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Pokemon Community Collaboration: Breloom



For the :icongottadrawemall: Gen 3 collab.

This time the lottery machine gave me Breloom. To be honest, I was a little disappointed since Hoenn has so many Pokemon I consider my favourite and Breloom, although I do like it very much, isn't one of those that I wanted. But Breloom is pretty cool anyway, I recently had one in my Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke and it was my best Pokemon. Until it died. Rest in piece.

I really enjoyed drawing this one. The forest started to bug me at times but in the end it was pretty nice to do. Forests always are.I wanted to keep up with the style I had gone with for the past entries, backgroundless and simple, but since BG was highly recommended I changed my ways. I also drew not one but two Breloom. I intended to have them both as regular ones, but I changed that in the middle of the process as well and made the second one a shiny because why not. Also, I think it fits better colour wise and all.

And for those who wonder, I didn't base Breloom on one single species, but rather tried to make it a mixture of many, because I don't think that Breloom, like many other Pokemon, fit the mold of one single species. In my eyes Breloom has features from many species, some more than others, but I didn't intend to make it appear as once specific species. I mostly based it on a couple of different dinosaurs and kangaroo. I try not to integrate Pokemon designs into real world creatures but rather find the base and the features from this world that match Breloom. Like a puzzle, you could say.

I can't wait for the next generation! Thanks for :iconkrisantyne: for keeping this thing running.
I hope you like it!

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How did your Breloom "die", exactly?