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Edit 18.12.2019; I have decided to completely drop commissions for now. I need to dedicate more time for things that are important such as learning what is necessary and making projects that are just for me. For a more elaborate explanation visit >>this journal<<.
There is a chance I will start taking commissions again at some point in the future but I will be completely redoing my categories and pricing. 
I will not open any new slots or take inquiries for now.
Thank you for your understanding and support!


Edit; 10.2.2019 Commissions are open again! I will take maybe 2-4 commissions at this time depending on how big they are. I updated the example pieces and also updated the prices to match with the current PayPal rates. Wow, thanks for the great response guys! I got three pretty awesome commissions which I will be working on for now. I will keep the commission status updated, and remember you can always send me inquiries even when commissions are closed!

Edit; 23.7.2018 Commissions are now closed. I have a pretty hectic autumn ahead so I thought it would be better to not take any more commissions until things settle down. Inquiries are still welcome and I can give quotes and answer any questions regarding future slots in the meantime!

Edit; 6.7.2018 I'll be accepting new commissions again! I have no set amount of slots and how many I will take this time depends on what kind of commission inquiries I will get this time around. Naturally, the more complex the commissions the fewer I will take. Depending on how many inquiries I get I may need to choose the ones that align best with my current schedule, close the commissions soon or if you're okay with it I can also put you on a waitlist for future openings. More information on how to commission me below!

Edit; 30.6.2018 I'm finishing up my current commission list and I will be able to open new slots soon! I will be on vacation for about a month and I'll be away for the next week or so but after that I will end up some new slots. Pokemon team commissions are still unavailable but everything else on this chart is available.

Edit; 25.5.2018 Terms of Agreement has been updated due to the new GDPR law. Nothing changes, the commissioner's personal data has never been distributed to third parties or used in anything that's unrelated to the commission, but due to this change in the law it's now stated in my ToS as well.

Edit; 21.5.2018 If you wish to be added onto my waitlist note me with your preferred type of commission. I'm open for inquiries and I can give you a quote if you're unsure about how much the commission would cost.

Edit; 3.4.2018 I got a nice bunch of commissions this round so I'm closing commissions for now! I'm still open for inquiries and will likely open new slots as the current commissions are getting done. Thank you all commissioners!


A few notion for starters:
> I can only take a few commissions at the time. 
> I won't take first-come-first-serve commissions. I will pick and choose which commissions I will take but unlike previous times I won't wait for a week to see which commissions I will take. If your commission request seems good to me I will take.
> No Pokemon team commissions this time! I only take commissions with max. 3 characters on them (see other possible limitations in the chart).
> I may have to make smaller, quicker commissions a priority this time because of the situation I'm in. You may take this into consideration when deciding on your order.


Name: (your name/username)
PayPal address: (the email address I send the invoice to)
Commission type: (A5 traditional bust, digital sketch etc.)
Visual references/any other image: (Mandatory! I don't work without visual references unless it's character design commission.)
Brief description of the idea/keywords: (The clearer the vision you give me the more likely you are to receive what you want. You can also give me free hands! Avoid overly long descriptions. Use clear language, don't write prose.)
Other: (Any other information or questions regarding the work.)


 >    I only take a few commissions at a given time to avoid a long queue. I choose which commissions I want to take depending on how well it aligns with my interests. This is to make sure that the commission is something both me and the commissioner can be happy with.

  • After the slots are filled I don't take new commissions before the chosen few are done. If I do it is for a good reason eg. Financial emergency.

  • I don't take reservations, but I am open for questions and suggestions.

>    To commission me refer to this chart and note me on dA or email me:

  • Said methods of contact can also be used to ask questions.

  • NOTE If there is something else you’d like but that is not listed here you can always ask for availability and we can discuss!

  • I reserve the right to deny your commission.

>    The note/email should be titled “Commission” and should contain the commission form. All slots need to be filled! 

  • If the commission is a "keyword commission"/something you want to give me more freedom with not all fields are mandatory.
  • The form doesn't apply to character design commissions.

>    Picture references are MANDATORY. Any image references are helpful but the better the references the easier my job is. Note that the lack of/poor references may result on me turning down your commission request.

 >    The clearer vision you give me the more likely you’l get what you want. You can also leave it up to me. I will also ask questions if needed.

Current commissions and (art) status can be viewed on my front page in "Art Status" box.


>    I require payment up front. The payment can be completed before or after I provide the initial sketch and the commissioner is happy with it.

>    I will start working on the commission from the sketch phase once the payment has been completed in full.

>    I work on the commissions in the order they're received.  However, sometimes motivation/life situation may require working on other commissions. I may also work on other commissions in between while waiting for a response to WIP/extra info notes. This is to avoid completely clogging the commissions and keep making progress on them.

