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Maybe this is all a dream...
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My Bio
I'm a rather boring person, there's not really much about me that is worth readying about so...

Um...never mind.
I like music and horses.

Favourite Movies
Lord of The Rings, Hidalgo, Spirit
Favourite TV Shows
Ultraman (?), NCIS, Naruto (?)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Bodyslam, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift, Elgar (does he count?), Hans Zimmer
Favourite Books
The Traitor Game, Black Beauty
Favourite Writers
Susan Collins
Favourite Games
Kingdoms at War, Assassin's Creed, Naruto
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, pen, keyboard
Still didn't quite make it through all 12 months artwork wise, oops (but I swear I'm top form for my literature). Artwork has definitely come along, I've been more experimental with my style, and tackling backgrounds head on! Art quality still quite variable, but, overall, I think it has been a great year! @Miikis also suggested I do a literature summary, via taking a sentence from each literature throughout the year and this happened... (I'm sorry, it's not really coherent, but it kind of ends?) Literature summary 2020: A world where he had to understand the intention behind words, and be able to respond in the same manner, a way that seemed appealing on the outside, yet laced with threats in their intentions. [Nocturne Questing, Jan 2020] He was a mafia. A full fledged one since birth. [Mix 96, Jan 2020] He should have known since then, never to trust so easily. He swore not to make a mistake again. [Nimmet 1, Jan 2020] Trapped in a room he didn’t even know where, it would
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Hello followers! So you’ve seen me posting various pictures now, of animals which go by the species name ‘Jellybean dragons’. You may have seen the official thread at and you may have even tried out for some! However, this month they are hosting a very VERY special event - build your own bean! That’s right, your very own custom. So if you’ve been missing out, don’t forget to give this even a look and be a proud of a JBD dragon today!!
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✼ LITERATURE PRICING 2021 II OPEN✼ I write everything and anything. Got an idea in mind? Let me hear it out! Everything is priced at approximately £5 per 1000 words! ☆ Short scene examples These are approximately 1000 words long, and takes 1-2 days to complete. This is recommended for those who have a scene they have in mind, but have yet been able to put it down onto paper/screen! ☆ Character Showcase examplesCharacter showcases pay more attention to the actual character development/history/personality than the plot. These are ideal as descriptions on a character's profile page! Length depends on how complex
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QuQ merry christmas and thank you so much! <33333333333

Thank you kindly for the watch :heart: :love: :heart:
Much appreciated dalhin, keep up the good arting! :)
thank you so much for the watch!! :huggle:
Thank you so much for the watch!!
:rose: Hi, thank you for the watch!
It's much appreciated :pat: