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MythicMay: Cheeroonear

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I'm once again participating the MythicMay challenge organized by Audre Schutte! This year I will just be doing creature designs in the way that feels most natural to me, drawing inspiration from creatures in real life.

This creature from the Native Australian People is described as a humanoid with a dog head and ears. They have extremely long arms and hands that drag on the ground. Under their neck is a large skin pouch. They hunt humans, tracking their prey with packs of dogs.

The description made me think of bat anatomy so I based this creature on the flying fox with some thylacine inspiration. 

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At first I thought that was a gnoll

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I started watching Critical Role and I just learned what a gnoll is a couple of days ago. I had no idea they existed while making this piece.

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This one is beyond cool. black heart bullet
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He's fluffy, gj on this!
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Very cool and creepy!

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How do you pronounce that name?
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Jesus fuck that's creepy.
I love it.
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Certainly not something I'd like to meet at night. Nice design!
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21/22 would highly recommend petting regardless of any and all possible harm.
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Good morning, Cheeroonear is amazing!!!!!!.
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Looks like a bat without the wing membrane.
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I thought the same ... :'D
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Looks like a friendly Version from the Werehyenas in Conan Exiles... n_n
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I love flying foxes and thylacines! Perfect monster combination.
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Taustaan on valikoitunut hyvin nätti värimaailma. Kaunis grand canyon/preeria -tunnelma kuin monissa länkkärityypin jutuissa. Voisin sijoittaa otuksen ihan hyvin Amerikkaankin kuin Australiaan. Siinä on jo valmiiksi samaa henkeä kuin monessa Väli- ja Etelä-Amerikan monstrossa. Onnittelut muuten siitä lehväleopardi dtiystä, huomasin instassa et se oli grandeykkönen eikä kyl yhtään ihmetyttäny miks, oli niin kaunis sommittelu että! Onnee! :star:

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love seeing myths i have never seen before :D
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