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Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion amp v2

UPDATE: 01/31/20 -- bugfixes, including anomalous play button, volume, balance and playlist sliders

What can I say? I kept hearing talk of Winamp 6 some time this year, and I found my head filling up with amp ideas. =P (Though this is not the one I meant to start with, building the screens for the Elder Scrolls / MLP crossover (Alicorn Scrolls) gave me the inspiration for this amp, so it kinda happened first. Even if it did take a lot longer than I expected. Sort of like The Alicorn Scrolls, and Equestriad before it. ;) ) Not only did I dust off Skinamp after a 5-year hiatus, but to do what I envisioned (or as much of it as Classic skins are capable of, anyway... :( ), I had to really dig. I think I learned more about the workings of Winamp skins in the past week than I had in the decade before it. :| I never realized just how much more I could've been doing back then, rather than letting Skinamp do most of the heavy lifting, and largely resulting in even my most ambitious designs winding up with a cookie-cutter quality. Oblivion was my introduction to The Elder Scrolls, and it's always held a special place in my heart, so I suppose it's only fitting that this would be the one where I would step up my game, and start to delve into actual skinning. :)

This one's dedicated to Bethesda, and all the hundreds of hours of fun and adventure they've provided us over the years. :D

PS: Please bear in mind, I've found no way to actually make Winamp work in a Linux environment without a virtual machine-- not even with Wine-- so ironically, I have no way of even testing my most ambitious design ever, including custom button animations, menus and and sliders. By all means let me know if anything is wonky, and I'll try to figure it out.

(features screencaps and assets from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblvion, much of it courtesy of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
designed using Skinamp
props to :iconsacrat: and :icongileva: for the excellent guide to the workings of Winamp skins)

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