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Pokemon Community Collaboration: Hoppip



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:icongottadrawemall: Gen 2 collab, a project of :icondswalton:.

I got Hoppip when I wished for something epic. I thought it would be a simple task but actually I spent more time figuring out this Pokemon than any of the epic choices would have. I came to the conclusion that the most logical approach for Hoppip would be some kind of frog or a reptile or just a really freaky half-root-bulb-half-something-else. A frog would likely have a lighter bone structure and it could also have some kind of inflating system which would contribute to the "one of the lightest Pokemon" aspect. Also, I figured Hoppip would have some kind of almost parasitic but also symbiotic plant growing on its back (Hoppip provides a base and Hoppip can use the photosynthesis products etc.) I know it's said the plant resembles a dandelion but I had no access to references at the time (no internet) so I just drew the plant from my head.
But I wanted to draw something fluffy and so I drew something fluffy and I'm personally happier with this. I might try the other approach next time I draw this (whenever that is if ever). Still, it was fun to work on this!

I hope you like it!

Media PTSai | Photoshop CS6 | Wacom Intuos4 M
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It'svery cute. Do you have any pictures of Skiploom and Jumpluff in the same style?