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17.6.2021 Commissions are currently CLOSED
I will open new slots one at a time as I complete my previous commissions.

That's right, my commissions are finally open! I have changed quite a few things so here's some information on that. All commission orders are now done via a commission form. You can still note or email me at for questions or quotes but to order a commission you'll need to fill the form. Keeping the old chart up to date started to feel like too much work so I decided to tidy things up and compile all the information in a Google form instead. I also updated my Terms of Service to answer questions you might have so please give it a read! 

Commissions won't be “first-come-first-serve” policy. I accept up to two commissions at a time and I choose which commissions I want to take depending on how well it aligns with my interests and schedule.
You have the option to sign up for my waiting list meaning I will inform you when I am available to take on your commission. I am not sure how long I will keep this form open but I will give it a week or two until I decide on the first commissions. My goal is to start on the first commissions in late March or the beginning of April the latest!

I am currently most interested in drawing dragons, monsters other than Pokémon, and space themes! I have done so much Pokémon art lately that I'm most likely going to take a break from it and prioritize other things but I'm sure I'll be motivated to draw more Pokémon later!

If you have commissioned me before or referred to my old chart for pricing you might notice an increase in the pricing. All prices now include the Finnish VAT and have been calculated in a way to ensure that I will get a decent hourly rate for my work. I am hoping to grow my art business and make art my full time job eventually so I need to make things fair and functional.

The types of commission work displayed on this form is geared more towards individual commissioners. Besides what is offered in the price list I am also open to work on creature designs, illustration work and cover art.
For commercial inquiries please email me at

This chart is not a complete portfolio of my artistic abilities and of what I'm willing to do. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of what I can do you may refer to the following:

My devianART gallery
Previous commissions

Thank you for your interest!

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"DAD! Where's the money I saved for commissioning artists?"

"You spent it all two weeks ago."


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It's been quite some time since the last commission, but I think I have a concept in mind perfectly suited to your superior skills. I eagerly await your commission re-openings later this year!

ShadeofShinon's avatar

That sounds very promising! I had a ton of fun with your commission last time. Looking forward to it! I'm thinking about opening some slots for March/April depending on how I manage to sort things out but it won't be first-come-first serve and I'm going to start using a waiting list as well so there is no hurry. :)

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The form has been filled!

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Hey, it's alright. You do what you gotta do. No worries :)
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Aww man. I’m too late. If I have known you were doing commissions, I would have asked you to do a Buizel.
ShadeofShinon's avatar
I haven't taken new commissions in a while and I realized I need a proper break. I may open them again some day!
Azrael-Legna's avatar
Any idea when you'll be open again?
ShadeofShinon's avatar
Next year the earliest. I'm thinking about February since I'll be busy for the rest of the year and I need to catch my breath a bit. I will keep my status posted!
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Saat kolme perunaa jos teet kymmene sivun sarjakuva perinteisellä medialla. Avokätisempää tarjousta et tuu saamaan. :v
ShadeofShinon's avatar
Voiks tinkaa ja vaihtaa perunat bataatteihin? Tykkään enemmän bataateista.
Sysirauta's avatar
Ootas tarkistan....mulla on kaks bataattia, käyks se? :v
ShadeofShinon's avatar
Voin piirtää sulle neljä viivaa joista yks voi olla kaareva.
Sysirauta's avatar
Se on sit diili. :v
ShadeofShinon's avatar
Ok. Saanks piirtää sun seinään?
Sysirauta's avatar
Eiköhän toi oo järjestettävissä.
HeckTheKek's avatar
Hnggg took too much time thinking what I want. :''D I'll come back later with some Kela money
Chezamoon18's avatar
No pokemon team commissions this year? That's a shame I was looking forward to trying to get my Tabletop pokemon team commissioned.
ShadeofShinon's avatar
Pokemon Team commissions are on hold right now. They're too much work for me to take on any at my current life situation. They will be back at some point.
Chezamoon18's avatar
fair enough, I look forward to commissioning you in the future ;)
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I've missed your commission windows :'( again... And I finally had the money to ask you for Saya... (search in the notes I send you to see of whom I speak XD)

Guess I'll have to wait :'( But Deviant Art was blocked where I worked..
ShadeofShinon's avatar
Ah, bummer. Well, I could still take yours, too, since we discussed this long time ago. The only thing is that you'd have to wait for quite a while since I have a long queue. Since I got a summer job and therefore don't have an acute need for money during summer I doubt I will take any new commissions before next fall or so. That'd mean an even longer wait. So, if you don't mind being at the end of the queue I could take this one. You could also pay now or wait for the sketch, whichever is more convenient for you. I believe I still have the note with the details stored somewhere, too.
Note me your response so I can put it in the commissions folder! It'd be easier for me to have things organized. :>
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