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Shadeninja's bio

Alliance: Autobot

Subcategory: Bike-bot

Role: Spy, warrior, assassin (ninja)

Relationships: Bumblebee (fiancé), Shadow (sister)

Motto: sometimes rules may represent an obstacle for our own goals

-Small but powerful-

Strenght: 8 (She's pretty strong, despite her little size)

Intelligence: 9 (She's very sagacious, and she has a strong talent to elaborate plans and emergency strategies)

Rank: 6 (Her job is almost only about infiltrations and spying missions)

Endurance: 7 (She can stand against enemies of her size, but she's less endurable against bigger opponents)

Speed: 8

Courage: 10 (As ninja, she doesn't know the fear, and openly face every obstacle)

Fireblast: 4 (She's able to use powerful, traditional energy weapons, but she can't use fire weapons)

Ability: 10 (She owns plenty of abilities, resources and traps)

Particular Signs: a black scarf around the neck (and around the handlebars in vehicle mode). A Bumblebee’s gift.

Shadeninja is one of the smallest Autobots but this does not represent a matter to her, since in this way she can completely takes advantage of her own spy skills. Other than a spy, she is a silent assassin and a fierce warrior in the hand-to-hand fight, and she uses with mastery the weapons she is equipped with. She owns many skills, weapons, and a surprising speed, things that cover some of her flaws, like the scarce fire power and her small dimensions, that bring her losing against bigger opponents. She has a good, fighter and very patient nature, but although she always acts for a good cause for the Autobots and the mankind she is ready for everything and she is also ready to sacrifice the imposed rules to reach her goals, without caring about the others judgments, as long as she does not put in danger her own comrades or some innocents. Sometimes she is reproached by the more devoted to the loyalty Autobots warriors and not for nothing she is considered "dangerous" by some of them. Anyway, this does not mean that Shadeninja does not care about her team mates. Indeed, when they are in trouble or when they suffer for Decepticons’ wretched actions, she is moved by vengeful instincts that bring her to reveal other aspects of her character, like ruthlessness and aggressiveness. Silent, capable but also jovial, sincere and altruist under normal circumstances, she adores watching the views at the sunset and at night. She is Bumblebee’s girlfriend and, like that, she is in love with him, as he is in love with her: very often the two cooperate together in spying missions.

All complete detailes are…



-Mitnal Quetzalkan (Fahrenheit - Indigo Prophecy)…

-Ganian Dragmire (Zelda: OoT)…

-Shelly the Shellrider and her Yoshi… her daughter Coconut with her baby Yoshi… and her husband Huracano with his Yoshi… (Super Mario)

-Helen "Vox" Voxor (Gears of War)…

-Fuocombrosa (or Shadlyfire, Fable)…



- The Oracle - Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy

- Ganondorf - Zelda OoT

- Bumblebee, Soundwave - Transformers G1

- Dhar - Indivisible

- Alvin, Leia - Tales of Xillia 1 & 2

- Alvin, Leia - Tales of Xillia 1 & 2

- Kim Wu - Killer Instinct 2 & 3

- Titania - Fire Emblem

(but I also like gerudos, all Xillia team, Hunoch, Xiboch, Razmi, Sadira and Ren from Indivisible, Luke, Tears an d Ion from Tales of the Abyss, Kain, Umah, Raziel, Ryo Hazuki, Ren, Xuiyng and Lan Di from Shenmue, Zelos and all team from Tales of Symphonia, Asbel, Cheria and Malink from Graces f, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay and all the team in Legendia, Yuri from Vesperia, Velvet, Rokurou and Eleanor from Berseria, Ratchet, Elita 1 from Transformers G1 and more)


Current Residence: in the Autobot Ark, in the Ganon's Castle or in some Mayan temple

Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Videogames's OST, chiptunes

Favourite photographer: my sister Shadow®!

Favourite style of art: manga, Original Characters, fantasy, mayan and japanese painting art

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 7

Personal Quote: The least likely can be the most dangerous - el que no oye consejo no llega a viejo





Favourite Visual Artist
Many Deviants
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Many types of heavy metal, videogames OST and chiptunes
Favourite Games
Zelda OOT,Shenmue,Shadowman,Super Mario64,ICO,Killer Instinct 2,Banjo-Kazooie,Fahrenheit,Dragon's Dogma,Indivisible,Tales of Xillia
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, Sony
Tools of the Trade
Clips Studio Paint, Gimp 2, Corel Painter IX, traditional
Other Interests
Videogames, Motorcycles, Ninja & Ninjutsu, Cosplay, Mayan culture, Spanish

L'Ombra di Hastlevain

0 min read
L'Ombra di Hastlevain è il primo volume di un romanzo di avventura e azione ambientato in un mondo fantasioso, che mescola gli elementi del fantasy con quelli del Giappone antico. Protagonista principale è un clan di shinobi (seppur nel libro abbia preferito utilizzare la più comune terminologia "ninja"), fedelmente dediti all'arte del ninjutsu e del ninpo. E' un lungo viaggio disseminato di personaggi, creature, magie, duelli di arti marziali, emozioni, sentimenti e desideri, in cui accadranno molte cose attraverso molte terre. Un racconto per chi ama perdersi nei dettagli. La versione kindle
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Hastlevain su Amazon

0 min read
Poco tempo fa ho pubblicato Hastlevain su Amazon. Anche se è descritta come la seconda edizione, in verità si tratta della terza, in quanto è stata riveduta e corretta rispetto a quelle pubblicate su e lulu, ma per un problema tecnico non ho potuto modificare le informazioni. Ecco i link! Edizione Kindle, 2,99 € Edizione cartacea, 14,80 € Ogni tanto l'edizione Kindle verrà scontata o resa gratuita.
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Aggiornamenti sul mio romanzo, Hastlevain

0 min read
Rieccomi a passare qualche piccola novità. Dopo altri mesi di lavoro, ho completato la seconda edizione de L'Ombra di Hastlevain, il primo volume, che ho così rimesso in vendita ai seguenti indirizzi: -formato copertina morbida da [link] -da oggi anche con copertina rigida da Ho pubblicato questo primo volume anche su, ottenendo due recensioni positive! -copertina rigida da a seconda della richies
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