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Old Gods


A mini series of ink paintings I did. I got the opportunity to get some gold and rainbow foil prints made so I took the chance to do an idea I have had for a long time now. Lately I have found myself very inspired by the Finnish mythology and especially the folk beliefs and the respect for nature and wildlife. I chose to illustrate some of the most powerful/important creatures for this series. 

The swan, the traveler between the land of the dead and the land of the living. The sole drifter in Tuoni, the river of death.

The moose, the king of the forests, the powerful spirit animal and guide of many people.

The bear, the most respected, beloved and feared of them all, kin to man, the sacred spirit animal.

I can't wait to get to see how the prints turn out! Might paint more old gods in the meantime.

I hope you like them!

Media  Parker Quink | Gold ink | Arches cold press watercolour paper
Time taken -
Art © ShadeofShinon

You are not allowed to trace/copy/edit my artwork on DA or any other site and claim it as your own. Any use that is not non-profit strictly forbidden.

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Your PAge is Just Incredible......reminds me of how I feel about Nature, animals and Legendary Rulers of the Universe that must be respected for allowing us to feel so comfortable here when itțs al so painful...And in our greed we make it ever so darker but the Animal-Spirits are wise and understand the difficulties and darkness of life at a level we do not and thatțs why we're still alive on Earth right now.......
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Wow, nice drawing style! :) 
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Love the idea with the gold reflection of the swan. Seeing this image really brings back memories of hearing the swans calling when I was spending that one summer tracking through Finland's National Parks. A flock of them landed almost right next to me when I was taking a break by the lake and sketching. Something about your colour scheme and smooth sepia backgrounds reminds me of that atmosphere of a Finnish lake in the light of late afternoon or early evening when the wind is completely absent and it's somewhat magical. Your paintings from this series feel similar.
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Thank you! 
The scenery you described sounds amazing. I really love that kind of lake scenery. I especially enjoy going to forests and nature trails around this time of the year. Clear days are nice and all but nothing is as atmospheric as a still, silent lake in late autumn wit fog swirling over it. Needless to say it's very inspiring to me. 
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Canada, Russia, California?
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Looks amazing! 
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These pieces are absolutely gorgeous!! 
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I know very little about Finnish mythology, but this has inspired me to want to learn more! Such gorgeous paintings and I especially love the use of the gold foil.
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Thank you very much!
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Oh my god, it's just what I was looking for

Gods, I was desperate to give logic to the existence of werebear in my story, I was already giving up and then you appeared. THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING THIS BEAUTIFUL DRAWING

Now I have a huge interest in Finnish mythology, I am going to dedicate a thorough investigation even if English is not my native language. If you can recommend me where to start or if you know more stories about bears or their symbolism in other mythologies, please tell me
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Stunning! Absolutely stunning!
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your art is nice color-!:D
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Wow, these are gorgeous! Really great work!

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