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Pokemon Community Collaboration: Sawsbuck + GIF



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Slightly overdue, but here is my contribution to Gen 5 Pokemon Community Collaboration! :icongottadrawemall: 

First of all thank you so much for :iconkrisantyne: for the patience and for allowing me to do this. School kicked major ass and without an extended extension I wouldn't have been able to do this at all. It would've been such a shame because I really enjoyed doing this one. I was so happy when I got Sawsbuck (after a reroll) since I adore the Pokemona, the concept and deer in general. I've drawn it a couple of times so not much of a challenge there. At least you get to compare my earlier Sawsbuck to this one.
First I wanted to do all four seasons somehow but due to the schedule complications I decided to simplify it a bit. I also kinda wanted to take advantage of the season and chose summer just to get to draw a nice lush forest scene. They're always so much fun to draw. As said, I really enjoyed this one. I also did a little step-by-step process GIF.

I hope you like it!

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Media Photoshop CS6 | Wacom Intuos4 M
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Pokemon c Nintendo
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i love this art because its my favorite pokemon