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Type Collab: Shiny Mega Mewtwo X




My contribution for :icongottadrawemall:'s Fighting type collab!

That is one lengthy title for an image. I'm happy for finishing this. It was quite the interesting design process. I had so many scattered thoughts and I tried to also think of the other Mewtwo forms and Mew as well since I want to do the entire family at some point. So it was a lot of ideas to juggle and bind together. But I like where I ended up with this design! Once I got the right pieces in the right places it was surprisingly quick to put the sketch together and then finalize the illustration. I think I have learned a lot during this year. I really managed to surprise myself here.

Anyway, as for the Mega Mewtwo X itself, due to its fighting typing and rather physically imposing appearance I wanted to go with something that conveys the strength as well as the strangely humanoid figure without being a humanoid. So I based the anatomy on a kangaroo. Strong legs, strong arms and a long reach with both. Fits perfectly with Mega Mewtwo X's streching limbs (I don't know if they actually do stretch, the 3D models are weird).

Since Mewtwo is basically a carefully brewed DNA cocktail - not pure Mew DNA - I figured it would be alright to show some almost chimeric qualities. Mewtwo probably has all kinds of power enhancing genes everything from strength to endurance and to mystic powers so it would be very likely that Mewtwo would also manifest those genes differently. Since Mewtwo likely isn't the finished Pokemon - although it is the last experiment that was made -  it's likely to be unstable in terms of genes. And when Mega Evolution comes into play that shakes the stability even more. Mega Evolution is a temporary, strong yet incredibly powerful burst of energy activated by certain type of radiation that a Pokemon's DNA responds to, so when it comes to Mewtwo, depending on which type of radiation it's subjected to (X or Y) the energy brings out different qualities from Mewtwo's unique gene pool. For Mewtwo X it would mean more strength, dexterity and overall physical quality boost. Armadillo and pangolin would have the kind of protection that would fit but perhaps the scientists have also managed to mix in some reptilian qualities. (In general I try not to mix different classes such as mammals and fish etc. unless there is a very good reason to do so, but with Mewtwo I think it's more than reasonable to think of such an option.)¨

As many green shinies as there are, having stared at this for several hours I think the green kinda fits Mewtwo X. It's just as weird as purple anyway.

I hope you like it!

Media  Wacom Cintiq 13HD | Photoshop CS6
Time taken Much less than I thought it would and way less than you might think

Pokemon © Nintendo Game Freak
Art © ShadeofShinon


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Really good job! I think it came out very nicely, looking at once powerful and weird without being repulsive. I also like your scales in place of the funky ridges they put on the Mega X form in the game.

(Judging by all the art I've seen, Mewtwo is a bit of a nightmare to draw well, and I'm not even sure the game designers quite got it right.)