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Pokemon Community Collab: Morelull [SPEEDPAINT]




Edit; Finished the speedpaint video! I didn't have footage from laying down the initial sketch but you'll see the painting process in this one!

My contribution for the gen 7 Pokemon community collab :icongottadrawemall:

As funny as it is I got yet another grass type! So far 5/7 of my generation collab entries have been grass types. :'D But I don't mind, grass types are cool and Morelull was the perfect excuse to draw YET ANOTHER FOREST SCENE. I love drawing forests. It's just so calming. 

As you can see, I didn't choose the easy way out. Not only did I draw several of the Pokemon but I also wanted to make an interesting interpretation of the Pokemon. I really like Morelull, its concept is nice, design is lovely and all. I don't much care for Shiinotic, I see that as wasted potential. But Morelull instantly inspired me in many ways. It reminded me of fairy wings and it has this rather weird feel to it, just as I would like Fairy types to have. So, in order to embrace that weirdness I wanted to make Morelull a creature that would have mushrooms growing on its body, a bit like Paras. I didn't find a suitable critter to base it on instantly, but after looking for some small forest animals I decided to go with a mouse. I saw pictures of jerboa and other long-legged/tailed mice and I thought the legs + tail combo would fit the three pronged stalk nicely. Mice are also small, round and cute and imo they also have some fairy flair to them.

That's pretty much it! I streamed the process and apparently also recorded it so I might make a speedpaint video later.

I hope you like it!

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Media Photoshop CS6 | Wacom Intuos4 M
Time taken 
 5 hours

Pokemon c Nintendo
Art c ShadeofShinon

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