just call him a tiefling in the game though so I'm not really sure if he's an elven tiefling or a tiefling with elven blood and who knows what else.

Oh! I hadn't noticed that. They are the same colour in both though. It must be because he's being frowny and narrowing them more in the first one. I'm afraid I haven't been tricky in this case :D
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great Kivan and Hear'Dalis artwork. I love their expressions and the way you drew their hair!
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Awesome, very cool! Nice sketches and wnderful coloring. You captured their personalities pretty awesomely. :P
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Thank you :) I was trying to think of the specific moods that they go through or which most represent them at times during their games. This is probably why Kivan was the most difficult, because his unmodded BG1 voiceset is all 'grr! go away! leave me alone!' so when I decided to nail down one mood for him that's what it ended up as :P
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It works wonderfully! :)
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Awww they're so beutiful all ! :D
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Also, You do badass hair
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I like how Kivan's expression is drawn. He looks so grumpy :-)
And Valen's armour is very well done!
*Look at Haer'Dalis dreamily* :heart:
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Thank you ^^ His voice set is pretty grumpy with all his 'leave me alone, don't bother me, grr!' stuff so I guess he ended up matching with that :D

And thank you again, Valen's armour is such a nightmare to draw, let alone colour :P
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Surly Kivan is surly. And how! Love the pics tho. I really need to play Neverwinter Nights so I can finally meet this Valen.
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Indeed he is :D He was being difficult and turned out bland in the sketch, so I tried to have a specific mood in mind for him when fixing him up... and he turned out like this :P

Oho, you do, you do! Valen is lovely <3 I remember reading that Gaider based Fenris (DA2) on what he wanted to do with Valen or something, but I think Valen is a lot more like Nathaniel (DA: O Awakening). He isn't as angry as Fenris. Anyway, the NWN romances have less dialogue than something like BG2, but they still have a decent amount (make sure you grab the Valen Lovetalk fixes if you do try it out because two of his talks don't pop up otherwise).
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