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Glories and Laments (Oblivion amp)

This was the early concept of the Oblivion amp, and anyone who knows anything about skinning could probably pick out right away several things that just weren't going to work. :( For those not in the know, I'll name some of the key problems:

1) parchment background (ended up in a lot fewer places in the final version, because Winamp Classic (.wsz) skins generate a lot of their text and Vis-rect areas out of RGB color codes, forcing them to be solid colors with no transparencies)

2) the sliders (along with no transparencies in .wsz, there is also only one slider strip and button, that simply get repeated 11 times across the EQ, so I had to completely go back to the drawing board to include an equalizer in this one

3) the playlist header (aside from the header (OBLIVION, in this case) and the two corners, the rest is a repeating tile for resizing, which forced me to revise my map-cropping choices, as Cyrodiil is one awkwardly-shaped province... :| )

4) the bottom buttons (turns out the buttons themselves are smaller than the top-to-bottom height of that strip, so I was unable to use my original concept of using the "clamp" from the menu slider to select different items, and instead simply used it as "brackets" for the compass section, which frames the lower readouts and playback buttons on the bottom of the final version)

Suffice to say, the whole project was a major learning experience that taught me more about the how (as for the why, I'm curious if any of the player's original programmers could answer that... =P ) of Winamp skins than I ever knew back in the day, and I'd like to think that greater understanding will help me design more interesting amps in the future. :)

As you might have guessed (since it's here in Scraps), there is no actual amp to download, as this concept never made it that far, but I thought I'd present it anyway, just to show a glimpse of why this project took me so long, and just what I learned from it.

(features screencaps and assets from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblvion
designed using Skinamp)

finished version:
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