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Home - Ebonystorm
Ebonystorm frowned up at the sky, or rather where it should be. Instead, hundreds of leaves and branches blocked it from the tom's view. He'd know what it would entail when he and Sunheart joined Skyclan. He never thought it would bother him so much. So what is he couldn't see the sky? It wasn't cramped or closterphobic as others had lead him to believe, but it didn't have obstacles.
He never considered himself to fit the 'Windclan cats love to run' stereotype, but with all the trees it was hard not to trip over Starclan-forsaken roots. Not to mention climbing! He was certainly not a small tom, and not built for climbing trees. His fur got snagged or he struggled to keep his balance. Sometimes he just got stuck, which was embarrassing. Sunheart always had to show him the way up- or down.
The birds were fustrating as well. Sure, he had had plenty of birds in his lifetime, Windclan ate them too. Sure he had caught more than he cared to remember. But never had he had to eat them for every
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Turtleflower|warrior|Thunderclan|she cat

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Applebreeze|Earth Pony|Farmer|Mare



I will be opening up cheap commisions until the Gala, so June 1st as of the moment. This are directed toward MLP-TheNewGeneration members, but I will take them at a slightly higher price (+5pts) from anyone


Gala Dress/Suit Design - 10pts (15pts)
Fullbody - 10pts (15pts)
Fullbody w/ Gala outfit - 15pts (20pts)
Fulbody w/ Gala Outfit design - 25pts (30pts)

Additional Charecters
Plus One - 5pts (8pts)
Plus One w/ Outfit - 10pts (12pts)
Plus One w/ Outfit design - 15pts (18pts)

Prices Stack, Example: Fullbody with provided gala outfit, with a secound charecter with a designed outfit (Fullbody w/ Gala outfit; Plus One w/ Outfit design) is 30pts (38pts)

Comment with the following:

Charecter App:
What: (outfit, fullbody /w outfit ect)
Other Details: 
Design Brief: (Outfit designs only; please provide a inspiration source such as 'birds', 'chocolate', or 'galaxy', or description of an idea)

I require half the cost up front, in the case of an odd price, I will accept the lower half. I will notify you when it is done, and you can send me the secound half and I will send and post the art. This policy ensures we both hold up on our end of the deal :)
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I have two brothers, am currently in high school and have multiple pets. I have three fish, a yellow lab named Liberty, two pit bulls named Lily and Phoenix. I also have a cat named Jingles. I am bubbley and optimistic. I like to see the good in things, even if it's small. I love to write and draw, I love reading.

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