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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 21- Escape
“So…” Tekron replied, still reeling from the Makuta’s hideous form. “Krattix...I guess I’ll get them for you.”
“Don’t bother,” Krattix huffed. “If you open that door, they’ll blast you away and try to escape.”
“So much for that,” Teluca sighed.
“Then how do you plan to take them back to your base?” Tekron questioned.
“By taking the entire cage, of course,” Krattix smirked, his eyes fixated on the metal prison.
“But won’t the others notice that an entire protosteel prison is missing?”
“They’ll notice that they’ll be gone anyway. Tell them that the Toa knocked you out and ran away. You Skakdi are good at lying, aren’t you? Now then,” Krattix continued, as he turned back to the prison.  “It’s about time I-AAAUGH!!!” As he spoke, a massive sonic wave slammed into his side, knocking him away several yards.
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 20- Captive
“Every plan has a few setbacks, you said…” Hokiko growled, pointing his right hand at Zelcron. “And yet here is another! Your big plan isn’t looking so good now, is it?!”
Hokiko and the other Makuta were standing in a large room surrounded by tall grey pillars. They managed to survive the explosion on Odina and return to their base, hoping to take time to consider their current situation. And Hokiko appeared that he had a lot to consider.
“May I remind you that you agreed to this plan years ago?” Zelcron snarled, trying not to let the lanky Makuta get under his skin. The other Makuta who escaped, Orgrul, Scizkor, Golvix, and Mutinex, stood to the side, knowing full well not to get in Zelcron’s way when he was mad.
“It was either yours or Teridax’s,” Hokiko retorted. “Let’s see, who's plan should I follow: one that belong to an arrogant fool who even I could see only cared about himself, or one that simp
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 19- Transwarped
Even as Lucarian’s eyes began to open, his mind felt fuzzy and his vision wavering. Every part of his body was aching from the blast, and his wounds from the battle prior didn’t help him either. As he rose up to sit, he gritted his teeth as his joints and muscles screamed in pain. Once he got his upper body off the ground, he took a breather and tried to regain his bearings on his surroundings. And what he saw wasn’t a pretty sight.
The Dark Hunters’ fortress was reduced to ruin: the sturdy walls were nothing but dusty bricks, pieces of cloth, and metal strewn across the landscape, and there were barely any signs of life to be found. No Rahi, no Dark Hunters, no Makuta, no Toa, and no Agoran.
Lucarian’s eyes then widened, and he looked around frantically for his companions. “Tamina? Poldren? Livef?” No response. Lucarian’s heart sank. This was what he was afraid of, losing even more lives. And with Kratos, Vancus, Teluca, Shina, and Dongr
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 18- Transformed
“D-Dharen?” Dongru stammered. He was still getting over the shock of seeing his three cell-mates being turned into bat-like monsters. “A-Are you alright?”
Dharen smirked. There was no sense of care in his eyes as he faced his former friend. “Better than you think.” Dongru took a nervous step towards Dharen, but heard a gun cock. He turned his head around to see Orgrul aiming his blaster right at his head.
“Unless you wish to join them, hand the Disc ov-AUGH!” Before the Makuta could finish, a massive blast of water hit him square in the chest, forcing him towards the wall and for him to drop his weapon.
Uncharacteristically furious, Tamina switched focus from Orgrul to the gun and charged towards it, water forming from her staff. She swung her weapon as the water compressed into a curved blade, bringing it down with a slash that sliced the blaster in two. The collision caused a small explosion to erupt from the remains, pushing Tamina bac
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 17- Reunion
    “Lucarian?” Tamina asked. She was trying to keep her resolve, but she was nervous at the sight of these new adversaries. “Who are they?”
    “The Makuta I have been searching for all these years,” Lucarian growled. He took a small step towards the Makuta, but stumbled, falling to his knees.
    “So you tried shadow teleporting multiple beings at once, I see,” Zelcron smirked. “I remember the first time you tried doing that. With Meka and a few other Matoran, if I am correct. Where is he now? Dead? I hope so.”
    “Unfortunately for you, Zelcron” Lucarian snarled, “he isn’t.” He slowly rose back up on his feet, his eyes both cold and furious at the same time.
    “Well, while I am here, I can claim the Great Discs and you. You still owe me for destroying my base,” Zelcron snarled.
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For everyone here who lives Europe...I am very scared for you all regarding Article 13.
This link will provide resources regarding the article and it's potential devastating effects. I just pray that we are able to rectify it.
So apparently there's a new trend with putting background music over the new "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" commercial.
I say it needs a bit more Bionicle music.
I had an awesome but stupid idea a few days ago. An exercise of sorts.
Take an animated movie, TV show, or video game.
Take the characters.
Find out who their voice actors are.
Find what other characters the VAs have played.
Pick one of those characters to replace the character they played in that certain movie/TV show/video game.
It would be chaos.

I have ready begun forming ideas in my head about this using the Bionicle movies.
For example, Ackar in "The Legend Reborn" was played by Jim Cummings, aka, the voice of Winnie the Pooh for almost three decades.
So we'll just replace Ackar with Pooh while giving him the same lines and abilities. XD
It's kinda hard to believe that Stan Lee is really gone...
I mean...I knew he would pass away at some point, especially since he was in his nineties...but the revelation of this death still struck hard.
I will never be able to look at his cameos the same way again. I kinda hope his last one will be in Avengers 4, as I feel like that would be a great final role for him, as small as it might be.
Rest in peace Mr. Lee. Thanks for everything you've given us throughout the near century you've been with us. God speed, and of course, excelsior.
OK, maybe I'm just being ignorant here, but am I the only one who's relieved that the mid-term elections in America are over? I was getting tired of seeing so many political ads (40 billion of them I swear were the exact same one.) and so many people on Twitter telling everyone to vote.
Listen, I do get the point of both of these, especially in these times where America is so politically divided, but seeing so much of this in this magnitude doesn't make me want to vote (Although yes, I did. I voted moderate.). It makes me want to leave the internet until it's all over.


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