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A Crossover Fan Fiction by: H.P. Lovecolt

The year is 1037...

Celestia is dead…

Equestria lays fragments…

A cloaked pony gallops hard against driving rains.  Her goal is to cross the border between Canterlot and the outside world.  She crosses the threshold just before the gate is drawn up, separating the outside world from the regal city.  Her gallop slows to a canter, conserving her breath.  She didn't want to be winded if a fight broke out, as it undoubtedly would.  The pony curses under her breath at the driving rains, they hadn't stopped since she had gotten the news of her mentor's untimely demise.

She has a place to be though, and she did not want to wait.  She wanders through back alleys reaching the weather-worn of a pub.  Slowly she opens the door.  She takes the hood of her cloak off, revealing that she is a purple unicorn.

"Twilight Sparkle, I was wondering when you would get here."  A soft voice comes from across the room.  The purple pony looks around at the near-deserted room in search for the voice's owner.  It doesn't take her long to find the owner, one of three others at a table.

"Luna, I am not surprised to find you here."  Twilight says, walking over to the table.  On Luna's left there sits a white and blonde unicorn, looking all to unpleased to be in this dingy place.  To Luna's right sits not a pony, but a griffon.  "Though your guests do intrigue me, Prince Blueblood and a Griffon.  Most interesting."

"Prince Blueblood is the only other true Heir to the throne." Luna explains, "Having been adopted by my Sister as her Nephew.  However with the circumstance behind her death and Blueblood not truly being related to her his direct ascension is out of the question."

"And you?  Why have you not taken the throne?" Twilight asks frowning slightly.

"I wish to establish a new order for Equestria.  Not a Monarchy but a Republic.  However laws seem to have been put in place to prevent me from doing this if I ascend to the throne." Luna says, "Which is why I have brought you all here.  We are all assembled.  We have Gilda the Griffon, ambassador of the Griffon people.  We have Prince Blueblood, representative of the Solar Knights.  We have Twilight Sparkle, Protégé and inheritor of Celestia's powers."  At these words Twilight shifts slightly, feeling the nubs of her wings that had started growing the week previous.  "And myself, Luna representative of the Lunar Knights."

"Get on with it, what did you call us for?" Gilda says, slamming one talon on the table.

"Yes and why did you have to bring us to such a dingy place?" Blueblood said, wincing as he looks around the deserted pub.  "Why couldn't we have conducted this meeting in the palace?"

"Because I didn't want to be overheard." Luna snaps bearing down on Blueblood.  "Honestly whatever my sister saw in you clearly isn't there anymore.  We are here to discuss the future of Equestria.  As neither Blueblood or I can ascend the throne without proper support, I came to rally support for the New Lunar Republic."

"We must uphold the tradition." Twilight says, "The kingdom must be maintained."

"I won't be continued to live my wonderful life if I don't become King." Blueblood complains, "I can't let you take that away from me."

"This will be the first time Griffons will have a shot at power outside our homeland." Gilda says growling slightly, "You'd be mad to think that we wouldn't take this chance."

"Then we are at an impasse." Luna says with a slight sigh.  "Though know this, I will not let my dream die without a fight.  If you will not join me, then you are against me."

"Then war it is." Gilda says, "Be prepared, you know not what you have angered."  The griffon  storms away from the table, shoving the door to the pub open and flying out into the driving rain.

"And you Twilight?  You also will declare war?" Luna says, taking her gaze from the door and placing it on the purple unicorn.

"Only if you don't abandon this ridiculous notion of a Republic."  Twilight says, turning towards a door.  "What Equestria needs is decisive unwavering leadership, not something that fluxuates every number of years."  The purple unicorn cantered to the door, putting her hood back up.

"You will regret this Twilight Sparkle."  Luna said frowning.  "Never forget I gave you the opportunity to join me."

Twilight shrugged, opening the door to the pounding rain.  She cantered out, heading towards her old house.  She needed time to think.  Preparations would need to be made, she would need to rouse Equestria and unite it behind her.  The republic would only lead to ruin, Blueblood would be a terrible leader and the griffons would be ruthless.  It was up to her to save the kingdom.
A short story done for a contest over at Equestria Gaming. Not a whole lot to say, popped out in about fifteen minutes. I am trying a different style with this one though, saying things in the Present Tense instead of Past Tense. Just a sort of an experiment.

The game that this is a crossover with is called Lords of the Realm, an old turn-based strategy game with some RTS elements thrown in there. This is more based off of the second game, which I played more of partially because I understood it better and partially because I never got the first game to run smoothly on my computer.
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This is interesting,I hope she'll be able to change one of there minds. Blueblood's preferably since for gilda,she can become KFC for all I care.