>    I will keep the commissioner updated with WIPs on the progress of the commission. The WIP's typically include sketch, lineart, flat colours/background (and a WIP of the shading process), depending on the commisison and media type. You'll get more WIPs by asking for them. I upload all WIP's and finished images to a folder. I give you a link to the folder so you have access to it at any time.

  • First I will send you a rough sketch of the idea I have. At this point you can ask for larger changes. As the picture progresses slight changes can be made. Drastic changes means more work for me and more expenses for you. /Eg. If you want to replace a character in the middle of flat colour phase it will be charged.)

>    Commissions may take from one week up to a month to complete once it has been started. Sometimes I may be busy with life and other priorities and it will take longer. Waiting time depends on how many commissions I have to complete before yours. I can give an estimated time if requested. Also, if a commission should be completed within a certain time frame, let me know. Please take into consideration that I most likely can't complete a commission within a very short period of time so if you want for example a commission for your friend by their birthday, please let me know early enough (at least 3 months prior).

>    Once the commission has been compelted the commissioner will receive a full resolution image with no watermarks (and traditional commissioners will have their commissions mailed to a given address).

>    I will never post a finished commission online without the commissioner's permission.


> Prices are in euros (€) and I wish to receive the payment in the same currency. Check exchange rates at:

> I accept PayPal only. Suomalaisille mahdollista myös tilisiirto.

> When using PayPal, I will send you an invoice that you must accept in order to complete the payment. That way you won't need to manually type in anything and it will be less likely to get any issues with PayPal.…

> In traditional commissions shipping expenses will also be added. See the shipping section below for more info.

> Payment has to be fully completed during the sketch phase. This means that the payment has to be complete before I advance from the sketch phase. For sketch commissions the payment has to be fully completed before I start. Special arrangements (such as: *before I have even started* "I have money now so I want to pay half now and the other half when you have completed the sketch") can be discussed. 

> I will reserve the right to cancel the commission if the commissioner fails to pay for the commission after two weeks from the completion for the sketch. This is to keep things running more smoothly and to create a sense of security.

> If the commissioner wants to cancel the commission, a full refund can be made only if the commission hasn't progressed past sketching phase. After that only a partial refund can be made. If the commission has progressed and no payment has been done and the commissioner wants to cancel the commission, they will still have to pay for the work that has been done. Failing to pay for a commission will make you lose the right to commission me again.

> The prices on the commission information chart are precise and dedicated to the most common types of commissions. If your commission has some additions or something else that is not defined on the chart I will provide an individual price for that.

> I won't accept points as a payment. I don't do anything with them.

> Note that in traditional commissions come in different sizes which also affect the price. Refer to the chart.

SHIPPING THE TRADITIONAL COMMISSION (only applies to traditional commissions)

> I can ship every traditional piece to the commissioner anywhere around the world.

> Shipping costs are determined by two things: where you live (in/outside of Europe) and the size of the picture.


> NOTE that the shipping expenses may change according to the changes of pricing in the Finnish postal service.

> NOTE The regular letter does NOT come with a tracking code. If you wish to have your shipment tracked let me know. The prices for tracked letters vary according to the size and the location. The tracked letter is roughly 10-15 more than a regular letter.

> A complete address is required for shipping. Finnish system doesn't like nameless shipments but you can leave the name out if you feel uncomfortable such details.

> I only use the Finnish postal service to ship items.

> The postal service is very reliable. All pictures have been successfully delivered.

> However, as a safety measure, in case something happens to the picture you will not be refunded. If the picture gets severely damaged I can provide something as a compensation (a print, a small compensation picture) or if it gets lost I can provide a high quality print/print ready file of the commission. The possible compensation is case dependent.

> Delivery time depends on your location and all the possible quirks (the letter moving through several US states, Ferragosto aka ”we're on a vacation, check back in a month” in Italy etc.), but it typically takes about one week within Europe and 2-3 weeks outside. Longer delivery times are uncommon but possible.


> I don't print and mail the commission. However, if a print is desired I can make it available on a printing service (such as my Redbubble store). Alternatively the commissioner may also seek another way to print their commission. I can provide a print ready file if the commissioner wishes to print it themselves.

> If you already know you want your commission printed, let me know when you ask for a commission! This way I can ensure that the file is appropriately sized for printing. Making such changes in the middle of the process is not recommended.


> I am willing to do Pokemon team pictures in other medias as well. Feel free to ask if you want for example a watercolour piece of your team instead of a digital one!

> A team can include 5-7 Pokemon, trainer included (a trainer is not necessary if you don't have an OC/don't want to include a trainer). Extra Pokemon will cost extra depending on the complexity. Simple ones are 10€ and more complex ones 15-20€.

> There will be an extra fee of 15€ for each great legendary: Lugia, Ho-OH, Weather trio, Creation trio, Arceus, Regigigas, Tao rio, Yveltal, Xerneas and Zygarde

> I can also draw fakemons! The requirement is that you have sufficient references of your fakemon.


