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Old Gods


A mini series of ink paintings I did. I got the opportunity to get some gold and rainbow foil prints made so I took the chance to do an idea I have had for a long time now. Lately I have found myself very inspired by the Finnish mythology and especially the folk beliefs and the respect for nature and wildlife. I chose to illustrate some of the most powerful/important creatures for this series. 

The swan, the traveler between the land of the dead and the land of the living. The sole drifter in Tuoni, the river of death.

The moose, the king of the forests, the powerful spirit animal and guide of many people.

The bear, the most respected, beloved and feared of them all, kin to man, the sacred spirit animal.

I can't wait to get to see how the prints turn out! Might paint more old gods in the meantime.

I hope you like them!

Media  Parker Quink | Gold ink | Arches cold press watercolour paper
Time taken -
Art © ShadeofShinon

You are not allowed to trace/copy/edit my artwork on DA or any other site and claim it as your own. Any use that is not non-profit strictly forbidden.

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Well, one woman on the Idiotrod was attacked without provocation by a moose which stomped and trampled her dogs ! Even when she shot the brute, it would NOT let off the attack. Finally a fellow racer shot the moose down with a big rifle (probabily in the head !).

No dog was killed, but some will have to recover . The moose will be chopped up for meat,.

I just hope it was not rabid,

Some say the idiotrod is inhuman,