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I promised you some art and here it is: Saphira, Bjartskular, from Eragon. I kind of like the books, though the latest one wasn't to my liking due to it's slow tempo and I hate the movie. I think it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life and I've seen a lot of bad movies, believe me. Anyway, even thought I don't even like Saphira as a character very much and I hated the design that was presented in the movie (especially because of the feathered wings AND the horrible voice!) but oddly enough I still wanted to draw her, just like in the movies design... Maybe because I wanted to draw both feathers and scales? Well, at least now I can tell I've drawn fanart of something I don't really support. The books are entertaining, however. I just wish Paolini could end it soon... He's awfully slow with the series. :iconnoesplz:

It has been a long time since I drew anything using coloured pencils only. They're an awfully fun medium yet my fingers are always numb after colouring with them. ^^;
However, I'm very pleased with how this came out, especially the lights and shades. The scanner didn't like it but I tried to do my best to edit the picture with Photoshop. And, before you ask, the details took a lot of time and I almost snapped with them but I'm glad I didn't. :D My patience is improving.

Well, I hope you like it!

Media Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils | marble textured paper
Time taken Well, I watched Pkémon while I drew, I didn't do this during one-sitting so it's hard to say anything exact... I'd go with 8-10 hours

Saphira is c Christoper Paolini
Picture is c =ShadeofShinon

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Very nice. I use to not care for this design, but it has grown on me a lot.

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Thanks! I feel very nostalgic when I see Sapphira's design. I later larened to appreciate the design and how it introduced less conventional dragon designs into pop culture.

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Same here. I liked Sapphira a lot in the books. Glaedr was cool but I didn't really like what happened to him.
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The art is amazing :)
But I have fight for the movie.... in a way... if you watch the movie and think of the book (no Joed, no Solembum, horrible Angela and Arya...) it is terrible. But if you watch the movie and forget the book it is quit nice :)
And to saphira I like here charakter very much and the german voice in the movie is good :) but the design isn't reasoned
And last but not least the books...... the first book is amazing the second is okay and the others are very, very long-winded..... but I had to finish the story and read the last in one night :)
okay long comment for an beautiful piece of art <3
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Thank you! :>
I was really disappointed with the Angela scene and the lack of Solembum. He's so great. But you're right, if you haven't read the book it's a decent and enjoyable movie.
I think I need to check Saphira's German voice now.
And I agree with you about the books. The first two were nice, the third one was very slow, but I still liked it, and I haven't even finished the last one. ^^'
And don't worry about the long comment, I enjoy them. I think it's nice to discuss stuff like this. :>
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amazing :D I love it :)
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I agree completely. I'm a hopeless fanboy, so I adore the books, but the movie was the worst piece of... it was bad. and even though the feathered-wings design was beautiful, I disliked it on principle because that's not what the book said it looked like. This, however, is still fantastic art.
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Yes, the design was quite nice but I always imagined Saphira with membrane wings (even the books said so) so feathered wings didn't fit the image and thus didn't work.
Anyway, thanks!
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I like her better with dragon wings, than with hawk wings. (Or whatever they went with >.>)
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I like membrane wings better, too. I always imagined Saphira with those so I never warmed up to the feathered wings.
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A beautiful piece. The movie's okay, as a movie it's rather enjoyable, as an interpretation of a book though it's a rather sad excuse of an interpretation.
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Thanks! And yeah, I agree.
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Well, I really liked the first book, Eragon, but I do agree, Paolini is very slow with the story. Though I kind fo cheated nad watched the movie before reading the books. Honestly, I thought the movie was pretty okay until I read the book. Still I don't think I hate the movie, because we are only human, including movie directors, and they can't be perfect. Though yes, the feathered wings I didn't understand. But, I don't think the animation was terrible because I can't animate worth a penny, plus, I'm sure making Saphira come to life wasn't that easy, feather wings or not.
Anyways, good artwork you did here. I really love it!
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Paolini finally managed to finish the series but now that the last book is out I don't have time to read it. OTL
Nah, I wouldn't count that as cheating. Perhaps it was just better that you saw the movie before reading the book so the experience wasn't that horrible. The movie had potential but I think it could've been done better - they just didn't do it.
Anyway, thanks!
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Ugh. The movie really pissed me off. Way to not get ANYTHING right. They couldnt get her wings right (which is stated clearly in the book to have membrane....neveronce are feathers mentioned) And they couldnt even get hair color right. I mean really? Raven hair is very different from Auburn........ I hate stupid people who try to make movies. They could never make the rest cuz they left out so much important stuff in the first.
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I agree. I've always wondered why the movie directors want to change things like that and make it something completely different. Also, I'd imagine membrane wings would be a lot easier to animate than feathered wings with a buttload of details.
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at first i was like "wtf?!? y r there feathers? it specifically said 'she had a translusent membrane'" then i read the description and was like "oooooh! i sooo agree with tht :D"
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