> The commissioner's peronal information will not be distributed ot third parties and will not be used for anything unrelated to thebe commission contract.

> Do not redistribute, reproduce, or otherwise use any parts of the image for personal profit (i.e. selling it in any form whether digitally or physically) - with the exception of work specifically commissioned, and with previous consent, for commercial use.

> Personal use of the image is allowed, i.e. desktop image, sharing with friends, etc. Reuploading to your personal DA or other online gallery, or use in web layouts, sites, blogs, signatures, or avatars is also permitted so long as a link to my page ( is shown near or on the image.

> I will provide a watermarked and resized version of your commission. Please use that for any online uses that involve posting over half of the image online.
> The artwork will be copyrighted to myself. You may not claim the artwork as your own. Original characters will still hold the copyright of the original creator/owner.
> I reserve the right to refuse your commission for whatever reason should I wish.
> I reserve the right to use any images in personal portfolios or advertising material. I will only create prints or other merchandise of the image with your permission.

> I will not draw:

                        - Sexual or erotic themes. Artistic nudity and mild suggestive themes are agreeable. I will not draw overly sexualized versions of Pokemon. I will not draw human mammaries on Pokemon. Don't even try.

                        - Excessive violence/gore. Blood and bruises/wounds are agreeable within reason.

                        - Racist, hate or insulting imagery.

                        - Characters from fandoms I'm not familiar with/do not like.

This chart is not a complete portfolio of my artistic abilities and of what I'm willing to do. To gain a more comperehensive understanding of what I can do and what you'd like refer to the following:

My devianART gallery:…

My commissions folder:…

My art Tumblr:

My Instagram:

Thank you for your interest!

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Hey, it's alright. You do what you gotta do. No worries :)
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CandyCat64Hobbyist Photographer
Aww man. I’m too late. If I have known you were doing commissions, I would have asked you to do a Buizel.
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ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
I haven't taken new commissions in a while and I realized I need a proper break. I may open them again some day!
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Any idea when you'll be open again?
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ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
Next year the earliest. I'm thinking about February since I'll be busy for the rest of the year and I need to catch my breath a bit. I will keep my status posted!
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Sysirauta Traditional Artist
Saat kolme perunaa jos teet kymmene sivun sarjakuva perinteisellä medialla. Avokätisempää tarjousta et tuu saamaan. :v
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ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
Voiks tinkaa ja vaihtaa perunat bataatteihin? Tykkään enemmän bataateista.
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Sysirauta Traditional Artist
Ootas tarkistan....mulla on kaks bataattia, käyks se? :v
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ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
Voin piirtää sulle neljä viivaa joista yks voi olla kaareva.
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Sysirauta Traditional Artist
Se on sit diili. :v
ShadeofShinon's avatar
ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
Ok. Saanks piirtää sun seinään?
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Sysirauta Traditional Artist
Eiköhän toi oo järjestettävissä.
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Hnggg took too much time thinking what I want. :''D I'll come back later with some Kela money
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Chezamoon18Hobbyist Digital Artist
No pokemon team commissions this year? That's a shame I was looking forward to trying to get my Tabletop pokemon team commissioned.
ShadeofShinon's avatar
ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
Pokemon Team commissions are on hold right now. They're too much work for me to take on any at my current life situation. They will be back at some point.
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Chezamoon18Hobbyist Digital Artist
fair enough, I look forward to commissioning you in the future ;)
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Fumseck73Hobbyist Writer
I've missed your commission windows :'( again... And I finally had the money to ask you for Saya... (search in the notes I send you to see of whom I speak XD)

Guess I'll have to wait :'( But Deviant Art was blocked where I worked..
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ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
Ah, bummer. Well, I could still take yours, too, since we discussed this long time ago. The only thing is that you'd have to wait for quite a while since I have a long queue. Since I got a summer job and therefore don't have an acute need for money during summer I doubt I will take any new commissions before next fall or so. That'd mean an even longer wait. So, if you don't mind being at the end of the queue I could take this one. You could also pay now or wait for the sketch, whichever is more convenient for you. I believe I still have the note with the details stored somewhere, too.
Note me your response so I can put it in the commissions folder! It'd be easier for me to have things organized. :>
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Fumseck73Hobbyist Writer
Note send ! :D
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WhozawhatchaHobbyist Writer
One day.... One day I will commission a full pokemon team Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1]  today is not that day! :noes:
ShadeofShinon's avatar
ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
We shall await for that day then!
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Ripplestar4Hobbyist General Artist
I'm just curious (I'm thinking about commissioning you in the future), but would you be willing to make a set of 3, traditionally-made bookmarks as a commission?  If so, about how much would it cost? I've always loved your bookmarks, so I was just wondering.
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ShadeofShinonHobbyist General Artist
That wold be a fun commission! I would estimate the price to be around 45-55 euros, depending on the complexity of the characters. They're done with markers which puts the price around 50€. 
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