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Type Collab: Shiny Dawn Wings Necrozma


My contribution for :icongottadrawemall:'s Alola catch up collab! RNG gave me Dawn Wings Necrozma, and the shiny version on top of all! What a monster for a name!

Dawn Wings Necrozma is weird. Necrozma and its forms are cool in terms of concept and I really like them and how they reflect various phenomena in space. However, there are things about its design that I don't understand at all but I tried my best to make sense of them and make a sound interpretation.

Since I have done both Lunala and Necrozma before and since Dawn Wings Necrozma (this guy needs a nickname srsl) is a fusion of sorts I just fused my designs. Lunala is a gorgeous giant bat and Necrozma, by my interpretation, an insectoid with a brilliant prismatic shell. Without delving too much int how the fusion actually works I kind of thought of it as some kind of taking over since the fusion's name is Necrozma and not Lunala. Lunala gains armor and extra insect-like growths and other features while retaining its form. 

A fun piece to work on! Drawing huge flying creatures is always a blast. I was quite happy to find that my process was pretty streamlined and I was able to work very quick despite this design being detailed and otherwise challenging. I also added a super quick space background since I felt like it. I haven't done too many pieces with an actual bg recently so I wanted to change that.

Hope you like it!

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Media  Wacom Cintiq 13HD | Photoshop CS6
Time taken 10+ hours

Pokemon © Nintendo Game Freak
Art © ShadeofShinon

You are not allowed to trace/copy/edit my artwork on DA or any other site and claim it as your own. Any use that is not non-profit strictly forbidden.
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Woah! I have to admit, as much as I find Lunala to be quite majestic, I never thought the same of Necrozma. And its fussions are not exception, the black parts look kinda orthopedic, in my opinion. However, I like how you interpreted it as some kind of take over, because that fits the whole weird fussion thing a lot better. This is what I talk about when I say your interpretations helped me like Pokémon much more, specially those I didn't like that much to begin with. The normal Necrozma just looked like a bunch of prisms to me, put together without much care or second thougth, but your idea of it being more like a bug is just so... Original yet very fitting! He is a super weird Pokémon with super weird shaping but bugs are indeed weirdly shaped too, and the fact that you make each part work as some kind of limb or appendage is just... wow. Lunala as a skeleton + bat was always on its concept, so it doesn't blow my mind as much, yet your portrayal of it, specially the weird wings, into something that could exist, is worth of admiration too. And what to say about the fussion, again, the takeover things is just great and makes a lot of sense in terms of design. I like how Necrozma's parts kinda look a bit like crystals/jewels, and given that he's light-reflective, the iridiscence you gave them is very fitting. Sorry for my long comment, but I kinda wanted to praise all 3 designs because the originality in all of them deserves it.
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I really like how you emphasized on the whole takeover-thing by giving it those prominent insect-eyes. It gives the whole thing kind of an unsettling feel, similar to the lifeless eyes of a parasect. 

It always bothered me that the original designs really don't look like they're forms of Necrozma, but rather forms of Lunaala and Solgaleo.
ShadeofShinon's avatar
Thank you very much!

I still haven't finished the game yet so even if there is some logical explanation for why they called Necrozma and not Lunala and Solgaleo it's in the dark for now. My best bet was the takeover kind of thing, and what I learned from the trailers.
shockaLocKer's avatar
I have to admit: the various Necrozma forms do look quite weird. I think it's because it looks so different from original Necrozma (especially Ultra Necrozma because it doesn't look like original Necrozma at ALL)

Great art though.

'However, there are tings about its design that I don't understand at all'
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This bat is soooo cool!! Both the Necrozma parts and the Lunala parts have amazing textures, and the pink to blue palette is beautiful. :heart:
Wyvern-1's avatar
Beautiful and yet wicked; really like this design. ^_^
EmperorRindovan's avatar
What an interesting design!
MopMaster's avatar
Wicked! Reminds me of Ridley from the Metroid games. 
LKWayvern's avatar
Absolutely spectacular!! <3
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