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Pokemon Community Collaboration: Shinx



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Another contribution for :icongottadrawemall:, this time RNG gave me Shinx, of which I was very happy considering the abominations I could've got instead.

I really like the Shinx line, mostly because of Luxray though, but also because I adore lions. I wanted to draw Shinx with mama Luxray (in my headcanon female Luxray DO have manes, but they're mostly just fluffier fur around the neck + some longer tufts), which fortunately was okay. And as I did last time I also included the shiny version. I think it's nice. I mean, shiny Luxray is one of my favourite shinies and shiny Shinx isn't too far from it. :D

I kind of lost interest in this midway but managed to finish it anyway. It didn't turn out as bad as I felt it would at some point. I also had a longer break from drawing thanks to school so picking his up felt weird.

Anyway, I hope you like it!

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Neat, getting a definite Lion King vibe from this (though shinx kind of gives off one on its own). Really cool backlighting with the sunlight, and I like all the little sparkles around this family of electric pokémon. I also think it's cool how you designed the shinx's eyes to look a bit more like an actual lion's, pretty nice effect there. Great job drawing these three.