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Type Collab: Shiny Leavanny


Made a second contribution for :icongottadrawemall:'s Bug type collab!

I'm so happy that RNG decided to compensate that Wurmple from earlier and give me something actually cool! Sorry Wurmple, working you you was fun but LEAVANNY here is the shit. Leavanny is one of my favourite bugs and even if the shiny form isn't that exciting I still enjoyed this one a whole lot. I've really been improving my process. Deadline rush might've aided it but I did much less useless flailing about with this painting than I have done with a lot of others. I rendered this bug all in one sitting, which took me maybe 4-5 hours.

One thing I like about Leavanny is its style and posture so I wanted to capture that in this interpretation. I based it on phylliidae (leaf insects and the choeradodis mantis. Mantises are so great. Bugs are so great. I have really had fun drawing all these bugs lately and I really like how this one came our!

Hope you like it!

Type Collab: Wurmple by ShadeofShinon  Pokemon Community Collab: Morelull [SPEEDPAINT] by ShadeofShinon  Pokemon Reimagined: Mamoswine by ShadeofShinon   Pokemon Reimagined: Shiinotic by ShadeofShinon  Type Collab: Shiny Mega Mewtwo X by ShadeofShinon

Media  Wacom Cintiq 13HD | Photoshop CS6
Time taken 5-7 hours

Pokemon © Nintendo Game Freak
Art © ShadeofShinon

You are not allowed to trace/copy/edit my artwork on DA or any other site and claim it as your own. Any use that is not non-profit strictly forbidden.
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My Minx is so cool!

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Ash had one of these in the black and white series I believe? Or was it X and Y?
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Oh, leavanny is my favorite pokemon!! I absolutely adore this!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 
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Thanks! Glad to hear you like it. (:
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If Leavanny looked more like a mantis, like this, then I would've had one ASAP! Fantastic work! :la: All your realistic Pokemon drawings are amazing!
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Thank you very much!
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You are very welcome!<3
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Fucking. Badass.
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It looks pretty badass! I love bug type Pokémon, and your renditions on them are always so great. You combine features of several real life bugs instead of going for one that could be the main base after the Pokémon. Realizing that Pokémon can be (and usuallly are) based on several species made me like them more. I guess I have to thank you for that. Anyway, really well done on the leaves, look kinda like lettuce, this Pokémon would mimic so well among them.
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Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear I've helped you look at some Pokemon differently. It's also more interesting for me if I don't look at the most obvious or simple solution first but try to go for something unique.
Hahaha, oh man, the leaves are totally lettuce. You should've seen me while I was drawing this in the middle of the night all tired. A few times I would zoom out and have a huge giggle fit because it looked like kale or something. Leavanny would be so deadly for lettuce-lovers.
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I wish Leavanny actually had that 4 leg thing going on...damn that looks amazing
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I would pity those poor animators and other people who'd have to draw six legged Pokemon though.
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True.... but hey, they made Tentacruel and Octillery and other polypedal(?) types of pokemon lol
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Those leaves with the wilted edges look so cool and real! And the anatomy details with the joints and all the little spikes! An amazing bug. >w<
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Thank you very much! :)
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